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    SugarcubeOD got a reaction from StephanieDP in Taking awhile to eat   
    There's no time-limit to how long it takes to eat a meal... I think your hormones will adjust and you'll be able to eat your meals at your normal 'dinner speed' but an hour isn't unrealistic... 
    Keep going!  
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    SugarcubeOD got a reaction from Jihanna in Day 28 - Depressed and Fat   
    Sometimes, even tho we have weight to lose, our bodies prioritize other healing over dropping pounds.  It can be disheartening to have done the entire program and not have visible results but I honestly encourage you to find other results... is your skin better? Your sleep better? Cravings diminished? How's the depression and anxiety? One thing that you might also consider is that stress hormones can impact your ability to lose weight and if you've been stressing this entire time about losing xx pounds, you could be actually working against your own body chemistry.
    Stay the course, eat three template meals a day and believe that choosing health will make you healthy... 
    Also, on that note, if you have been under-eating in an attempt to hack the program and restricting to count calories, it's VERY likely that you've done yourself a disservice... when you restrict calories and food, you put your body into survival mode and it does not drop weight when it thinks you're in a famine.  If you would like to know more about whether this could be what's going on, feel free to list out a few example days of what you've been eating including portions etc... and we can have a look and see.  I know it seems counter intuitive to eat more to lose weight but you want your body feeling safe and nourished so it knows that sufficient food is coming again every 4-6 hours...
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    SugarcubeOD got a reaction from YGetty in Snacks for Braces   
    I think you'll find as you become more comfortable with braces that they're not quite as fragile as one thinks... I don't think there are too many people who have had braces for 12-24 months that live only on soft food... sure, when they are first on or tightened, the soft food is less painful and I wouldn't recommend eating a frozen toblerone bar (which is obvs not compliant) but regular crunchy food like carrot sticks/celery sticks etc... should not be popping your brackets off or breaking the wires.
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    SugarcubeOD got a reaction from adperez79 in Husband is still exhausted at day 14, Help!   
    I don't think he's probably eating enough, especially considering his line of work.  Eggs when they are the sole source of protein in a meal are as many as you can hold in one hand without dropping... somehow I figure he can hold more than 2 and the amount of veggies in an egg muffin is going to be negligible... we recommend 2-3 cups of veggies per meal.  He also has no fat with breakfast the way you've written it.
    I suspect the lettuce wraps are also not enough and I would suggest eating more veggies and fat.
    Dinner doesn't sound like it has fat either.
    Remember, portions are based on each person's metric so a palm of protein for him is maybe bigger than a palm of protein for you... if he's working very hard during the day, much like a workout, we would also recommend he probably throw a fourth meal or two mini meals in there somewhere - he shouldn't be a zombie....
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    SugarcubeOD reacted to laura_juggles in Is Whole30 Compliant Buffalo Chicken Dip Allowed?   
    "Whole30 compliant" and "delicious" aren't mutually exclusive.  
    Now, if buffalo wings have always been a food without brakes for you, then the recipe may well be SWYPO. But SWYPO is a very personal and subjective thing. 
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    SugarcubeOD got a reaction from Viking2 in Aquamin   
    Lairds does not froth.... it also doesn't actually 'cream' coffee, it just makes it kind of cloudy....
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    SugarcubeOD got a reaction from AnnaKM in Dealing with loss during whole30   
    Aw, Im so sorry for your loss!  Those things are always tough!  I don't think any of your thoughts around this are selfish or insensitive.  Going through a difficult time doesn't mean that you have to stop caring for yourself.  In this instance, I would say that perhaps you keep going with the program 'as best you can' and then start again when you're feeling better.  That means that at the wake, if there are veggies and maybe some protein that you could eat, choose that instead of the cake/pie/pasta, but give yourself the room to just do the best you can.  It's not unusual in grief to not have an appetite so it might just be that you can manage with some purse snacks and depending on where you're staying, a hardboiled egg or two... I think that just making good educated decisions in the SPIRIT of Whole30 without beating yourself up about the rules is probably going to serve you better at this time... and we're always here for you when you're ready to come back and to cheer you through this tough time too!
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    SugarcubeOD got a reaction from pd1224 in Nutpod "Natural Flavor"   
    Natural and artificial flavors are okay on Whole30.  If you are not comfortable eating these additives, then you don't have to but for the purposes of the program, they're fine.
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    SugarcubeOD got a reaction from W30CoachAmyLouton in Wondering about compliance of a few items...   
    Cacao nibs - okay if used in something savory... not okay for a chocolate replacement in a trail mix or similar.
    Freeze dried green beans - I'd call these chips... I think they're probably a grey area but having said that, there is so much food and choices that are firmly NOT in a grey area that it seems that these would be fine if left out for 30 days  
    Banana chips - if you make them at home then sure but they're going to be a really high in sugar 'snack' that probably won't serve you well
    Coconut Yogurt - yes, if you make it yourself and then ideally use it for something like a baked potato topping or in a curry.  Eating in in replacement of dairy yogurt to replace a breakfast food item would be against our recommendations and really towing the line on SWYPO.
    Cashew Cheese - Yes, but we really recommend people keep a handle on how much nuts and nut products they're eating because they can be really hard on the stomach and keep the sugar dragon alive so I guess I'd ask myself what I was using this 'cheese' for and if it was serving me in the long run.
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    SugarcubeOD reacted to heb2014 in Nauseous   
    We interpreted "fruit not on its on" as including protein and fat with it i.e. the coconut oil + boiled eggs that he ate with this (often for breakfast/a snack/or a side dish - not really dessert). But we also were just trying to be complaint with our first round - didn't really pay attention to the recommendations. Thanks for the clarification, @SugarcubeOD.
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    SugarcubeOD got a reaction from heb2014 in Nauseous   
    This does sound delicious but we do recommend not eating fruit on it's own, especially not in a parfait type 'dessert' such as this because it can trigger or keep sugar cravings alive... fruit is totally okay to eat on the program but we recommend using it as part of a meal (apples chopped into salad for instance) rather than this type of way.  That however is a recommendation and if he only ate this the entire time, technically he'd still be compliant
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    SugarcubeOD got a reaction from heb2014 in Nauseous   
    Starchy veggies are root veggies (potato, winter squash, turnip, sweet potato, carrots etc).  The meal template suggests adding a plated fat to each meal as the fat slows down the absorption of protein - if you haven't been adding a plated fat (usually we don't count the cooking oil as that is left in the pan for the most part of split between portions), you may want to focus on doing so - that could help you feel better.
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    SugarcubeOD reacted to Sylvia Metayer in Ending whole30 early   
    Hello, I am reading this a year late, so kaceycamp_bell will probably not be in France any more ... but I just wanted to say that starting whole 30, and being French living in France I am finding it absolutely do-able. Of course if you are visiting, it may be a pity not to eat bread, cheese, wine, butter ... so best not to schedule a trip during a Whole 30 period. But ...oysters straight from the sea in their own sea brine ... baby carrots steamed with new turnips and snow peas ... farm fed chicken roasted with thyme and stuffed with lemons .. new potatoes sautéed with extra virgin olive oil and guerande salt ... just picked just ripe Comince pears added to a fresh leek soup ... wild strawberries  seasoned with ground very black pepper ...this also is French cooking ...
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    SugarcubeOD got a reaction from Jihanna in First Date?   
    Oh that's a good idea!
    I was saying to my sister @ladyshanny, if I was dating, I'd probably go the 'lets go to a pub route, order a clubsoda with lime - if questioned, just say that was good for me for the moment and then if I stayed, maybe explain why no booze and if I left, then I could run out the back door with no bill to pay cause water is free.
    I would likely not go and eat a meal with someone that I didn't already know in advance regardless of whether I was doing a Whole30, because that's a determined amount of time you're expected to stay and if the person is 'not a match' then you're basically stuck... 
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    SugarcubeOD reacted to Shani_SWP in First Date?   
    Everything @Jihanna said! I usually do a first meeting like coffee or juice bar to make sure they're OK, and then I can explain how I choose to eat if I want. If I have enough time, I'll contact the restaurant or review their allergen menu to see what I can make compliant. Usually American food, steakhouses and breakfast places are easiest. If you don't want to be "that weirdo" that brings their own dressing to the restaurant - (1) uhm why not??!??! It's OK to speak up for yourself! or (2) ask for lemon wedges and olive oil, use the table salt and pepper as your dressing. Look for grilled options (I got a grilled calamari salad once... so good!) and steamed options.
    Breakfast - poached eggs, avo, sliced tomatoes. Omelet (no butter, no milk) with veggies.
    Lunch/Dinner - steak (yeah, I'm that girl), baked potato, steamed broccoli (some restaurants will have ghee or clarified butter). Hamburger, no bun (knife and fork it). 
    And if there's nothing compliant at the restaurant, why is this person not being accommodating and why are you meeting them? but eat something ahead of time and opt for a plain green salad. 
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    SugarcubeOD reacted to ladyshanny in First Date?   
    I echo what @Jihanna said about picking the restaurant - especially on a first date. Your comfort and convenience are important and sometimes as women we just go along with whatever we're "told". 
    I disagree about having the conversation about what you do and don't eat - you don't owe anyone an explanation, least of all a first date prospect.  If it naturally comes up in the conversation then great, maybe he also avoids gluten or alcohol. But it's not up to you to design yourself to be the least troublesome, most amenable human being you can be. You do you. They either respect that or they don't. It's a good way to weed in or out.
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    SugarcubeOD got a reaction from StephanieDP in Taking awhile to eat   
    There's no time-limit to how long it takes to eat a meal... I think your hormones will adjust and you'll be able to eat your meals at your normal 'dinner speed' but an hour isn't unrealistic... 
    Keep going!  
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    SugarcubeOD got a reaction from Sara Lynn in Vital Proteins   
    Nope sorry, agave inulin is a sugar substitute.
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    SugarcubeOD got a reaction from mae tanner in Working an Odd Schedule and Whole 30   
    Welcome!  If you google 'whole30 shift work' you'll get a multi-part article on the Whole30 site as well as other forum threads with the same subject.  There are lots of shift/night workers who have done the program and I'm sure you'll find lots of tips on those previous threads.  You can also go have a look at nom nom paleo who is a friend of Whole30 ( as she used to be a night shift pharmacist for a hospital and she talks a lot about how she navigated food and the night shift.
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    SugarcubeOD reacted to laura_juggles in What can I add to my coffee?   
    You cannot add honey as honey is a sweetener and sweeteners are not allowed on Whole30.
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    SugarcubeOD got a reaction from scoakley13 in lactose intolerant   
    Your understanding is right.  When your body does not tolerate dairy, your body builds up a mucosal lining to protect your gut from the damage.  when you do a whole30, that lining is unnecessary and sluffs off.  If you go back to eating dairy and you find you're having problems, then it's likely you ALWAYS had problems with it but that your body built up that mechanism to help protect itself.  You have two choices in that case... you can honor that your body is telling you it doesn't want dairy, or you can eat dairy consistently until that lining builds back up.
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    SugarcubeOD got a reaction from RubyVroom in Day 24 Mood Swings   
    My suspicion is if this is typical menu for you, then you've been undereating for the last 24 days and while it does seem sustainable for a while, it always catches up to you.
    Eggs when they are your sole source of protein are as many as you can hold in one hand without dropping... usually a minimum of 3-4.  There's no veggies in your breakfast, no fat in your lunch and you're probably short on veg there too since greens don't have a ton of volume once chewed down.
    Try making your meals more closely match the template and honestly, I'd replace that fruit with veg until you start feeling better as it may be keeping your sugar cravings alive which also does nothing for our moods...
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    SugarcubeOD got a reaction from Jihanna in Snacks--when and what to eat?   
    So if you're trying to kick a sugar addiction, feeding it sugar (fruit or dried fruit) is just giving in to cravings with different sugar.  The only way to beat a sugar dragon is to starve it.  Some people eat Lara bars and yes, some of them are compliant depending on the ingredients but they're not recommended and especially not if you're trying to resolve a sugar problem.
    Second, if you want or need a snack, fruit and nuts/nut butters are not your ideal choice.  Nut butter is a fat on the program not a protein (while it has a nominal amount of protein, theres much more fat).  Hardboiled egg and mayo or leftover chicken salad or a couple meatballs and half an avocado... those are protein/fat snacks that would be of better help to you.
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    SugarcubeOD reacted to laura_juggles in Can i have Crepini Egg Thins?   
    So, I think it's really great that you're here supporting people and sharing your experience. 
    But can you please maybe be a little more thoughtful about your "it's not a trigger for me so I don't care" attitude? If you're using them now and you're not doing a Whole30, that's fine, but maybe a "they're great for my Food Freedom when I'm not in the middle of a Whole30" could be included? Because it really comes across like your entire Whole30 philosophy is "screw the rules, I'll do what I want". 
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    SugarcubeOD reacted to laura_juggles in Can i have Crepini Egg Thins?   
    Because it would be a whole slippery slope of contradictions and confusion if every single rule in the Whole30 looked like this:
    No pancakes or recreations of baked goods (tortillas, waffles, muffins, etc). Unless you don't usually eat pancakes. Or toast. Or tacos. Or unless you really don't actually like muffins, but you're so tired of eggs that a concoction of almond flour, eggs, and fruit will be the one thing that keeps you from going off the rails and housing the package of cookies you left in the pantry for your kids. 
    The thinly cooked scrambled egg thing mentioned above is not a crepe in the same way that spiral-cut zucchini is not pasta. The first is an omelette and the second is squash cut in thin strips. Cooking or cutting something in a slightly different way to achieve your purpose (like cauliflower "rice" or zoodles) is completely different than taking a compliant thing (i.e. a head of cauliflower) and mixing a bunch of other stuff in it to make it something indistinguishable from what it originally was (i.e. "wraps" made with "cauliflower powder"...what has to happen to a head of cauliflower to turn it into a powder? That kinda screams franken-food to me). 
    I feel like you're seriously getting hung up on words rather than the spirit of the Whole30.