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  1. SCOBY update: It is getting thicker! We are at about an 1/8th of an inch, completely covering the surface. I think in a week I will be able to start brewing my first batch. So excited and so jealous of all of you. At the same time, I am looking forward to getting all of these yummy flavors from all of you!
  2. You have grandbaby SCOBY! I really need to take a picture but today I think I saw SCOBY! Very thin, but progress!
  3. I will sneak a SCOBY photo op later. mm - that is VERY helpful info! With the mild to chilly weather here I have no doubt it will take a while. I am trying to be patient but with such SCOBY success all around it is hard! LadyM - clearly ours is going to be well worth the wait!
  4. I have SCOBY envy. Mine has been going for 10 days I think. I have very little happening!!
  5. Clearly I need a heat thing. Or to move to Australia or Canada. When do I wave the white flag and declare my SCOBY experiment a bust?
  6. Paco is going to be thrilled when I show him this! Yes, I share pics with my dog.
  7. You made the watermelon mint! I knew it would be good! and you had me at mojito... Nadia, I just want to squeeze your dad he is so cute!
  8. Says the woman who asked a daily SCOBY question! Now you have become an old pro!
  9. I want my booch in fancy bottles! Alas, recycled will have to be my way to go. The part of me that loves to shop and gather wants the new and cute; the part of me that needs to get rid of shite is recycling! SCOBY update: I think it is simply not warm enough. I peeked under the cloth this morning and I have not seen any SCOBY progress. I may just go ahead and order one to get this party started!
  10. The beauty of the whole30 template. A palm size is a universal measurement we all can understand!
  11. Wait. What do you want me to include in the original post? I would be happy to include links to instructions for making scoby from GTs original and Kombucha Kamp. But creating an FAQ? That sounds like work to me!
  12. Do you have anything like Craig's List where you are? A "Free to good home" ad may help you get them used up. I keep offering to send Nadia my empties for some full ones but I have a feeling Kombucha wouldn't ship too well .
  13. Watermelon cucumber mint just got added to my list of want to try!
  14. I never have to resort to goof off. I am naturally good at it . My offer stands!