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    Where To Go? (and what to eat)

    a good option with kiddos might be Ruby Tuesday. They have a salad bar with oil and vinegar on the side and plenty of egg to throw on the salad. they also serve steaks and you can ask them to clean off the grill (they use liquid margarine on it). They also have shrimp and fish that you can do the same with. Be warned: their sides are full of no-nos. The spaghetti squash is roasted in butter, even the "steamed" broccoli has butter... you could ask them to grill zucchini and wipe off the grill but i'm sure it's preprepped. the tomatoes with balsamic vinegar are actually tomatoes with balsamic vinaigrette which most definitely has sugar in it (i took a tiny taste and WOW it was sweet). Their sweet potato fries are fried in soybean oil. Youc an go there and order a steak, ask them if they can alter their sides, and get unlimited salad bar runs. Protein, veg, fat.