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    The problem is that your muscles are especially open to feeding (and recovering) for 15-30 minutes after a workout. To maximize that opportunity, you need to eat lean protein, no fat, and maybe a starchy veggie to help replace muscle glycogen. If you wait longer than 30 minutes, your muscles are not as open to feeding as they were. If you eat fat with your meal, your digestion slows and the protein gets to your muscles much more slowly - after the 30 minute window has closed. So, basically, not eating a real post-workout meal means your recovery from exercise is degraded. 
    The other issue is that the amount of food recommended by the meal template is appropriate for people who are not exercising. If you do exercise, you need more nutrition to cover the greater expenditure of energy. The recommended way of getting that nutrition is through pre- and post-workout bonus meals. You can expand the size of your regular meals to provide that extra nutrition, but that extra food will not assist with recovery as well. 
    I thought the idea of pre- and post workout meals was silly until I came to respect Dallas and Melissa Hartwig enough to actually try following the program for a while to see if it made a difference. What I recognized quickly was that I recovered faster from workouts and was able to train harder after I began eating post-workout protein at the gym before I left to go home and eat lunch.