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  1. August 7th Start Date

    My sleep is not quite as disturbed as it was but still not good. I have been eating starchy veg with last template meal of the day and keeping to the template, including no shyness with additional fat! Was having a little bit of a pistachio issue but they're gone and I won't get more. No food dreams yet but I'm sure they're coming. Negotiated a work lunch with an avocado avocado burger over salad. Tomorrow night is book club. The book is set in Moscow and another member texted me tonight, excited to make GF Russian teacakes that I can have and verifying details about what type of pans and utensils she could use. I didn't have the heart to tell her I wouldn't eat them. My plan is to have a good sniff of them and take some home to freeze. @PenguinSews
  2. August 7th Start Date

    @Brensuma Thank you for continuing to post the quick reference graphics! So helpful to have things handy at a glance when looking them up isn't practical or desirable. We are allowed to have white (or regular/nightshade) potatoes now - the program did a reverse on that awhile ago. So fun having steak, baked potato and salad for dinner last night and breakfast this morning! I tried to formulate an answer for the treat/SWYPO questions earlier. I could feel the answer but not articulate it so waited for someone smarter than me, i.e. @SugarcubeOD to answer. Thank you! Hope all are having a beautiful Sunday. I am now bone broth and ghee ahead, Yay!
  3. August 7th Start Date

    I was thinking it might help to not be drinking. I have several friends that only smoke when they drink, though I certainly wouldn't go as far as to use the word "easier"! You have undertaken a monumental life change this month. I can't even imagine - you are a rock star!!! Heck, I was swearing at a plate this morning with no smoking cessation involved! You are an amazing, strong person!!
  4. August 7th Start Date

    Omg! I feel you - I had a plate slip out of the fridge to the floor a few minutes ago and actually called it (loudly) the F-word!! Had to apologize to my dogs who appeared to be wondering if they did something wrong. The plate didn't even break! I'm also feeling grateful that I love black coffee!
  5. August 7th Start Date

    Absolutely agree with this and second the motion to be clear that it's a preference. Having an autoimmune disorder, I find myself these days stressing to the wait staff that I'm "for real" as so many seem to claim serious conditions when preference is reality. Once I told a server that I have celiac disease and she rolled her eyes and said "you and the last 90 people that have been in here". Often my meal will come a little later with the sever explaining the extra time is due to their special preparation requirements. Anyone being corrected on this front, please don't feel criticized. Your zealousness is admirable and I'm sure you were unaware of the bigger picture!
  6. August 7th Start Date

    I am in crawling tired phase combined with kill all the things - yay! Question for mods or whoever has an answer: I consistently find myself exhausted but sleeping poorly at the start of whole30 with the sleeping poorly part continuing. The great sleep part is elusive for me. I know about starchy veg wit the last meal and I feel confident with my template meals. I'm just curious about what goes on physiologically to cause this phenomenon for me. I sleep "ok" (not perfectly) normally, and I eat by the template most of the time, tending off track in July and December (thus the resets). I've done enough 30's to recognize a consistent decrease in sleep quality - so puzzling!
  7. August 7th Start Date

    @amandamay83 see my reply one back to @invinciblechar. Re your mom, I understand your anxiety. My regular friends are used to me but with new companions or friends I haven't seen in years I still kind of dread it at times. Salads, steamed veggies, and plain grilled fish/meat are your friends if you don't want to ask a lot of questions. Would it help to explain your eating plan/motives to your mom ahead of time? What concerns you about her possible reactions? E.g. Are you afraid she'll make fun of you, or be angry?
  8. August 7th Start Date

    If it's a menu brunch, they will likely have salads you can choose and poached eggs should be safe (? Still ask). If it's a buffet brunch, you may still be able to order off the menu or you may hit the jackpot with a carved prime rib and some veggies! Beware the carved ham though (sugar). Since my celiac diagnosis 3 years ago, I've had to work on adjusting my mindset re social gatherings. "It's not about the food" is my mantra when my meal is often quite plain compared to my companions or, sometimes, I can't eat at all. For questions, oils used for cooking is important and ingredients, of course, for things like salad dressings and marinade. For requests, "plain" is a go-to. Do call ahead and identify your choice if you're uncomfortable with being "that person" but don't be afraid to do what you need to maintain your health and goals!
  9. August 7th Start Date

    I second the motion to call and see what they can do for you first as they are providing food. I have celiac disease and travel for work, always carrying my own food. I always request a room with a fridge and microwave. Then, I pack frozen portions of protein in a purse-sized cooler bag and put the whole thing in the fridge when I get there. I buy veggies at the grocery when I get there and eat them fresh (bins of prewashed greens are great) or steam them in the micro. For fat, I bring a jelly jar of coconut oil and/or a camping tube of olive oil. Second nature to me now but I bet it sounds like a PIA for a single trip. Thing is, even if there are eggs you don't know what they cooked them in. Lunch and salad bar meats can have sugar or gluten in them, etc so I'd be very clear and careful if you're eating their food. The packaged jerky suggested by @Babs3611 along with others like epic bars and products can be a lifesaver during travel! I reserve those for days when I travel to remote villages due to cost. Again, labels, labels, labels as some have sugar. I get those products at REI and our locally owned version of Whole Foods. Traveling isn't the most convenient, especially with meals provided! You may wind up eating some before or after in your room but it can be done!!
  10. August 7th Start Date

    My placebo effect tiger blood was gonesville today! Just had turkey broth first thing as stomach felt bad. So then I ate lunch too soon and got over hungry while shopping on the way home at the end of the day. Ate half a container of blackberries while still in Costco and pistachios on the way home. Then a quick, simple dinner of bison burger over lettuce, avocado, sun-dried tomatoes, and olives. Not perfect but still with the program! Very tired.
  11. August 7th Start Date

    My suggestion is to freeze individual servings to grab for lunches or when you need a quick dinner for you (I can't remember if your kids are whole 30ing?). It doesn't all have to be on the weekend. If you make a pot of spaghetti sauce for dinner one night, freeze a pint mason jar or 2 for later. If you bake or grill chicken legs, make a few extra and pop them in a freezer baggie. I realize this has you cooking during the week after the commute but guessing you have to do that sometimes anyway. Putting aside servings in the freezer, for me anyway, results in quite a variety to choose from when I have to grab something quick. Of course we'd probably all rather have fresh veggies but frozen can often be on your plate much faster.
  12. August 7th Start Date

    Sweet potato with ghee is yummy and kind of breakfasty. Mayo is always good too. I like it on a burger. I do a hash sometimes with sweet potato, ground turkey, whatever other vegetables and lingonberries (cranberries work as well) topped with a thumb size serving of melted coconut oil. Careful with smoked salmon - like bacon, it is notorious for added sugar. Most brine recipes have a little. E.g. the one I make has 1/2 cup of brown sugar in 4 gallons of water. This year I substituted maple syrup to make it paleo (not whole30) friendly. Came out yummy and it's on the shelf for the month!
  13. August 7th Start Date

    Yes fat and maybe additional veggies? Pan fat isn't enough. Avocado, a little side salad with olive oil, carrots dipped in mayo... And don't torture yourself if your meals aren't perfectly sized to start! Have a few bites of protein and fat. Keep some tuna or hard boiled eggs, a small jar of mayo if there's a fridge, an avocado. The growler is a pretty good clue but I always use the poached fish and steamed broccoli test to determine whether I really need a snack. As for me, I have a new experience this morning I haven't seen on the timeline. I'm calling it whole30 placebo effect! I woke up on my own, rested, happy and snappy this morning on day 2, excited to face the world. Very tiger blood-esque, not Day 2 typical. What the heck is this about?!? Guess I'll go with it. Not hungry though. Eating within an hour of waking is a struggle for me and always one of the first things I let slide when I'm not 30ing. Good day all! Sounds like many/most of you are ahead of me in your days.
  14. August 7th Start Date

    I had those Thai meatballs and chard in coconut oil for lunch. Made this pot of spaghetti sauce tonight to have on hand for tomorrow. Alaska runneth over with zucchini right now so zoodles are happening. Congrats to all on a successful day 1!
  15. August 7th Start Date Seriously guys - these are great! I double the recipe and flip the proportions of turkey and pork. The pork adds umami but I like the leaner texture of the turkey to be predominant. Everyone I have ever fed these to loved them and several friends with small children have asked for the recipe as they think their kids will love to munch on them. I freeze them dry and add sauce with zoodles as I go if I feel like it. Be sure and sweat the veggies and squeeze the moisture out. I use dish towels. Paper towels get soaked too quickly.