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  1. I forgot to add, in regards to the second question, that I use 3/4 cup sugar for 3/4 gallon of tea to begin with and I bottle day 10 or11.
  2. Hi y'all....I've been reading this topic for days and when i got to page 30 I decided to just quit reading and see how many pages there are: 65!!! So perhaps what I'm wanting to know is answered in the pages between 30 and 65, so forgive me if I'm repeating. Two questions: 1: Is the caffeine content the same in a cup of Kombucha as though it were a cup of tea? 2. Is there any way to measure the sugar content in kombucha that has gone through the first fermentation? People tell me that my booch tastes sweet...and it's plain! Thx for your responses.
  3. Sorry....I read this thread earlier and then when I had a moment a bit ago to get on here and ask my question I didn't read what else had been added.... so y'all have already answered my question. Thx.
  4. When you add a you use juice, or puree, or solid fruit cut up or.....?