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  1. You are where I was about 10 days ago megmac! Like everyone said, be patient! My SCOBY took 3 weeks to grow!
  2. Speaking of babies, I am proud to announce that Nadia (my SCOBY) is in her first trimester. She already has a layer forming at the top of my booch whilst she rests below. Such a proud moment!
  3. Susan, which tapatalk app do you use? The photo feature is awfully tempting...
  4. I just love all of the experimenting going on!! We are all a bunch of mad scientists at heart!
  5. Personally, I would peel them. I am not a fan of the fuzz!
  6. Btw, when I was at the co-op today I decided to treat myself to a fancy lemonade. Clearly, it contains sugar, but it was a freshly squeezed lemonade that also had ginger, apple and cayenne. Yep - lemon ginger apple and cayenne will be tried!
  7. My tea and sugar are now cooling. My vessel has been washed and rinsed with distilled vinegar. The spot for my vessel has been prepped. Now I wait for it to cool, then 8 long days! I agree with megmac; I never would have had the courage to try this without all of you!
  8. Okay folks, and I ready to start brewing? Please say yes!
  9. New flavor ideas! (I was out on tastespotting.com. Danger.) Lemonade with hibiscus and thyme Peach with ginger and basil Gah! This seems like it is taking forever!
  10. Yeah, I think you should add a table of contents Susan. Once it is done, I will steal it copy it into the first comment .
  11. If you have not opened the teas megmac I would take them back! You likely will be able to get a refund. My youngest son is returning home this weekend, and I know for a fact that if he witnesses the brewing process, there is no way he is going to want to try mu booch. Nadia will scare him off. Hee hee! Seriously, I am even having a hard time with the whole concept of the science experiment I am growing in my kitchen, and I love the stuff! Derval - I am going to try adding some ginger or lemon when I make my squished blueberry booch. I was planning up to 5 days for seco
  12. Did anyone try making any with the jalapeno yet? Nadia mentioned that the mango did not translate well, but I still want to make mango blackberry jalapeno. Minus the seeds, of course . Imagine a geyser of that in your eye! Do all of you experienced folks always use fresh fruit? My co-op has some great organic frozen fruits that would be easier to keep on hand. Just wondering if fresh is best?
  13. I love the names! I heard Ariel singing as soon as you mentioned the name.
  14. I am looking forward to fresh peaches for peach raspberry and I bought a mint plant just for the watermelon mint! Gosh this is going to be fun!
  15. It is no secret that the flavors I plan on using in my booch are ones inspired by cocktails. I just read of this combo of flavors (originally in a bourbon based cocktail): muddled strawberries, rhubarb, cardamom, vanilla and coriander. How do you go about adding vanilla and coriander? Thoughts?
  16. Nadia, meet Nadia! Here is her side profile . Do you think this weekend she will be brew-worthy?
  17. I may have to take my cloth off tonight and get a nice close up shot of Nadia. My SCOBY named Nadia, not the other one . Panicked a bit this morning when I saw some discoloration BUT you all have said unless it is hairy, it is not an issue. Right? It is probably about 1/4 inch thick now!
  18. Omg. I just figured out my SCOBY name! Nadia! With a name like that is has to be good! First baby will be Susan!