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  1. Physibeth - thanks! That helps a lot. 'Even if you are fine with it' is what I was wondering about. Why might that be recommended? Just curious, not super important I guess :-)
  2. Hi Everyone! I have done some investigating on this forum, and think I may have found my answer, but I am not 100% confident. I really want to be sure that I have a handle on the reintro process since this Whole30 adventure has been TOUGH and I don't want to waste the work I have already put in. Please forgive my need for hand-holding! Here's how I understand it: Say you reintro dairy on day one, then you eliminate it again on day 2 and 3. Then say on day 4 you reintro legumes, and then eliminate legumes and dairy and everything else Whole30 on day 5 and 6 Then say you reintro