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  1. If you're hungry, eat! I find that when I'm doing more night-time feedings I get hungry at night. I'll also echo adding a fourth meal at whatever time seems to work best for you (for me - it's mid-morning). I've found that's the best way (for me anyway) to keep up supply and keep hunger at bay. Good luck!
  2. This is awesome advice. Word.
  3. I would agree with Renee - add in a fourth meal. If you are, indeed, having lowered supply - it probably means you need more food. I went through a period like that at the beginning of my W30 and found, by adding a fourth meal, that my supply went WAY back up. I've also found that I have random spurts where my milk goes down a bit regardless of what I'm eating. So just keep eating enough, pumping/nursing and hydrating. It will come back up! If it's not - what you're describing does sound like typical growth spurt behavior. Good luck!
  4. Thanks smacd! I would definitely just do that, except it sounds like we'll have both lunch and dinner brought in each day. *sigh* I'm also a nursing mother, so I worry that fasting like that would tank my milk supply. I can definitely navigate at a restaurant! Maybe I'll get lucky and we'll have more meals at restaurants.
  5. Hi all! I am planning on completing my 2nd W30 in January with the big group. I have, however, just discovered that I will have to travel to help out with a public meeting for 3 days in week 2. Here's the deal: The first day should be OK. I can pack normal cold food and should be able to eat compliant wherever we get dinner. The next 2 days are the trick. We have two 12-ish hour days of individual meetings. - I won't have a vehicle available to me to go get my own food. - No cooler available (and I need to minimize the amount of stuff I bring as much as possible since we're jamming the full amount of people in each vehicle to travel up there). - They're talking having Subway or Jimmy Johns delivered for meals - probably 2 a day for those days since we're doing individual meetings from 8a-9p (big party-size things, not individual orders.) I've got some Primal Pacs on order, and will bring up some fresh produce that can stay at room temp....but that's all I've got. I can always survive on just Primal Pacs if I must, I suppose. I really don't want to spend my mealtimes picking compliant ingredients off of sandwiches... Anyone done this before? Do you have a creative strategy? I normally wouldn't plan a W30 over something like this, but I was committed before I found out I had to go and now I don't want to give it up.....though I am planning on doing at least a W45 (got some skin problems I want COMPLETELY gone this time.) Thanks for any advice! P.S. I hope I put this in the right topic area. It's meal planning in my head....
  6. I agree Megan! I just think that sometimes it's easy to take the "your hormones are happiest if you don't snack" line from ISWF a bit too seriously, so sometimes it's easier to think of it a different way. I do need to lose weight (I've lost all my baby weight, but I was overweight prior to being pregnant) - so I worry about it (though I try not to - I'm getting better!) Kudos for BFing your twins for 10mo! It's been challenging enough to provide for my ONE 8mo old. You're amazing.
  7. MonicaRenee144

    12 month old daycare friendly foods

    We do Baby-led-weaning paleo-style, and my daycare center has been supportive so far! My LO is only 8mo, but the list is what we send with him - all cut in manageable chunks. We steam or roast most things to get it soft enough for him to gum. He does get messy, but they have washcloths! Dry cereal is. NOT. lunch. Sweet potato, squash (acorn, butternut), avocado, pears, apples, prunes (stewed), shredded beef (chopped), poached chicken/turkey, carrots, green beans, broccoli, persimmon, etc... It sounds to me like you need to put your foot down with your daycare provider. They are providing a service to you - which you are paying for! Send what you want to feed your LO, and they'll have no choice. My daycare center has been remarkably supportive. Good luck!
  8. Thanks Melissa - that's a good idea! I never really thought about sipping coconut milk on its own. I always put it in something...but maybe I'll give that a try! That's awesome to donate your pumped milk Dara! I have some excess in our freezer, but I've been too afraid of running out to donate it yet. Hopefully in the future I'll be able to!
  9. MonicaRenee144

    Container Gardening

    I did container gardening on our deck last year, it worked out great!
  10. I know I've seen quite a few posts on this board from Mamas worrying about their milk supply tanking while on W30. So I thought I would share what worked for me. I too had some decrease in supply in the first two weeks of the W30, but I think that's because I hadn't figured out how to make the W30 work for my breastfeeding needs. My W30 is over now, but I'm still following the guidelines. I recently started treating breastfeeding essentially as you would a workout and adding in a fourth (maybe a little smaller) meal into my day, and now I have more milk than I know what to do with! We're talking a 5oz/day increase in what I pump at work - and I've even dropped a pumping session recently! Naturally this is great for pumping/storing while I'm working, but makes it rather uncomfortable on the weekends. Anyway, just a suggestion if you're having milk supply problems.My extra meal is usually mid morning because my little guy likes to reverse cycle a bit and consumes most of his calories between 2:30 and 5:30am (I guess I don't blame him for preferring me over bottles). I'm still getting great benefits from eating Good Food, and still losing weight (naturally W30 is about health, but almost all postpartum mamas want to lose a little baby weight - let's be real) I'm not sure what the Mods will think of this idea. Just sharing what is working for me!
  11. MonicaRenee144

    First foods for babies?

    Yep, we do sweet potatoes, avocado, banana and mango - so far for our 6 mo old. I want to introduce meat soon, but my little guy hates purees, so I need to experiment with boiling/slow cooking to see what makes things soft enough for him to manage. The stuff we've done so far is nice b/c it's soft enough that we can just cut it into pieces and he can gum them up.
  12. I noticed the same thing! I put some on my chocolate chili for reintroduction and didn't even taste it.
  13. MonicaRenee144

    Day 23: Whole30 and mourning.

    I am so sorry for your loss, and that you had to see your grandfather that way. Losing a loved one is very tough. Kudos to you for staying on track! Maybe just do your best to make sure there's some Good Food around for you. I'd second stocking up on comforting ones like bone broth or sweet potatoes too. Thinking of you!
  14. MonicaRenee144

    This is harder than W30

    I agree, it's harder. I'm only a couple days out from my W30, but I'm definitely feeling a little lost.
  15. MonicaRenee144

    Baby Not Sleeping Well

    I have a 6mo old as well, and his sleep patterns have been out of whack lately too. I think he's just working on a new skill, but it could be a growth spurt! I didn't see any changes in my milk during the W30, and I pumped the same amount. Everyone's different, but I think you're probably OK. Like a previous poster said - these little ones change so fast!