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    SugarcubeOD got a reaction from Kisamose in Whole30 with toddlers.   
    I have no tips or advice as I do not own any children but it stands out to me that if your 2 and 4 year old are having carb flu/detox type symptoms, this is probably the best thing you can do for them!
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    SugarcubeOD reacted to praxisproject in Are you new here? Welcome!   
    Is this your first Whole30? This is what it's all about
    There are lots of PDF downloads to help you out including the fabulous Meal Planning Template
    Not sure what you can have? Whole30 Rules & Can I Have...
    You'll also find great info searching in the forum section Can I have...?
    Did you know there's Rules AND Recommendations?
    It's early now, but bookmark the Timeline, it's really great
    Really want to complete your Whole30, might want to read this now - Do I really have to start over?
    Welcome you've totally got this!
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    SugarcubeOD reacted to jmcbn in What to Expect Calendar (Symptoms)   
    Can I just comment here that not everyone follows the timeline so if you're NOT experiencing the listed 'symptoms' you're not necessarily doing it wrong - also sometimes the expectation actually brings it on, which isn't always the best thing

    Comparison is the thief of joy - enjoy your OWN journey!!
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    SugarcubeOD got a reaction from KyleeH in Boars head meats   
    Good for you!  That's awesome!  Way to take on the research!  My day lit up when I read this!
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    SugarcubeOD got a reaction from Knappo in Acronyms!   
    Whole9 is/was the parent company to Whole30.
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    SugarcubeOD reacted to ladyshanny in Kombucha Makers Unite; Where to ask and be answered   
    Hi Summeradele,  there are 66 pages in this particular thread with instructions, tips and tricks.  If you don't want to read through all of that, a quick google search will tell you how to get started.  
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    SugarcubeOD reacted to Karen in Changes in Menstrual Cycle   
    A drop in hormones triggers a bleed. Think of the placebo pill in birth control - you stop taking hormones and the drop in hormones - progesterone specifically - triggers the bleed.
    So what causes a drop in hormones when you change your eating habits? A lot. It's not just one thing. It's eating 3 meals a day. It's eating a balanced meal at each meal. It's eliminating processed foods that are rich in crap that confuse our hormones. It's balancing our cortisol and insulin. For some people dairy or soy contribute as they can confuse our hormones. Ultimately, though, the body is all connected and it's a combination of these and many other things that contribute to helping your body work how it's supposed to, with adequate levels of hormones to support health. A temporary drop in hormones is a sign that your body is adjusting accordingly.
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    SugarcubeOD got a reaction from ThomasTrain in Yeast extract   
    Yes, the .80 is worth it because part of what the Whole30 teaches you is that manufacturers put unnecessary additives and fillers in our food... We know that yeast extract is not necessary because you can find a slightly more expensive brand that doesn't have it... so the reason that unnecessary potentially harmful substance is in your fish is because they make more money off you by feeding you fillers.

    If that isn't worth .80 a can, I don't know what is!
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    SugarcubeOD got a reaction from praxisproject in Changes in Menstrual Cycle   
    Please get rid of your scale... I advocate smashing it with a hammer but if you're not into that, take the batteries out, hide it, give it to a friend to hide... it's a rule just like no sugar is a rule so please put it away.
    Second, regarding your comment of doubting the diet. The Whole 30 is not a diet. It is a 30 elimination program designed to help you find out which food groups are making you less healthy. Do people lose weight on it? Yes, sure. But it's not a weight loss program and you're on day 10 of a 30 day plan, so even if it WAS a weight loss program, it's not really fair to doubt it only a third of the way in.
    If you would like to list a few days of your intake including portion sizes, meal timing and fluids, we can take a look and see if there's any tweaking that can be done to help with the bloat and general feeling of malaise.
    As far as Whole30 and hormones, you could peruse the Ladies Only section of the forum and find a ton of anecdotal evidence that the Whole30 way of eating is exceptionally good for your hormones. There are stories of women getting their libido back, women ovulating for the first time in years and women who have minimized the symptoms of pms and menopause. Have a read through those threads, I think you'll be both fascinated and inspired!
    Oh and if you can kill 10 plates of bland food, eat a meal! Seriously! If you're that hungry and I know what that feels like, a few bites of turkey and some broth aren't going to do it.
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    SugarcubeOD got a reaction from praxisproject in Changes in Menstrual Cycle   
    First, regarding being hungry, lots of women report eating more (sometimes double) in the week leading up to and the week of their period.
    If you're hungry (litmus test, you'd eat bland steamed fish and broccoli) then eat a meal or mini meal (composed of at least two of the three macros: fat, protein, veg).
    As far as Plan B goes, I've taken it and it did a number on me for sure... it's a LOT of hormones being introduced to your body in one shot and for someone that is already struggling with hormone issues (35-50 day cycle) that's definitely going to play a part.
    Even in regard to how you were feeling before, if your hormones are trying to get themselves back in whack (since they may currently be out of whack), feeling odd is totally normal and will resolve itself as you go.
    Keep going on the Whole30. There's nothing about eating real, whole food in generous portions that is going to make this situation worse for you!
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    SugarcubeOD reacted to Shakti in Changes in Menstrual Cycle   
    Hi, Friends. An update: that period was not a happy surprise, but I do think it was a symptom of a hormonal shift toward balance. I just didn't expect anything like that to happen so quickly. The bleeding was more normal than I've experienced in a year or so -- consistent, no clots, so pauses. On the last day I had a migraine. Not awesome.
    But-- now on day 9 of the Whole30, I feel so good I just had to say something. Like a fresh breeze has blown through my (bodily) home. I mean, I really, really feel good. And not just because I'm not in pain. I feel somehow like I've taken a deep breath with all my muscles. Much less tension everywhere.
    I don't know what the next days will bring, but I'm cool with it. I'm in.