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    SugarcubeOD got a reaction from corgikary in Hoping to cure Collagenous colitis and stop taking Paxil   
    Depression and mood disorders have been discussed at length on this forum and some of those discussions are around medication - google Whole30 forum + depression for instance to get the previous conversations.
    Please make sure that you are speaking with your care team about potentially going off medication - not only do some meds have a withdrawal concern but your doctor and health care providers should be checking in regularly with you to make sure that you're doing well and adjust/add meds back if needed. If you can't go off the meds, can you look at switching to something different? Paxil is an SSRI and there are quite a few options in that category to potentially try.
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    SugarcubeOD got a reaction from JovicG3 in Nutpod "Natural Flavor"   
    Natural and artificial flavors are okay on Whole30.  If you are not comfortable eating these additives, then you don't have to but for the purposes of the program, they're fine.
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    SugarcubeOD got a reaction from Baptiste in Whole30 made me intolerant?   
    Ya, I agree with you there - it's a frustrating transition! The cool part is that once you know these things and potentially grieve the things you have to leave behind (yes, that's a real thing), you know that you're pretty safe that you're going to have an amazing experience at the Fall Fair because you didn't eat something that maybe your tummy was okay with but that gave you a headache or made you tired or grouchy... for instance... it's quite freeing but there can definitely be a grieving period as we move through this.
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    SugarcubeOD reacted to Baptiste in Frustrated I Can't Have Food Freedom   
    I also had quite a lot of trouble getting my "food freedom", what helped me a LOT was to find out that the food in itself wasn't the problem, I only used it to cope with my real problems, eating had become an addiction, to make me feel good when I felt helpless, sad, angry, bored… 
    If you feel like it might be your case, I can't recommend you enough the book The heart of addiction, from Lance M Dodes M.D. . Not only does it explain clearly what an addiction is, but it also gives you tools to fight it off on your own, with plenty of examples.
    Although my brain still sends me the "I NEED FOOD" signal from time to time, now I'm better prepared to handle it, understand it, and that makes it way easier to ignore it.
    Hope this will help some of you! Don't lose hope, and stay strong!
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    SugarcubeOD got a reaction from hmb13 in Anyone else starting 8/16?   
    Just popping in to let you guys know that there is a DM function on here - usually people reply to the thread tho because it often gets a larger conversation going - we've had some groups have dozens of pages on their threads because they're sharing their meals, struggles, wins etc... 
    It's up to you guys how you do it but just wanted to let you know.
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    SugarcubeOD reacted to Rebecca001 in Terrified   
    I can’t help with a date but I will say this: you’re thinking of this (understandably) as a frightening thing because you are imagining it from you, now. But you will very quickly see that this is not some hideous punishment, but the single greatest act of self care you can show yourself. Your body will very quickly reward you for this. It’s so very, very worth it. That feeling will go a long way to replacing the crutch you currently get from those foods. 
    Good luck. 
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    SugarcubeOD reacted to Markus J. in Cyperus esculentus   
    Thank you for your reply! I did in fact search for all name variants before posting my question, but I must have done something wrong, since there was no hit.
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    SugarcubeOD reacted to AlexGomez in Can I have more than one decaf black coffee daily on 30 day reset?   
    That's alright! Thanks for your reply. I don't mind. I think it might have been the CAPTCHA. At least now I know for sure coffee is good  
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    SugarcubeOD reacted to AmyRose in Let's talk (non-traditional) breakfasts   
    I’ve completely topped out on eggs.  This morning, I treated myself to this  incredibly tasty taco salad. 

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    SugarcubeOD reacted to laura_juggles in Can I have D-Ribose>   
    Limited studies have shown that people with coronary artery disease may benefit from taking extra D-Ribose, but outside those circumstances, your body makes it on its own and supplementation is not necessary. You can also get Ribose from foods like beef and eggs. 
    Again, though, if it has been recommended by a person's doctor (and not some doctor on the internet), it's fair game. 
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    SugarcubeOD got a reaction from shilneyj93 in Smoking meat   
    It's not that Whole30 doesn't 'allow' smoked meats it's that it is nearly impossible to find smoked meats that have all compatible ingredients. If you smoke your own meat and the ingredients in any rub or brine (??) is compatible then go for it!
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    SugarcubeOD got a reaction from Deannard in Ginkgo nuts   
    They are compatible with the Whole30 but as with all nuts and seeds, we recommend that they be limited.
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    SugarcubeOD got a reaction from Rebel Rose in Candida-Help!   
    As you are an adult and there are no Whole30 police, you can do what you feel is best for your body, understanding that should you have yogurt, you would not have completed a Whole30 as dairy is not compatible with the program. With a quick google of 'Anti Candida Diet' I got a list of principles that ARE compatible with the Whole30 including eating fermented foods (kimchi, saurekraut), low sugar fruits, mostly non starchy veg and minimizing caffeine.
    See if you can spend some time researching other things that are recommended for anti candida that also fit into the rules of the Whole30.
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    SugarcubeOD got a reaction from kirbz in Baby Food   
    LMAO, best typo ever!
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    SugarcubeOD reacted to TiffanyS77 in Plated Fat   
    Thanks so much! Especially for the link. Those look great and I think it will help me so so much!!!
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    SugarcubeOD reacted to ShannonM816 in Day 11 of Whole30 with IBS, symptoms worsening   
    This doesn't seem normal. Some digestive upset is not unusual, but this sounds much worse than that. Talking to a doctor is probably not a bad idea.
    So, totally not medical advice, but just a few things that may help him feel better.
    First, be sure he's drinking plenty of water, because diarrhea can lead to dehydration. It's also important that he get enough salt, to help with electrolytes. 
    It's okay for him to take medicine for the diarrhea if he needs to, something like Imodium or similar anti-diarrheal medication. 
    Is there anything that he's started eating during Whole30 he didn't eat before? Or anything he's eating a lot more of than he used to? If there's one or two things that stand out, eliminating or cutting back on those things may be a good place to start, rather than just picking something randomly.
    Is he eating a mix of vegetables? Leafy greens are great, but it's good to also get starchy vegetables. There are different kinds of fiber, it's good to have a mix of both.
    Until he gets the diarrhea under control, he might feel better with a fairly bland diet. Baked potato or sweet potato with a little olive or coconut oil and salt, chicken breast seasoned with salt and pepper, broth (could do a simple egg drop soup for some added protein), banana, unsweetened applesauce. Peppermint tea might be soothing. This would hopefully just be for a day or two, and then he could start adding back other foods, but hopefully it would help him feel better.
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    SugarcubeOD reacted to TiffanyS77 in Unsure If This Fits For Me   
    Thank you! That gives me hope!!  I've seen some, but wasn't sure if it'd really be sustainable for 30 days for me   I think I'm going to try to plan out a meal plan (I'm a planner, so have to plan 30 days of meals - plus meals for my husband and son) because I know I won't stick to it otherwise.  I think I'll start on May 1st! Yay!!
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    SugarcubeOD reacted to Rebecca001 in Round 3 and my “not worth it” list   
    I will also add as I have just reread my posts on this thread, I feel SOOOOOO much better when I eat 3 meals a day and don’t graze and I am absolutely going to work at getting that rhythm back into my life. Waiting 4-5 hours between meals really works for me but it takes me a few days to get into the swing 
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    SugarcubeOD reacted to laura_juggles in Day 21 of my third whole30   
    I cross-referenced AIP and FODMAP lists when offering you more suggestions. Green beans and leafy greens came up as OK across the board. 
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    SugarcubeOD got a reaction from WornOutWallaby in Sugar in everything!   
    Very good reminder! Unless the item has the Whole30 Approved decal on it, it's good to check the labels every time you buy an item - who knows which time is the time that it's changed... doing so also makes a person VERY good at quickly scanning labels which helps when trying out new products!
    Thanks for the reminder!
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    SugarcubeOD got a reaction from christine19 in January 2021 graduates   
    @Rebecca001 - those pics are amazing, you  must be so pleased! You definitely look stronger in the second set! @christine19 so glad you guys are getting your vaccines! I was volunteering at the health care workers vax clinic the last two weeks and people were saying the same thing about getting appointments! It's actually a great thing to hear because it means that there's a great demand and that a lot of people are getting vaccinated... it would be tragic if appointments were super easy to get because no one was booking them!
    Sorry I've been quiet on here - I haven't read a book or written in my journal in two weeks or really come on here - nothing poor to report, just not in the groove I guess
    I made what I like to call Reuben Rollups for lunch today - corned beef, local sauerkraut, horseradish mixed with mayo and the whole thing wrapped around a pickle... so good! 
    I realized that although I don't mind doing food prep, I'm going to try and make more 'assembly' lunches like the rollups. Every week I make a frittata for breakfasts and a supper thing for the week but this week I was quite surprised by how much my prep went down by not having to actually cook a lunch thing so I'm going to do a bit more work on getting additional ideas for that! I'm getting excited for the transition to spring/summer foods - I dumped out half a batch of soup I made last week because I just couldn't force myself to eat it... it was delicious but past the ability to freeze it and I think soup season is done for me.
     @Lorna from Canada - how are you doing? 
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    SugarcubeOD reacted to Rebecca001 in day 14: I've forgotten the point?   
    I can’t tell from your post if you are male or female, not sure if that matters but from my perspective as a female runner I just wondered. 
    before I came to w30 I was just like you: run a lot, eat a lot (of ok but pretty crappy food), run a lot, eat a lot.... yada yada. Just on this cycle. I was always chasing the last few vanity pounds and never getting there and  guess unlike you, I did want to lose some weight. As soon as I came to W30 I felt like the balance switched, like a jigsaw piece slotting together. Suddenly my food was my fuel, not my reward, for my training. I was running a lot, body weight /hiit training a lot, and I just felt amazing. I would say that if you are eating that much fruit it’s too much; you’ll never flick that metabolic switch if you eat that much sugar. My advice is rather than carb load, get your protein in and cut out the sweet tasting goodies (the sweet potato, the fruit, the dried fruit etc) - that’s if you actually want to do that? 
    I think like you say it is psychological to a degree, and I suppose w30 forces us to look at our food behaviour that’s taken a lifetime to form. The actual food for me is secondary to the psychology. I know that I feel better physically when I don’t eat sugar, but oh boy, I feel better emotionally when I don’t eat it. I have control over my food and don’t binge or have any food guilt whatsoever any more. I think women may experience this more than men, hence my question at the start 

    aside from sugar, the dairy and grains are the big enemy for me, I had a taste of chocolate 2 weeks ago and my metatarsal/toe joints swelled so much I couldn’t get my trainers on?! You may find that you can reintroduce dairy/grains (so your cream on granola, which sounds immense by the way!) but before you can do that you need to complete the 30 days. You might be surprised by the result when you reintroduce them 
    of course, you don’t have to do this. You sound like you are happy with where you are, you don’t have to eat this way. My husband is a runner too, he eats crap most of the time, drinks beer, he’s 10 stone dripping wet and had never restricted a food or read a label in his life- and he’s faster than me and never injured. In spite of this, I still love him haha 
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    SugarcubeOD reacted to WornOutWallaby in Sugar in everything!   
    It's been about 2 years since my last Whole30. A lot of products I know I used last time, now have added sugars and preservatives! For example, my favorite salsa which I discovered on Whole30, now has sugar added! I am so glad I rechecked labels! The same goes for several bone broths and stocks I was using for soups. How frustrating... and a reminder to always check the labels... 
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    SugarcubeOD reacted to Rebecca001 in Good Food   
    That’s why we Whole30ers just smile knowingly when people say ‘but what do you eat?!’ 
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    SugarcubeOD got a reaction from Tinkcabell in Good Food   
    YES!  This is awesome! Whole30 is what really encouraged me to become a great cook (not a chef or even an 'at home chef'... definitely not).
    Guilt and remorse need not apply! Just because you're changing your way of eating doesn't mean you have to suffer with bland or yucky... that's from the old diet mentality and we don't do that there! So happy for you!