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    Vegetarian Whole30

    Being a vegetarian (who DOES eat fish) I am confused on a few points from the Whole30 guidelines and shopping list. If someone could clarify, I'd greatly appreciate it. 1. So, no almond milk, whatsoever? Only coconut milk, & coconut water? 2. No snacking? Meaning, eating fruits and/or veggies in between meals isn't recommended? 3. Since Whole30 is all about NO legumes or grains, should I not be eating tofu or tempeh, even though it's on the vegetarian shopping list? It's a little contradicting. I know I need protein, which I can get from fish, but then I am scared of too much fish (aka mercury). 4. As a vegetarian, is protein from fish & eggs plenty? Or, should I be taking supplements? Thank you! I am on day 3 & would love to hear these answers before I get more involved in the Whole30 program!