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  1. Ohhh man, that is good to know Joey! I have had sauerkraut many times over my lifetime (my dad like to serve us german food when we were young) but haven't had a lot in the last few years. For now I will not eat it and when I do eat it, I will do so without nightshades or other possible allergens and be very mindful of how it makes me feel. I did have a big portion last night. My throat isn't burning anymore but I can definitely can still feel the effects of whatever's going on in my body. Just took a great (and not too intense) warm power flow yoga class and although most was okay I had waves of just feeling awful at various points. It's hard to describe in any other way. Hopefully things will be better tomorrow and as I continue to cut out these other items, especially because I have a job interview! Thanks so much!
  2. Last week when I started my Whole30 and noticed all the information on nightshades, I kind of pushed it aside and figured naah not a problem for me. Well I think I've been proven wrong. Although my digestion/IBS is doing well - which I talk about more in this thread and overall I'm feeling better rested and better in general I am still dealing with a fair amount of nasal congestion, sore throat, and fatigue. This happened in a big way many times over the summer (read 5 serious bouts lasting 3-5 days) that I thought I was getting colds/flus from overworking. However, the symptoms were never accompanied with fever, bodyaches or other flu like symptoms. Just the sore throat and painful ears usually on one side or both and clear phlegm (not colored or cloudy like with a cold or flu. Sorry for the details but it's important in figuring out the cause!). Important to note that I have hypothyroidism (treated since 2008) and despite my blood levels indicating it's well balanced, I have fatigue and cycle issues that seem to indicate otherwise. Last night I used a new to me Mrs. Dash spice blend and last night and today the right side of my throat and right ear canal or SO painful and I am phelgmy. Looked at the ingredients I saw that it contains black pepper and chili pepper high up on the list and then red bell pepper further down. Considering my dinner consisted of... Roasted Chicken Roasted sweet potato topped with coconut milk and Sauerkraut (from a local farm made with nothing but salt) I really think spice blend has got to the be cause of my symptoms. So nightshades are gone for a while to see if it gets rid of this really annoying and hurtful inflammation. My questions are... *Do you agree with my possible self-diagnosis? *What symptoms do you (other people that have nightshade issues) get when you eat them?? *Am I missing any nightshades on my list of things to avoid.... All peppers Tomatoes and Tomatillos Eggplants Potatoes but not sweet potatoes (thank goodness!) Paprika and other pepper based spices Hot sauce and salsa (I've heard blueberries as well but am unsure??) Thanks so much guys!