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  1. And that is what we are here for! Accounting is highly frustrating and I am in awe of people who choose to do it as their living... I can't imagine! Chocolate and wine won't erase the $11.73 hour
  2. Hey there. Real Plans is an independent company that has a Whole30 compatible option to select from. It's not part of the Whole30 company. There is no Whole30 free or paid app that is endorsed by Whole30 because we prefer you learn how to read labels and identify ingredients and their sometimes sneaky names. Here's our list of all the Whole30 Approved products and services that are divided by category, including condiments
  3. Real Plans is an independent company that has a Whole30 option for meal planning and recipes. The cookbooks from Whole30 are copywritten material that are only available by purchasing the books. Unfortunately the two are not linked in the way that you're hoping for. Sorry we don't have a better answer for you, it sounds like you have your hands full!
  4. Honestly the only way for her to know is to do it and find out... Whole30 is an elimination diet that reduces known inflammatory foods-it's not curative however many people have found relief from a multitude of medical conditions due to reducing that inflammation. I would think that reading the book would be a good first start - it's very approachable as you know... Doing the Whole30 should not make her condition worse and who knows, maybe it doesn't help the problem in question but it could help adjacent problems that are interconnected...
  5. Sounds like you're not eating enough to be honest. Eggs when they are your sole source of protein at a meal should be as many as you can hold in one hand without dropping or mix in another protein like leftovers from the night before. It's hard to tell from how you've written but it looks like sometimes your lunch is gazpacho? you also don't list any fat in any of your meals. Take a look at the meal template (linked in my signature below) and see if your meals are matching that... also, if you're running, are you also eating pre or post workout meal/snacks?
  6. Nope, no recreating of baked goods at all, regardless of the ingredients.
  7. SugarcubeOD


    We don't officially have a recommendation on every supplement someone might want to try. If you choose to take supplements and the ingredients are all compatible with the Whole30 then you're good to go.
  8. Here's the official stance of Kombucha on Whole30
  9. There's usually a whole group of people doing Lenten Whole30 for the full 40 days - hopefully some others will join you on this thread! Good luck, you'll do great!
  10. I'm looking forward to seeing them and glad you've been spending time developing them I had sushi the other day... Originally I decided to modify my rice rule to be 'no rice at home, sushi is okay' because I don't over eat sushi but I can eat a LOT of rice with meals if I allow myself to. WELL... definitely going back to the no rice rule for now... I woke up so stiff and achy the next day I could hardly move - and I don't eat soy so it was just rice and fish... did not serve me... at all! Otherwise, things have been going well in the WholeDarcy situation. I drink GALLONS of tea i
  11. I assume there's more to this statement that is missing because Vitamin C is allowed... As far as the lentils, if you noticed a reaction, then you can safely assume that it's possible you have a problem with lentils - it's your decision if you restart or not... have a read through this article and see what you think.
  12. Peas are in now - As far as the 'cheese', if it didn't have dairy, then it would be a gray area but since both of them have dairy, it's out like you say.
  13. There are some veggies that have a tendancy to 'firm' things up that you might try adding - white potatoes, plantains (whoa boy!)... I would skip the nuts/dates/lara bars for now and see where that gets you. Are you also eating a lot more coconut than you used to? That can do it also...
  14. It's a made up holiday that provinces in Canada fought for because we had no public holidays between January 1st and Easter (which is in April this year). I think every province in Canada has it but it's not all on the same day because it's a Provincial holiday, not Federal and some of us just couldn't pick the same day as everyone else! (That's BC... we're a special lot).
  15. You know, I actually think I think about this in the opposite way - Why is eating this not a good idea - if I can't come up with any reasonable answers, then its in. BUT! Almost every crappy thing I like to eat disrupts my sleep which I cannot abide and/or gives me the runs... It's SUPER FUN when it's bad sleep punctuated by dashing to the bathroom all night! My 'thing' is ice cream... it's not something I can ever have in a limited quantity and therefore I do try to keep it out of my mind/freezer. It is easier for me since I live alone so if I don't buy it then I don't have to battle it
  16. Yikes! This is not that out of the ordinary but definitely seems like it's been going on longer than necessary. Are you eating a lot of something that maybe you never used to eat before? Like nuts or coconut? Both of those can cause digestive distress. Are you noticing this after every meal or just certain ones? Maybe list a few days of typical meals and we can see what, if anything, stands out? Have you considered that it might not be the Whole30 also? Since both you and your boyfriend have this and it's not typical for two people to react exactly the same to the exact same food/meals
  17. Oooh boy! I've been there! Is there a chance that in the last little while of having become very comfortable with the program and the meal template that your meals have become slightly undersized? It happens quite often when we start to go from 'eyeball' and not put the same thought into plating that we do at the beginning. I would definitely steer clear of those nkd bars and dried fruit in this case and go instead for something briny like olives or pickles since you know that having your dragon awakened is not helping the situation. I would also say that yes, it's quite likely that th
  18. First, of course there's hope for you! People can change multiple times throughout their lives when the outcome is worth the hard work, which you do have to decide for yourself but in this case, 99.9% of people (very scientific ) have attested that this is absolutely worth it. Now, for the 'eating normally'. Yes, it's definitely hard but we have lots of great tools to help you. First, you only have to eat Whole30 compatible food for 30 days. What a beautiful break that will be for not having to count or weigh or measure anything! Pull up a copy of the meal template (linked in my signa
  19. You don't have to find a group exactly on your start date... lots of groups have people a few days/week ahead or behind - sometimes its nice to know what's coming from people slightly ahead and to be able to provide support to people slightly behind. Or you can start your own group - usually the groups that get the most followers and participation are ones where the participants share a bit about their stories, motivation, expectations etc... sharing a little of yourself usually helps others open up to share a bit about themselves also and indicates that you're invested in carrying on convers
  20. Your body is clearly telling you that it is hungry... maybe not stomach hungry but needs more nutrition hungry. The pictures are great but are you following the meal template? When you eat eggs as your sole source of protein at a meal, do you eat as many as you can hold in one hand without dropping? Some of those pictures don't include a plated fat so are you eating that with every meal? Don't count your cooking fat as it's often left in the pan and split between portions. Are you eating a starchy carb at least once a day? What was the meal with four baby carrots? Was that a full meal? I
  21. You don't have to throw it out... you just need to not use it for 30 days... can you hide it or store it at a friend's house? Nothing to be embarrassed about, the diet industry and media has made scales and weight something that we're supposed to be obsessed with... You're stronger than that tho, I know it!
  22. For the purpose of Whole30, it's fine. Many people choose not to eat natural and artificial flavors due to how they're made and what they may contain even through their Whole30. I personally choose not to ever eat artificial flavors. But they are not gut disruptors like the other items that are called out in the program and they do not contain sugar so they're compatible with the program, should you choose to include them.
  23. What are the ingredients of what would be left?
  24. Vanilla extract is allowed per this rule change. It doesn't specifically call out glycerin but since glycerin is a sugar alcohol and for the purpose of extracts, that's okay, then I think you're fine. If you're concerned that it's going to wake your sugar dragon, just skip it for the rest of your program and keep gonig.