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    SugarcubeOD reacted to kirbz in Round Two of Whole30 starting August 4th. Anyone with me??   
    @wp3 I read your post from your original thread... Wow, you have quite a journey ahead! I wish you the very, very best!
    May I offer one recommendation, based off of personal experience? Ditch the scale. Truly.
    Like you, I cheated and weighed myself during my first Whole30. Like you, I saw immediate weight loss. And I convinced myself that it wasn't changing the way I was eating. That I was just as committed to following the rules, recommendations, and meal template. 
    But, truth be told, I did change the way I ate. I loved seeing the weight go down, so what big deal was it if I just skipped the fat portion of a meal here or there? I truly believe that my reluctance to eat fat (because I wanted to lose weight and because I loved seeing that number go down) prevented me from seeing some of the other NSVs I really and truly hoped to see. Maybe this won't be an issue for you, but it certainly was for me, even though I would have never admitted it at the time. 
    Fat is such an integral part of the program. Becoming fat adapted will help you manager hunger and satiety and it will help you get energy! I see that energy is a big goal for you, so I strongly encourage you to trust in the program, follow the rules (including the one about not weighing yourself) and see how it goes for 30 days. Perhaps when you extend your program, you can add it back in but maybe try without it for 30 days. And don't avoid the fat because it's good for you! 
    Anyway, I hope this doesn't come off as rude or judge-y! I wish you the absolute best! 
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    SugarcubeOD reacted to peak in Stomach Bug-What do I eat?   
    Getting sick sucks whether or not you are in the midst of your first W30.  I started my first during late winter when I have been prone to getting sick and I contemplated what I would do if it happened to me... luckily it did not.
    My opinion is this (and what I considered if I had come down with the bug)... Eat sensible food even if it is not fully compliant.  A can of Campbell's chicken noodle soup is 'prolly better that a Hagen Daz binge.   Some crackers with ginger ale to help get you over it might be what is needed...BUT
    ... get back on the W30 as soon as soon I feel better as a restart.  I was not going to look on it failure but rather a pre-game scrimmage to the real thing.  10 days of understanding the concept to get a feel for it is still learned behavior...  treat yourself well (sensibly) to get through the illness as long as I commit to it as soon as able.
    This is just my opinion of what I would have done if I had gotten sick.
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    SugarcubeOD reacted to kirbz in Day 18 and wanting to quit   
    Here are a few thoughts that will hopefully be helpful to you! Sorry this is a lot! :-) 
    First, if you're exercising, the program isn't really just three meals a day because you should be eating a pre- and post-workout mini meal. Were you aware of that? Here are the recommendations for pre- and post-workout meals: 
    Pre-Workout Meal: This should be eaten 15-75 minutes before your workout and should be a small portion of protein and some fat. For me, I will generally do a hard boiled egg with a handful of coconut chips or some leftover chicken with mayo or guacamole. It's really just a few bites and signals your body to prepare for activity. My understanding is that you're basically telling your body that it's okay to burn fat because you're going to be feeding it.  Post-Workout Meal: This should be right after exercise and is protein and a carb-dense vegetable (which is optional). I usually have a snack pack of compliant turkey breast and a few cubes of seasoned sweet potato.  Both of these mini meals are in addition to whatever you normally have for your three meals. So yay, since you workout, it's not really just three meals! 
    I also want to mention that fat is your friend! It's so, so important to this program and will be key in getting more energy!! According to the template, you should be eating one to two portions of fat with each meal (the fat you use to cook with doesn't count). Here are some good options for fats: oils (which I tend to eat in dressings), butters, coconut, coconut milk, olive, avocado. My go-to fats are ghee, mayo, guacamole, and coconut flakes. 
    As for breakfast, here's one of my favorites. I like to spiralize a combination of regular and sweet potato, cook it up in a generous amount of ghee with salt, pepper, garlic, and onion seasoning. I then cook up a slice of bacon or two, cook three over-easy eggs in the leftover bacon fat and plop them right on top of the "hashbrowns" I made. Yum! 
    And last thing... Be aware that nuts can be difficult for a lot of people. The recommendation is to eat only a closed handful of nuts every few days. So if your snacks regularly involve nuts or nut butters, you're over-eating them based on the recommendation. And since they're known to cause problems for a lot of people, they may be preventing you from achieving some of the benefits you're looking for! 
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    SugarcubeOD got a reaction from Marysmith929 in Trader Joe's SALTED Almond Butter?   
    If it's not listed in the ingredients then it's not in the item... Dry roasting does not use oil - it's possible that the manufacturer adds oil to the packaged nuts to give shine, boost flavor or some other random reason...
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    SugarcubeOD got a reaction from -Kara in Timing of food - when to get all the food in when I get up so early and work out right away.   
    Okay... ya, lets simplify things a bit
    First, the eating within an hour of waking thing is to get your hormones in balance.  The fact that you eat a preworkout and post workout is plenty of food within that hour to indicate to your body that you're up (along with working out).  Maybe move your breakfast to 4-5 hours before your lunch so you're not going so long before lunch and not jamming food in there at the crack of dawn.
    Do you only eat eggs as protein or do you also eat meat and fish?  If you only eat eggs then yes, you'll be eating a lot of eggs but we've had people do the whole program on just eggs.  If you DO eat other sources of protein then mix it up... the recommendations are protein and fat before workout and lean protein and starch after... no requirement to make that all eggs and sweet potato.
    As for the afternoon runs, you could try not doing the preworkout if you feel that your last meal would be sufficiently timed... preworkout is basically a signal to your body that it can burn fuel because more is incoming so if your meal was close, then that might work.  We definitely recommend post workout after anything strenuous but that's just a couple bites of the lean protein and starch - within about 30-45 min you could eat your dinner...
    Does that help a bit?
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    SugarcubeOD got a reaction from Elizabeth33 in Start: Aug 1 / Goal: 100 lbs in 1 year   
    You may want to reconsider the cramming - the worse your diet in the days leading up to the program the worse the suck of the first week or so is going to be.  Why not put that bacon in the freezer?
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    SugarcubeOD got a reaction from Elizabeth33 in Start: Aug 1 / Goal: 100 lbs in 1 year   
    You may want to reconsider the cramming - the worse your diet in the days leading up to the program the worse the suck of the first week or so is going to be.  Why not put that bacon in the freezer?
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    SugarcubeOD reacted to gross067 in Newbie starting first round on Aug 13th!   
    This has been a crazy year.  Whew. I went from the strongest I've ever been in my life, Olympic Weightlifting and Crossfit, to using a Walker to navigate and not being able to take 2 stairs at a time. I found out I have Crohn's via a massive peri-rectal fistula which required a temporary diverting colostomy (as well as several other surgeries and still more to come). I'm still healing/ recovering after being in the hospital for more than a month.  All of this occurred while listing my house of 15 years (um... stress management?), and the super scary prospect of not finding my new home in this crazy spring market. I'm currently living in my camper, but thankfully close on my new house on 8/2. Great time to clear out the kitchen and start new habits! 
    While most doctors, including my own, can't definitively say what foods are negative to Crohn's, I believe there are foods that have an exceptionally strong impact on my health and disease. I was loosely following Whole30/paleo lifestyle before I got sick and I noticed a vast improvement in how I felt when eating "right". 
    So. I've decided to commit to myself to learn about my disease and diet and what works best with MY body. I know it will be tough (I'm definitely an emotional eater), but I MUST do this if I want to live an active and healthy life. 
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    SugarcubeOD got a reaction from LoriBeth in Should I Start Today??   
    How about 'practicing' until you and your friend start?  Start practicing meal prep and template meals and figuring out your own perfect plate that gets you 4-5 hours between meals?  Maybe you still use ketchup with sugar and don't worry too much about oils etc... but remove the big dogs like dairy, wheat, grains etc... then when you start, the transition will be easier, you'll have some practice and be in a better position to totally rock it... 
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    SugarcubeOD reacted to kirbz in New to Whole30 in Los Angeles and I really want to weigh myself!!   
    I, too, convinced myself that stepping on the scale during my Whole30 was okay. I enjoyed seeing the number go down and told myself I wasn't changing what or how I ate because of the scale. 
    But, I never got the energy gains I was looking for and I know it's because I wasn't eating as much fat as I should have been. Because I was so obsessed with seeing that number go down. As a result, I didn't achieve one of the most significant NSVs I was looking for! When I eventually get around to doing another round, I am committed to following the rules, caring less about weight, and trusting the program more fully (yes, I was a total hypocrite)! 
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    SugarcubeOD got a reaction from Araezea in Yummmm!! But Fruit?? DAY 3   
    Generally 0-2 fist sized servings a day eaten along with meals, not on their own or with nuts/nut butters as a snack  - in summer (if it's summer where you are) its common to eat more fruit as it's fresh and in season.  Sounds like you're eating your fruit with meals and not going overboard so keep on  
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    SugarcubeOD got a reaction from Jennymo0223 in Too Many Meals and not enough time   
    The recommendation is 4-5 hours apart and we don't usually take the pre and post workout meal into consideration in that timeline since it's 'bonus' food.  Your meals are a bit close together later in the day but eating Meal 1 before you workout means Meal 2 comes around noon and meal 3 would be around 5ish... obviouisly you can play with the timing a little but if you're not eating meal 1 until 1130, yes, it's going to be difficult to adhere to our recommendations around meal timing.
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    SugarcubeOD reacted to Sideshowpt in Niman Ranch/Pederson's Bacon- still carcinogenic?   
    One has to read a wide spread of studies and read the complete text to understand what the authors are truly saying. I for one think it is almost impossible to rule out confounding variables - other things the researchers couldn't control but may have affected the result- when studying the relationship between eating animal proteins and cancer. One might say, for example.... "cancer rates rose during the 20th century. Indoor plumbing increased during the 20th century. Therefore indoor plumbing causes cancer". Another example of a confounding variable came to light in the mid 20th century. It was found that smokers recovered faster then non-smokers after heart attacks. Turning out, the smokers would get out of bed frequently to walk to the smoking lounge back when hospitals had them. The non-smokers got out of bed much less frequently. We now know that early out of bed activities aids recovery, but back then it was reported that smokers recovered faster. So you see that one can't take just one media report of one study and base robust inform on that. It was good that you asked, as we need to continue to question conventional wisdom.
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    SugarcubeOD got a reaction from Elizabeth33 in W30R1D1 Done - What's My Satiation Point Again?   
    Make sure you're adding plated fat to each meal, this is what helps make and keep you full.  But it's also possible that if your diet was a bit nutritionally deficient before coming to Whole30, that your hunger for these foods is going to be increased as your body is going to be 'excited' about all the nutrients... it'll level out
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    SugarcubeOD got a reaction from StaciB in How can I consume more calories?   
    Higher fat consumption will give you a bump in supply... many breastfeeding people will sip a can of coconut milk throughout the day to keep their fat consumption up.
    We recommend people breastfeeding eat at least four meals a day or 3 meals and split another one into two mini meals. Remember, the template is the recommendation for one person... when that one person is keeping another person alive with their body, adjustments need to be made    Instead of fruit and vegetables as snacks, eat protein and fat.  There are a lot of conversations on here about supply - if you use google instead of our forum search, you can find past topics... try 'whole30 breastfeeding supply' or similar.
    Snacking is discouraged when it is hand to mouth mindless snacking.  Intentionally eating a mini meal between meals, especially for pregnant and breastfeeding people is okay  
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    SugarcubeOD reacted to Grab The Wheel in Vegetarianism/Hypoglycemia/Mood Disorders   
    Thank you for your support and advice!
    Day one was a success! I prepared three great meals that made my husband happy and generally satiated. I started with shrimp and chicken today. With eating more protein at each meal than is typical for me, I didn't suffer from the strong hunger I usually do mid-meals. I'm going to dive in with a carne asada tomorrow. I do wonder if the iron and B12 boost will help me over time. 
    I've used Real Plans to help plan more delicious looking meals for the rest of the week. We have some meat from US Wellness on the way. It's less than comfortable for me to prepare and eat meat but I try to thank and honor each life. I agree, it costs more to make healthier and more ethical choices when it comes to consuming animals. If each of us can do whatever is within our means to support better practices, we really can significantly impact the entire industry over time. It's already happening.
    Curious to see how both my husband and I fare over the next week, emotionally and physically. I'm prepared for it to get tough before it gets easier. Looking forward to the journey. 29 days to go.
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    SugarcubeOD reacted to ShannonM816 in Brand new to whole30. CrossFit fuel help?   
    It varies from person to person. A good rule of thumb would be to start with one fist-sized serving a day, maybe two on days you workout. 
    People who are prone to depression or anxiety, who need to avoid losing weight, who are very active, and people who are pregnant, breastfeeding, or in the week or so leading up to their periods often find they need more. There is no set limit to follow, you may have to experiment some to figure out what works best for you, and it may turn out that you and your wife need different amounts.
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    SugarcubeOD reacted to peak in Day 4, It's Getting Harder!   
    Keep focused... and keep a sense of perspective of how good it will be in only a short time from now.
    It may seem like a marathon in front of you but in reality it is only 30 days.  The perspective of time can vary depending on the challenge in front of you.  I remember what I thought was an ominous challenge for me on the first day of boot camp some 3 decades ago (and due to an injury I spent more than twice the normal time before I left Parris Island.)  Looking back now I can see that it was not that difficult ....with the right attitude.  I approach the first thirty days of my W30 eating plan with much of the same learned wisdom.
    Imagine to yourself the most difficult task in your life thus far of which you needed to deal.  Put into perspective that W30 will be much easier because all you have to do is eat really good food.  Right now the new routine is so out of whack from which your physical being is used to doing.  The opening theory of the Whole 30 concept is not hard and it lists items for people who ARE in difficult situations.  There are men and women who are fighting disease.  There are people worldwide who are struggling against oppression.  There are parents who are trying to comprehend the unreasonable death of a child.  Those are just a few comparisons of folks who are dealing with real tough stuff.  And those are very difficult things... Whole 30 is just an eating plan that is "boot camp" for a better, future eating lifestyle.
    I am still only a Private in the W30 regime, having only been a few months since starting sometime earlier this year (in fact, the starting and finishing dates are irrelevant now because of my food attitude change.)  Keep focused on the long term results.  There are many members here who will attest to all the positives that you will realize once you get there.
    A motivator for me of eating good food is remembrances of oatmeal, powdered eggs and SOS at 0530... When I was 18 I was only concerned about the taste of burgers, fries and Mary Lou's lipstick on a Friday night... the contrast of mess hall chow was bad tasting food!  I do not ever want to experience that again if at all possible.  I now have that freedom of choice and I am striving to get back to the shape I was in when in service... you can do it too!
    Keep your chin up.  In the bigger picture, it is only 30 days ...and not really too difficult because all you are doing is eating good nutritious food. 
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    SugarcubeOD got a reaction from savemooses in Ending Day #2! (Good Night)   
    Try doing a plated fat (avocado, olives, pesto etc) instead of relying on the cooking fat... cooking fat is often split between portions or left in the pan.  
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    SugarcubeOD reacted to peak in How do you get your caffeine?   
    My new attitude with eating better by using W30 as the precedent includes adopting the concept of "quality over quantity." 
    I used to drink some 6-8 cups of coffee a day with half n' half.  I never thought I would like the taste of black coffee,  but now I do and would not think of reaching for the creamer.  Black coffee with a good breakfast seems to enhance the flavor of the food because there is no moo to disguise the meal.   I am enhancing this by purchasing better brand of beans (and am even grinding it in the morning.)  A better quality bean is allowing me to drink less of it and I am enjoying the flavours more than i could imagine.
    Perhaps try a step-up quality from your normal brew and embrace it black.

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    SugarcubeOD reacted to slc_melissa in Smoothie bowl success?   
    Nowhere did I call into question your personal commitment.  Presumably you are "are following through with what they (you) decided to do for themselves (yourself)" which is exactly what I said.  Smoothies are not recommended.  That's it.  You can do a complete technically compliant whole30 using only smoothies.  Or only almonds and compliant bacon.  Neither would be recommended.  When people come to this forum, they are often looking for advice and troubleshooting.  Moderators and others are not going to recommend things that are not recommended.
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    SugarcubeOD reacted to Jim4884 in starting over and trusting the program, even the scale part   
    Welcome back!  I think it was about 10 months ago, I completed a Whole30 and the support group here that were on about the same schedule called themselves the Dragon Slayers - I became virtual buds with a moderator here who will likely chime in, so you are in good company   
    The Whole 30 truly did change my life.  NSVs - I went from pre-diabetic (and my doctor e-mailing me personally to tell me I had to do something about it) to completely normal blood sugar; I got off of blood pressure medications and my BP is lower than it was on meds; the inflammation in my arthritic ankle cleared up enough to allow me to run again; I gave up my diet soda habit; I learned to LOVE vegetables; I resurrected my joy of cooking.  I'm sure there are more - it's been a life style change - I just continue to eat Whole 30 about 95% of the time, so I sometimes forget what I used to be like.  
    You can do 30 days!
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    SugarcubeOD got a reaction from GoJo09 in Sugar in whole-cut meats?!   
    It's actually exactly this (bolded for emphasis).  To the OP @Matthew81, no, there's no scientific reason for the no added sugar rule for things like this - it's because not only does the Whole30 change the food on your plate but it's teaching you how to learn what is in your food and really be aware and cognizant of how much sugar is in every.thing.  The sugar in that meat is probably not going to send you spiralling into a sugar bender but it does bring to light that MEAT could have SUGAR!!??!!
    Why not eat the Turkey breast and then start your Whole30 the next day?  Or if you already ate it, do a Whole32 instead of a Whole30 if starting back at the beginning or delaying your official start date is harder on your motivation.  No one is going to smack that turkey out of your hand as @laura_juggles said but knowingly choosing to eat something with off plan ingredients during your 30 days is contrary to the rules and you won't have done a Whole30.
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    SugarcubeOD got a reaction from Crazygrazing in Excess gas & Farting on Whole30   
    Glad you found this old post (we love it when people google and search the forum to find old (definitely still relevant) information and you're welcome to continue to post here and let us know what you found as it will most likely end up helping someone else down the road!
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    SugarcubeOD got a reaction from RandiW in What if I skip Saturated Fat?   
    Another book to add to the recommendations is Eat the Yolks by Liz Wolfe.