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  1. mkayc

    Where To Go? (and what to eat)

    Thx 4 the correction. Didn't see the burger info. I went to Chipotle's only to find they are not serving carnitas. Gave up and went to an expensive place so I wouldn't feel bad being demanding. Waitress was excellent, got me the info I needed. I ended up w a burnt carrot and avocado salad w broiled shrimp, olive oil and lemon juice and a bowl of berries - $30! Ahhaha! Whatevs. Tomorrow is another day.
  2. mkayc

    Where To Go? (and what to eat)

    BTW, thanks for this! I packed a lunch and left it at home. Chipotle's is my best option so I'll try carnitas.
  3. mkayc

    Where To Go? (and what to eat)

    If desperate, you could put together a meal at Wendy's: Burger patties, lettuce, tomato and pickles chopped up in a baked potato with some lemon squeezed on it. There's unsweetened ice tea, water and Juicy Juice apple juice. They also have apple slices (which I couldn't find on their list of ingredients but I'm sure have preservatives so they may be non-compliant) and dried cranberries that normally come with a salad. Everything else is off the program but kudos! to Wendy's for listing it's product ingredients and recognizing that it fries in soy oil!!