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  1. My SCOBY has been hanging out since last year when it started to get too cool around here for proper brewing. I have not been adding any tea as it sat above the refrigerator. This will definitely be an experiment as I start brewing again! No mold but such a strong odor of vinegar of course! I think I will get a bottle or two of plain GTs and put my SCOBY in there and start brewing again. Like you said LadyM, it gets to be an expensive habit when not brewing your own!

  2. So I have, over the past couple of days, read this entire thread.  I think I may be sold on the idea of making my own booch.


    Rather than re-hash the basics, I've got some questions for folks who are already brewing their own:  What do you wish you'd known going into the process of making your own booch?  Did you ever make a mistake that created a speedbump in your progress, and if so, how would you suggest a novice avoid it?  What one thing do you think a booch novice should try?


    I'll probably be looking at vessels and starting a SCOBY this weekend.  Whee!


    My only advice is this:


    1. Have fun

    2. There are no kombucha failures.  Just lessons on how to improve the next time :).  Kind of like the whole30.  Or life ;)


    Seriously, have a great time with it!

  3. I'm curious, would it be possible to use fruit juice concentrate (organic, NSA) to flavor the kombucha for the second ferment? That way you could use concentrated juice and just have the booch itself dilute it, rather than added water. Especially now that it's winter and fresh fruit is harder to come by.


    I have done that successfully in the past.  Do be careful, as missmary cautions, as those concentrates are extremely high in sugar.

  4. I never have extra.  I have 1 1.5 gallon continuous brew going.  Just this week, I decided that since it has gotten colder, I am going to need longer than a week in my first fermentation.  This made me sad.  I had such a great 7 day rhythm going!


    That means I will actually have to pay for some booch this week. Shameful I tell ya! 


    Also, those of you with not a lot of fizz...I was having  low fizz booch (blech) and extended my second fermentation and that took care of it! As I said, I was doing 7 days, now will likely have to increase second fermentation too.


    Gasp.  I think I might have to BUY booch next week too!


    Oh, the horrors.

  5. jent103


    I put the bottles in a cooler, so if they do explode the explosion will be contained.


    Also, I'm curious when you talk about flavoring with hibiscus, how/what does that look like....what are you using?


    I have been purchasing loose hibiscus/ginger tea from my co-op.  I put about a tbs of leaves in my booch and second ferment for about 7 days.


    It is da bomb!  And I mean that quite literally as it is the fizziest booch I have ever made!


    I strain out the leaves before drinking.  Isn't it pretty?


  6. Kb -I have read that adding a bit of sugar to your 2F will help with the fizz.  I have found that when I use candied ginger or tamarind my fizz is crazy, probably due to that added sugar.  You might could try that, I also find that if I leave it sit longer it will get fizzier too ;)


    You know, I have been so used to my brewing routine I never considered letting it sit longer!   I actually poured some booch down the sink tonight :(.

  7. I have been finding my batches are less and less fizzy over time, despite doing my continuous brew and the second ferment the same each time. Does SCOBY get old? I actually bought a new bottle of original GT to start a new SCOBY from scratch. Is there anything I can try before starting all over? More sugar or more tea when I add in my next sweet tea?

    I miss my fizzy booch. Flat booch tastes, well, flat!

  8. Looking forward to your updates Meg!  I do CB and pour off about 5 bottles a week.  Like Derval, I end up making the tea that same day and then letting it sit to cool overnight and add it in the morning.


    I find it very easy to maintain this pattern.  My favorite booch has turned out to be the simplest - black cherry concentrate and ginger.  Tasty, nice fizz and very refreshing!