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  1. robinfowler2

    Autoimmune- So what CAN I eat?

    Is there a complete list of what spices, seasonings, and herbs I can't use? Or, conversely, a complete list of spices, seasonings, and herbs that I CAN use? I'm realizing that cumin is apparently out. What about coriander? I have checked the downloadable AIP shopping list from this site, and it's very helpful. I'm still not seeing a lot about spices, seasonings, and herbs. Thanks for any resources you can point me toward.
  2. robinfowler2

    Autoimmune- So what CAN I eat?

    So basically, any spice or herb that isn't pepper-related is ok? No paprika, chili powder, cayenne pepper or other peppers (including black pepper). What about whole black peppercorns as part of a brining solution? I use Mel Joulwan's brining recipe for chicken breasts, and I wash off all the seeds and the peppercorns before I grill them. Is that still too much exposure? Thanks in advance for your insights and experiences!
  3. robinfowler2

    Protein Powder

    what about hemp powder (for example) in things like protein "balls": you know, process dates, almonds, cacao, etc in food processor and roll into balls. Some of these recipes call for protein powder. I'm just fine leaving out protein powder. Can you tell me how or if it will affect the end product? Thank you!
  4. Shannon, I totally adore Mel Joulwan! I've been almost exlusively following her recipes and meal suggestions. Yes, I absolutely will connect with her AIP blog posts and menu ideas. Thank you. Ditto on the Sarah Ballantyne.
  5. ShannonM816, thanks so much for the encouragement, and for the links! I'll check them out. I recall seeing something (maybe on the W30 FB page?) about an autoimmune-specific book/nutrition plan endorsed by W30. I will probably do some of that reading while I do my full 30 days on W30 and then decide.
  6. Hmm. This is curious. My UC was so severe that two years post-diagnosis (and the second of those years was stronger and stronger steroids and other horrible meds), I ended up getting surgery to remove colon/rectum. So the organs are gone, along with the disease, but the autoimmune/inflammatory potential is there. I'm basically just one big inflammation; my whole body is immune compromised. I confess that I am shying away from AIP yet. It is super restrictive, but I'm beginning to think that I will have to suck it up and do that protocol. Here's my question: is following the AIP protocol intended to be a reset, after which (30 days, or 60, or however long) one might expect to be able to add in, say, the eggs or the restricted veggies/fruits, and manage them ok? Or is AIP going to end up being how I need to eat 364 out of 365 days, lest the symptoms of inflammation take hold again? Eating AIP for any amount of time is a big commitment, and eating it pretty much exclusively is even bigger. So the question I will have to answer is: is this worth the potential of reducing (if not eliminating) inflammation forever?
  7. robinfowler2

    I reached my quota of positive votes?

    A somewhat similar question, so I won't start a new thread: I don't get the quota message, but 4 times out of 5, I do get an error message which prevents me from "liking" a post. I don't recall the exact wording, but it's something like, "Unable to Like the post." (Sorry, not very creative.) Whassup with that? Any tips/tricks/techniques appreciated.
  8. robinfowler2

    Antibiotics :(

    Whew! What a relief that antibiotics are okay on W30. Tooth infection/possible sinus involvement. Apparently it is possible that sinus drainage can affect the teeth/gums? Anyway: probably going to have to have a root canal. It occurred to me to wonder if my detox (I'm finishing Day 10) could have contributed to the infection or whatever it is? You know, flushing out the bad stuff and it just happens to go in the wrong direction or something? I will search the forum more, but I'm wondering if any of you veterans or moderators might know about increased instances of wonky infections as part of the detox. What's weird is that my sinuses have been clearer for the last week or so (Thanks, W30!) than they've been in months, if not years. I'm a singer, and my voice hasn't been this clear and "clean" since I was in graduate school. To all my fellow antibiotic-takers and tooth-infection-sufferers... Hang in there.
  9. robinfowler2

    PCOS Support Thread

    kayfayjay, I thought about doing the autoimmune protocol, also, primarily because I had ulcerative colitis (a form of inflammatory bowel disease) and, although I don't have the disease anymore because I don't have a colon anymore, I seem to be one big inflammation: atrophic gastritis, asthma, PCOS... Who knows what is next? Anyway: I decided for my first W30, I will follow the standard protocol. From there, I might try a second 30 days with nuts/seeds eliminated. Just out of curiosity. I suppose, from there, I might try another 30 days without nuts/seeds AND without eggs. (though I can't bear the thought! How will I survive without eggs???) So I will stay tuned to this thread in hopes of learning if others have opted for the autoimmune protocol and how it has progressed.
  10. robinfowler2

    PCOS Support Thread

    Hi, everyone. I'm new to W30 (finishing day 5), and one of its main attractions is the elimination of grains, dairy, and all sweeteners. I'm beginning to suspect that PCOS is a big part of my sugar addiction, and that eliminating these things for a set amount of time (for example, DASH diet phase 1 is two weeks) is not going to be enough. I do great on the restrictions, but as soon as that most restrictive period is over, I lose it. So: I think I need to learn how to eat without the trigger foods pretty much forever. I was diagnosed with PCOS 10 years ago while I was trying to get pregnant. The doctor put me on metformin and after about 10 months on it, I got pregnant. Will is now 8 1/2! I will be seeing an endocrinologist who specializes in PCOS at the beginning of February; I will be interested to hear her perspective on nutrition and on medication. I'm at the point that I think I'm going to need meds to help me stay away from the sugar bingeing, even with a new dedication to W30 eating. I'm trying not to think of W30 as just 30 days. I have to figure out a way to eat this way permanently. On top of the PCOS complications for metabolism and weight maintenance, I also have no colon or rectum. Thankfully, my surgeon used part of my small intestine to make what I call my "bionic colon," and what my friend calls my "semi colon." So no bags. That surgery was 11 years ago, and it saved my life. I had unmanageable ulcerative colitis. The only drawback is that I have pretty poor absorption; I currently have to get B12 injections monthly, and I walk the line of dehydration every day. The slightest GI virus and I spend a few days in the hospital on constant IV fluids and electrolyte replacement. No colon means no organ to pull water back into the body. So the absorption and dehydration also play into my metabolic unpleasantness. I'm delighted to see a PCOS thread in the Ladies Only forum.