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    SugarcubeOD reacted to ultrarunnergirl in I quit on day 20   
    I'm sorry to hear you didn't feel good on the program. And I'm truly sorry you didn't ask for help before throwing in the towel. It may be that you were undereating, that is quite common. 
    You may find this article helpful in figuring out why it didn't work for you:
    Wishing you the best. 
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    SugarcubeOD reacted to ladyshanny in Refined Peanut Oil & Allergens   
    Hi there! That's super interesting about the removal of the allergen! We eliminate peanuts on the Whole30, not because of the allergen but because they fall into the legume category. Your better bet for nuts and seeds is to buy those that are not roasted - raw almonds, cashews etc will not have any additional oils in them. I know that Costco sells huge bags of raw nuts - I won't comment on how reasonably priced or not they are as that is subjective to each person based on their finances.
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    SugarcubeOD reacted to Jim4884 in Whole 30 truly did change my life   
    I once hung out here in the Forums a fair amount when I first got involved with the Whole 30 and Paleo eating in general, back in mid 2017.  I came back today for the first time in several years, and wanted to share my results as encouragement to anyone just starting the Whole 30, or considering it.
    My first Whole 30 turned into an almost Whole 45, because two weeks in, I discovered two things I was eating somewhat regularly that had small amounts of added sugar (a jerk seasoning that I still use in my Food Freedom stage, and breakfast sausage (I still make my own breakfast sausage now.))  I decided that if I was going to do this, I was going to do it right.  
    After those 45 days, here's what happened to me:
    I lost 40 pounds without increasing exercise or ever feeling hungry My blood sugar went from pre-diabetic (and a doctor e-mailing me personally to let me know how serious it was) to completely normal.  5+ years later it is still completely normal (meant to include the fact that I had blood work done less than a week ago so any numbers mentioned are still accurate.) I was able to get off of blood pressure medication, and my blood pressure was/is lower than it was on medication Lifelong mild eczema disappeared The inflammation in my arthritic ankle (old indoor volleyball injury) that hurt so bad I could not run, cleared up and I can still run - I ran up and down several flights of stairs this morning as part of my occasional "sprinting" routine Triglyceride level decreased to a third of what they were Mild improvement in sleep (my sleep wasn't bad, but it improved nonetheless) A couple of additional comments, I am reaping all of the above benefits (with a few caveats below) 5+ years later.  I NEVER feel deprived about my food choices - I am a pretty capable cook, and ALL spices, garlic, onions, fruit (think lemon/lime mostly), char from grilling/high temperature are allowed under the Whole 30 mindset.  I have cooked many Whole 30 compliant dinners for friends that elicited comments like "you should open a restaurant".  (Don't want to though  ) About two years ago I got together for lunch with a friend that I hadn't seen in a couple of years, and ordered a salad with shrimp and a couple of substitutions to make it Whole 30-ish, and he remarked "you're still doing that diet?" - and my reply was "this is just how I eat now".  
    I promise that this can be a sustainable lifestyle - when I divert from my "ideal diet" once or twice, I rarely notice any ill effects.  But I certainly notice the effects when I go from, say, 95% Whole 30 compliant to even 80% compliant.  Recently I've been quite busy, and have substituted some fast food and other normally avoided foods (mostly grains and sugar), and I am seeing a little eczema creeping in, my ankle is sending me some mild pain signals (like I said, I did run on it this morning but cut it short since I could feel the inflammation.)   Further testimony to the effectiveness of this approach.
    Keep in mind that when I did my first Whole 30, I was 55 years old, obese, dangerously pre-diabetic, and had an incredibly crappy diet.  It will be hard to match the gains I experienced if any of those are not true for you.  But my point is, I have personal experience that the Whole 30 can be miraculous.  
    Give it an honest try.  What do you have to lose, except (potentially) weight, blood sugar count, blood pressure measurements, skin inflammation, pain, triglycerides and insomnia?
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    SugarcubeOD reacted to ShannonM816 in Vitamin A Supplementation?   
    This is really beyond the scope of this forum, you really ought to ask a doctor. 
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    SugarcubeOD got a reaction from Heather Tickner in Citrus flour??   
    It IS just dried and ground up citrus pulp. Seems the same to me as any other flour alternative as long as its not being used to recreate baked goods so I'd say you're good to go.
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    SugarcubeOD reacted to ShannonM816 in Day 13 severe histamine response—help   
    I'm sorry this happened to you. Unfortunately this is not really something that we can necessarily help you with here on the forum -- we aren't medical professionals and this is really beyond what knowledge we have.
    Normally for people who are ill and having trouble keeping food down we would recommend bland foods like broth, sweet potatoes, plain chicken, or baked potatoes, but you've already tried that. At this point I think it's probably more important that you eat something than that you stick to Whole30. 
    If you decide to try Whole30 again in the future, you might want to research low-histamine foods to try to avoid a similar reaction.
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    SugarcubeOD reacted to ShannonM816 in Dijon   
    The goal is to keep the rules as easy to follow as possible, and exceptions to the rules make it more difficult. If it was allowed in mustard, someone would come along with another exception -- "well, then why can't I cook with wine, how is that different?" "What about wine spritzers, it's diluted with club soda?" And then instead of a really clear, no wine, rule, a line would have to be drawn somewhere, and people would keep questioning why *that* was an OK amount, but just a little more wasn't. 
    The Whole30 is 30 days, plus reintroductions. For that period of time we ask you to follow the rules. After that, you should be making your own rules based on what works best for you, which can include Dijon mustard with wine, or ketchup with sugar, or whatever you want it to include.
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    SugarcubeOD got a reaction from Terry B in Help! Meal plan advice   
    Sorry you're not feeling well.  It's hard to tell from how you've listed out your food - how do your meals stack up to the meal template (linked in my signature below). Are you eating a 1-2 palm sized portions of protein, filling your plate with vegetables and adding plated fat (looks like you have olives but how many is 60g?).
    Second, we don't encourage weighing out your food like this - we want you to be a bit more intuitive with your eating, which is why the meal template is so good. Fill up your plate with real food and then eat it. 
    What I suspect is that you're vastly undereating. A serving of salmon is around 3-4 oz - that's 85-115g approximately. You're eating approximately 1 oz... 
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    SugarcubeOD got a reaction from Krissm in Approved Items   
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    SugarcubeOD got a reaction from Krissm in Approved Items   
    Both canned meats and the salsa are fine.  Crackers are not based on the Pancake Rule, regardless of their ingredients
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    SugarcubeOD got a reaction from Krissm in Frozen Fruit   
    Yes, check the additive list that I mentioned above - both Ascorbic acid and citric acid are compatible.
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    SugarcubeOD got a reaction from Krissm in Frozen Fruit   
    This is fine.  You'd be looking for sugars mostly - can't think of what else that is not compatible that would be added to frozen fruit but just compare all the ingredients to the rules (including the sneaky sugars and additives list we have (linked in my signature below) and you're golden!
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    SugarcubeOD got a reaction from MeadowLily in June 9 start for this first-timer   
    Don't forget, you can have starch at meals - potato, carrots, winter squash, sweet potato... all starch
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    SugarcubeOD got a reaction from Rosy Donnenwirth in healingtummy   
    My understanding is that for a vegetarian/vegan diet, FODMAP's can be a challenge - there's some great resources on high and low fodmap foods if you search google like that give quantities of things like beans that you can still eat while staying low fodmap. Of course, please apply the rules of the PBWhole30 to anything you find, for instance, most low fodmap lists will list corn or grains which is off limits for both Whole30 programs.
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    SugarcubeOD got a reaction from SchrodingersCat in How often...   
    Not quite the right 'plant' forum for this topic... 
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    SugarcubeOD got a reaction from Rosy Donnenwirth in "Naturally Occurring" Sulfites   
    Sulfites naturally occur in grapes which are used to make red wine vinegar. Products with sulfites listed this way are compatible with the program. If sulfites are listed in the ingredients or any indication that they are 'added', that would not be compatible.
    Enjoy your salad!!
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    SugarcubeOD got a reaction from Karen2011 in Century Eggs   
    From my cursory google of how they're made, I see no reason why they would not be compatible with the Whole30.
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    SugarcubeOD got a reaction from SchrodingersCat in Safe Catch Elite Chili Lime Tuna   
    Just to close the loop on this - HQ got back to me and unfortunately the product erroneously has the W30 approved logo on it.  The ingredients are accurate and this item does in fact contain sugar so it would not be compatible for the Whole30.  
    This is being fixed but but unfortunately there is mislabeled product out in the wild.
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    SugarcubeOD got a reaction from wilkette in Tamari?   
    Providing that all ingredients are compatible (no sugar, grains etc), tamari is fine for the Plant Based Whole30.
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    SugarcubeOD got a reaction from SchrodingersCat in Safe Catch Elite Chili Lime Tuna   
    Eep, okay thank you.  I've alerted HQ to the issue and I'll point them here for the pics.
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    SugarcubeOD got a reaction from simmie in Banza rice?   
    I will double check this with HQ but I'm suspecting they'll say no - cauliflower rice is just finely riced cauliflower... this is a concoction using various ingredients to replicate rice... I'll get back to you asap
    Double checked with HQ - the only way pasta or rice is allowed is if it's a one ingredient item... like zucchini noodles, cauliflower rice, sweet potato 'bun' etc... the baked goods rule still applied to the PB Whole30.
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    SugarcubeOD got a reaction from Terry B in Are jarred olives low histamine?   
    Ya, I think those ones in smaller packages are probably just repacked from larger packages.  You can eat 'fresh' olives but they're intensely bitter so they do need to be processed first to make them palatable. May be something you want to test out while you're doing the Whole30 or something you can do in the reintroduction phase to really get a good idea of how they suit you.
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    SugarcubeOD got a reaction from Terry B in Are jarred olives low histamine?   
    Hey there!
    Extra Virgin Olive Oil is specifically listed on that shopping list as okay for low histamine. re: the olives being fermented part - I think that it's a gray area of fermenting... olives are considered an anti-histamine - if you're avoiding histamines, yes, I'd assume avoiding vinegars would be a good idea but there are many olives packed in water or oils that would work for you.
    I'm not sure where you get 'fresh' olives here in North America... even the ones in olive bars that you scoop yourself aren't 'fresh', they'd have been processed/canned in some way to get them from where olives are grown to us.
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    SugarcubeOD got a reaction from SchrodingersCat in Are de soi beverages allowed   
    I clicked on three of the products - they all have some sort of sweetener (maple syrup, birch syrup, date syrup) and as such that would make these non compatible with the program. Remember if you read the labels and compare the ingredients to the rules, you can learn how to get familiar with how to determine if something is compatible and then you don't have to wait 13 hours for an answer
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    SugarcubeOD got a reaction from Laura Karsst in Can I have St. Dalfour jelly?   
    Yep, I'm the one that said that  and it still holds true.  If you're using it to make a glaze for some meat or something else savory where the jam isn't the star, then yes, go for it. If you're using it as topping over banana 'ice cream' then no, definitely not. (also, no to the 'ice cream  )