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  1. Jen, I get the concentrates at the Mississippi Market co-op on Selby and Dale in St. Paul. I tried the black cherry tonight and it was quite good!!
  2. -------- Well, that just made too much sense Nadia! It has been added now .
  3. Good Sunday morning Booch brewers! Last night I had my watermelon/lime/mint: How do I describe this one? It tasted nothing like any of the ingredients, but it was very good. I have to say - this one really tasted like an alcoholic beverage of sorts! I bottled some more yesterday; I am still keeping it pretty simple. dried cherries/vanilla Black cherry (another concentrate)/vanilla Apricot/ginger (I should have added cardamom darn it!) and more gingerberry and trilogy. Seriously loving walking passed the booch in the store!
  4. I do strain mine out Jenna. I am with you; no stringies here .
  5. I had read to have your scoby and booch in a dark yet warm place. I have mine in the cabinet over the refrigerato; the door in front of the booch is closed, but the other door is open as you still need ventilation.
  6. Hi all! Gingerberry here tonight! Lovely fizz and flavor from the blueberry concentrate, but it needed more ginger! megmac - is your scoby in a dark spot?
  7. Lizzard where does one find mulberries? I had my mango/blackberry/lime/jalapeno and it was more savory than I expected it to be! The flavor of the jalapeno came through loud and clear, but not a lot of heat. Next time I add in a few seeds. It was okay, I am not giving it a good. However, the lemon/raspberry/ginger, which is meant to be like GT's Trilogy, tasted EXACTLY like the brand! I was so excited! Can't wait to taste the gingerberry tomorrow!
  8. Tonight I FINALLY bottled the mango blackberry lime jalapeño! When I had leftover purée, I heated it and poured it over salmon. Quite good! I also made blueberry/ginger, raspberry/lemon/ginger and watermelon/lime/mint. Will keep you posted!
  9. Strawberry booch tonight. Cold, bubbly and delicious! I must admit; I did think about adding vodka and a squeeze of lime, but I passed on the idea - this time!
  10. For me it was simply an experiment. I want to make sure I get an intense blueberry flavor. I also have fresh fruit to mush and will compare the two.
  11. The anticipation was just too great! I opened the peach raspberry and put the strawberry in the refrigerator. Check this out! The flavor was good, but likely would have been better cold. I also picked up some more "additives" for more bottles, including a blueberry concentrate. The ingredients were "blueberry concentrate". That with some ginger I hope will become my own gingerberry! Lizzard - that sounds amazing!!
  12. I just burped my 2 bottles. One geysered already! Should I move to the refrigerator now? How do you know when your second ferment is "done done"?
  13. Most of my co-workers have never even heard of kombucha; forget about considering making their own! Which flavor and what did you think?
  14. I took my vessel down from the cabinet this morning to add in my brewed tea. I was able to peek inside! Nadia update - baby Susan SCOBY is growing nicely! I peeked at my 2 bottles this morning, and decided to give them both a quick burping. Oh yes, these are going to be fizzy! I am so psyched to NOT buy any $3.59 bottles of booch this weekend!
  15. Susan - yep MM and I are both in Minny. It hit 90 degrees today. I was so happy! Now, when the real humidity kicks in I will be singing a different tune!
  16. I have bubbles! Here was the sample I tapped today. It is tasting quite smooth; no sour at all. This is different than the last taste which had a vinegar yet sweet note to it. I decided to tap 2 bottles. I have one of just strawberry and another of peach melba (peach/raspberry). I have blueberries, but I really want to wait until I have ginger. I have them tucked away in a dark cabinet and will give them a burp on Saturday. This weekend I will get some more fruits and such for flavors. I have another 1/2 gallon cooling down now and will add that back in tomorrow
  17. First, I think your climate will only help your booch making. Second, I have found it a very easy process with just a lot of waiting. If you can brew a cup of tea, you can make your own booch! Getting the SCOBY started is easy, it just takes time. Passive, hands off time.
  18. Wow Susan! That is awesome! I gave my booch a taste. Hint of fizz (I swear!) and hint of boochiness. I think I will have to bottle Friday instead of Sunday. I have no mango or ginger or jalapeños or cherries or vanilla! Panic!
  19. My booch instructions said to wait 8 days; since Nadia is already forming her first baby, should I be testing it earlier?