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  1. Hello Everyone! I have been MIA and am going to re-start tomorrow, Monday Jan 24. I had some mild cold symptoms right after starting and turns out I was covid positive. I gradually went off W30 during my isolations days and so am definitely going to re-start. I caught up a little bit and appreciate everyone's posting here and sharing our experiences! Thanks and "see" you soon!
  2. Hi, I'm Liz. I'm starting on Jan. 10. I did my first W30 in 2015 and felt great from it. I also learned to cook simply as I have never been a cook at all. I found my spice cabinet, yes lost some weight which I was happy about, and my sleep was amazing. Some of my favorite W30 recipes continue to be my "go-to's," but alas I've also added in other things that don't serve me as well, treats, wine, etc. I am really looking forward to the benefits that I know I will get from doing a W30, and appreciate all of us supporting each other during this process!