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  1. Hi All, I’m currently on Day 11 of my Whole 30. Prior to beginning my resting heart rate had been hovering around 61. Over the last days is dropped down to 50, even dipping to 38 while I was sleeping. Has anyone else experienced such a rapid reduction in resting heart rate? Should I be worried (these sorts of things tend to trigger my anxiety). Oh, and for reference I take a strength/HIIT class three days a week and am moderately active the rest of the week. Thanks!
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    This is my first time posting, but my 4th round of Whole 30. My husband is doing it with me this time and he’s finding it difficult to get in “enough protein”. He’s a firefighter, spends his days off in the woods, plays hockey, and workouts out (Tabata, Lifting, HIIT) 4-6 days a week. He’s VERY active! When we’re eating more of a flexible diet he includes protein powder and bars in his diet, along side 5-6 eggs a day, bacon, and then lean meats with lunch and dinner. He usually aims to consume between 120-135 grams of protein. He’s concerned that his protein intake has drastically decreased. Anyone have ideas on how to add in additional protein? Go to snacks? Thanks!