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  1. Regina Runs Far

    About to start Whole30, Serious training!

    You sound like me about 2 months ago when I decided suddenly to do the Whole 30 about 2 months before a 100 mile race. I decided there would be no perfect time because I always have a race, or trip, or party, or why not NOW. I agree with what Tom said about the choice of possibly not having your best runs every while your body adjusts. I had my fair share of bad workouts during my Whole 30, but I also had my share of great ones, and great nights of sleep, and days where I felt very happy, so my slow run was still blissful, and days where I loved my new foods I was trying. I added some foods back in about a month before my 100 miler, but I remained about 75% compliant, with the main things added back in were Larabars and other "race" foods used to fuel 2 a days and long workouts, and the other things added in were eating out and not picking apart the meal on the menu and eating things served at social events and parties. My 100 miler was great and now that it is over I am so happy I did the Whole 30 and I look forward to doing another one, but probably after my next really long race, which is at the end of May. For now I'm going to enjoy eating clean, but allow myself some cheats as I prepare for my 100k. Just stick with it, and allow your body to learn to burn fat! The thought of eating a big bowl of pasta the night before a race or a bagel the morning of honestly turns my stomach now and those were my staples!
  2. Regina Runs Far

    Post-Workout Snack Examples?

    I struggled with this during my Whole 30, but my go to option was to keep lots of chicken around...........already cooked and cut up into snack sized portions in little containers or baggies to grab and go. I also would cook 1-3 sweet potatoes and put 1/2 of one in each container, to grab and go. Same with other root veggies..............if I'm making roasted veggies for dinner I'll package the left overs into snack sized containers for pre and post WO snacks. Sometimes I am bad about grabbing fruit.........applesauce, banana, strawberries, figs..............but that's only when I don't prepare and don't have the other stuff on hand.
  3. I am on Day #25. I do not have a big sweet tooth, and although I snack on baked goods or other such treats when they are at meetings, social events, or at the office, I do not purchase them for home, and don't crave them. My sugar dragon is alcohol, especially wine. The main foods I miss and crave are cheese, chips and salsa, french fries, coffee with steamed milk, cheeseburgers. I don't have weight to loose, or problematic ailments or allergies. I just want to sleep better, have more constant energy and perform better at work and when I run. I have really wanted a drink most of my triggers for this are ease in social situations, relaxing when I get home from work, and helping me get relaxed enough to sleep. I love drinking wine when I cook and pairing wine with food. I am in the middle of my highest mileage week ever, and some of the coldest weather we have had here. I finished an 8 mile run and wanted to stay and socialize with the group, and it was Tijuana Flats, so not a large menu. They did have a salad, but I had one for lunch and for dinner last night. I ate my post workout 1/2 sweet potato, but had no readily available protein. I had corn chips and tasted delicious.........I washed it down with 2 beers, which also tasted wonderful. I felt so horribly guilty, but enjoyed the time with friends. I came home and had a burger patty with spinach and tomato. I'm not sure what to do now? I'm going to finish out the next 5 days, and plan to stay clean until my 100 miler 3/28, but maybe not quite as strict. I am so disappointed in myself, and concerned that I could not make it 30 days without an alcoholic drink. I plan to try another Whole30 after my 100 miler in March. I have learned so much this month. I have tried so many new foods, cooked more than usual, really enjoyed so many real and balance meals. I feel great after some effort, and I'm working on fueling my long runs better.I continue to look at food as fuel more often, when it is used for my workouts and races, but I also try to make some good tasting things for a special meal. I hope I get my GI issues figured out for the upper miles of my run. I still have a lot of work to do, especially figuring out how to enjoy a special meal without wine. I just feel wine is part of food and enjoying food. I regret that I didn't make it, but have no regrets that I have undertaken this search for better health. We will see what happens. This is not the end of my Whole9 lifestyle. Regina
  4. Regina Runs Far

    I can not make pre- and post-WO timing work

    I think you just need to play around with different foods and timing. I don't have a morning timing issue like you do, because I work for myself and I have the ability to wake up and take the time to make a good meal here at the house, except for early long run mornings. My issue is that once I leave the house for various appointments and my 2-aday workouts, I might be on the go all day and not make it home or anywhere for a good Meal2, and Meal3 will be at home, but often very late. So, I tend to make a good breakfast, and pack a little cooler full of various foods to eat throughout the day as I am on the go. I love starchy vegetables as leftovers: parsnips. sweet potatoes, rutabaga, carrots.............and I also like leftover chicken or pork or steak. It is more difficult for me to get in the good fats on the go, but I will open up a can of tuna or chicken and mash it with avocado in a container, but I must have time to stop the car and eat it. Hard boiled eggs have been good for me pre WO or really anywhere. Post WO I have tended to eat sweet potatoes, and don't feel like meat right away, so need to work on that. My big downfall is that Meal 1 is usually around 7:30 or 8am, and then sometimes I don't eat Meal2 until 1 or 2, and Meal3 until 8 or there can be snacking in between. Sometimes Meal2 is eating while I drive around, so not enough veggies.............sugar snap peas and raw carrots plus other portabel items. I think it just takes preparation, making enough food that tastes good cold the next day and is portable, and packing food for the day. Good luck, and I hope you find the right mix for you!
  5. Regina Runs Far

    50 Mile Trail Run GI Distress and Mile 35 Bonk

    Thank you thank you thank you everyone. So many good ideas, and resources out there. This is such a journey of discovery for me. Of course I never do anything the easy way. I think I will do another Whole 30 probably after this race, or might wait until after my 100k in May......although that is a fun one with my boyfriend in Italy part of a vacation. But, probably wait until June, but keep the eating cleaner and alcohol only to weekends between now and then. I'm going to finish out the next 8 days compliant b/c this weekend's runs are 15/25/12.....which I feel is very doable. I'm thinking the figs and dates gave me the diarrhea b/c that is the big thing that I have not eaten probably in years, and not so much of it at once.......8 figs.........8 5 hours, plus the other stuff. The sweet potatoes worked great on my 18 and 15 milers last two weekends, as did strawberries and the buddy fruits........but I hear to be careful with the buddy fruits. Maybe I just cut out the figs and dates. Hard boiled eggs also worked ok just before and during the other runs, as did turkey, pickles almonds. I know the Perpetuum didn't cause the diarrhea, b/c I only drank 1 small 6 oz of it, which had just one scoop (130 cals).........and my stomach was already on the way at that point, I was just trying to get back up and it has some caffeine in there. I have mixed it up very concentrated...........2-3 scoops in 8 oz and no issues for 24 hours. I'm going to do some tweaking for this weekend's B2B long runs, take some things out, add some things in, and see if I have a better result. For the big race on 3/28, I plan to use a combination of new and old ideas. This has been so interesting, and I'm learning so much, trying new foods etc. I want to be as healthy as I can be over the long term, both in my sports and in my life!! I'm sorry if it sounds I'm not totally committed to the Whole 30! I am committed to better health! Because I don't have weight to lose or any real bad health conditions to address........this is a different journey for me. I will say I am sleeping so much better, and I feel as calm as I can be in my moods, well as calm as someone can be with my personality!!! Really relaxed and happy for me! My recovery 5 miler yesterday felt great, and I was up early on my feet volunteering at a water stop for 3 hours with tons of energy the day after the 42 miler, then worked yesterday afternoon and ran last night. All good things! Yeah!
  6. Regina Runs Far

    50 Mile Trail Run GI Distress and Mile 35 Bonk

    I have added a lot more food daily, and my weekday workouts and long work days are pretty good right now........I carry around a cooler of food for when my appointments run into each other and I cannot make it home at mealtime, or am in my car at mealtime, or if I go straight from work to the gym. My weekday workouts feel good.........crossfit and 5-8 miles would be a typical 2 a day, so about 2 hours of exercise. At all the main meals I eat until I am full.........getting a little more meat, veggies, cooking with ghee, coconut oil, eating an avocado per day divided between two of the meals and a sweet potato per day....usually half at dinner and have post workout, but sometimes some at breakfast. I am usually hungry just a few hours after I eat, even if I eat until I am full. I'm not as hungry when I arrive home for dinner, although sometimes a little hungry because it is often 8 or 9 pm before we are eating dinner. So you are saying I should eat more at meals.........even after I feel full? I just can only eat so much before I am full. I think not eating during the race or workouts would be no problem with anything up to marathon distance 3.5 hours........but these ultras are 9-11 hours for a 50 miler and 23-30 for a 100 miler.....I cannot imagine being able to put away enough dinner the night before and breakfast morning of to last that long. I guess I always learned with long workouts to eat little bits at a time and stick with liquids or gels so it is easier to digest. The main reason I'm doing this Whole30 was just to totally clean me out, reset things, sleep better, less stressed out, and to get my personal sugar dragon, wine, under control. Those things are all happening and I could not be happier. I feel great all the time. I intended to eat eggs, veggies, bacon and sweet potatoes yesterday, but we just woke up too late, so I had to grab it on the run. I'm more worried about the diarrhea than the bonking...........I think I can fix the bonk with a better morning meal and better meals the day before......I had gotten stuck at the office all day Friday unexpectedly, so had not brought enough food to last from 11am until 8 pm when we had dinner.......... But, I am wondering what gave me the extreme diarrhea....................... I plan to continue clean eating for the most part, but never do another whole30 as I am peaking for an ultra or other big race, but in a recovery or base period.
  7. Regina Runs Far

    Alternative to Coconut Water for Long Runs

    Electrolyte capsules, easier to carry and take with water. I use coconut water for my really really long runs for variety but for a marathon I use just water and the capsules (Salt Stick brand is what I use). As far as fueling, I'm still working that out. I'm on Day 21 and I have been able to successfully fuel whole30 stayle up to 20 miles, but after that started to bonk, feel full and have GI distress. You should be ok for 26.2
  8. Warning.....long post. This was my longest training run for my upcoming 100 miler at the end of March. Some background: I have completed 35 marathons, 3 ironmans, and 3 ultra marathons (including one 101.46 24 hour race).........with little or no GI issues whatsoever, and little or no bonking/energy loss. My pre-race and during race nutrition and hydration are down to a fairly well oiled machine........I know what my body needs, how much and when to keep going and avoid cramping. I have been trying to fuel my runs Whole 30 compliant. My longest run so far was 18 miles on trails, and I ate: strawberries, turkey, pickles, tangerine, sweet potatos, fruit puree. It was a very easy trail and I was finished in about 2:50, feeling great most of the run and no GI issues. I tried to use a similar fueling plan for yesterday's 50 miler, but on a more difficult trail, and only pass the car every 10 miles, so need to carry enough to fuel during the about 1:50 loops. I know that many of you have stated that once my body adjusts to Whole30 I will burn fat more efficiently and that I also won't need to fuel constantly during my long long runs. However, I feel that during strenuous exercise you must fuel consistently and little bits at a time, so that the already overworked circulatory system can get enough blood to the stomach to digest. I need about 220 calories per hour for my size and that is what has worked in previous long runs/races. Maybe after eating clean for longer this will change and I can run 24 hours with just 3 main meals and a few mini meals, but I just don't see that yet? In my 24 hour race last year, I passed my aid station every 15 minutes, so I would just grab a handful of something that was between 50-60 calories and munch on it during that lap. Every other lap this was liquid Perpetuum which is a drink I tolerate well and that fueled almost half of my entire caloric intake for the 24 hours. The other items I consumed included: strawberries, orange slices, bananas, hamburgers, pickles, chicken, chicken noodle soup, red bull, coke, gummi bears, cookies, protein bars, Goldfish crackers, cheetohs, pringles, grapes, m & Ms, turkey, pretzels. My plan worked famously, and I maintained consistent energy for 24 hours, no GI ussues-only 2 big bathroom trips, no cramping or gas. I also drank water, coconut water. I did not drink any gatorade, hate it! I also took elecrtrolyte capsules. I ate chicken, butternut squash and veggies for dinner Friday evening......not spicy, proven to be easy to digest before a big workout. For breakfast I ate: 1 RX bar, 1 banana, 1 cup coffee, 5 strawberries, handful of almonds. I would have liked to make bacon , veggies and eggs, but woke up late. During Lap 1 I ate 4 figs. I was HUNGRY. At the end of Lap 1 I ate: some leftover grilled chicken, strawberries, almonds. Lap 2: 1 buddy fruits (80 cals) 3 dates, 3 coconut yummy bites, drank coconut water 6 oz. Still feeling hungry but stomach ok. End of Lap 2 I ate: 2 hardboiled eggs, few sweet potato pieces, almonds. Lap 3: starting to feel full, but stomach ok, energy ok. 1 Buddy fruit, 4 figs. 1st bathroom trip and of Lap 3....approx. 31.5 miles in. Starting to feel crampy/gassy. Legs feel great....only issue is stomach. Small bowel movement, blood in urine. Chicken, strawberries, sweet potato pieces. Lap 4: Tired, losing energy and focus. Fell. Slowed down a lot. More cramps and gas. Mile 34, coconut water. Mile 35, lots of walking, totally bonked, had to sit down. Mile 36.....more walking, gas, cramps. DRANK Perpetuum (1 scoop about 130 cals) soon returning and able to run. Mile returning, running more, but having to stop and walk with gas/cramps. Legs feel good. Ate a Buddy fruit. Bathroom: diarrhea, lots of it. Miles ok, tons of GI distress. Mile 41: Barely made it to the bathroom.........tons of diarrhea, tons and tons. Last mile ran about .5, then had to walk it in..........just too much GI pain. Ended the run at 42 miles. Any thoughts on what went wrong? I had to have the Perpetuum or I would still be sitting out there on the trail. I am used to fueling these really long runs with mostly liquids or gels, so I am worried all the solid food was too much for my body to process. I have 3 more pretty long efforts before my 100 weekend I'll still be on my Whole30, but the other two I will be free to eat whatever. I plan to finish out this Whole 30, but I am not sure what to do for my 100 miler on 3/28. Are there any Whole30 compliant liquids or gels, as I think I need that option combined with quality whole30 foods to get through the 100 miles without such bad GI distress. Any advice or ideas are much appreciated. I'm sorry for the long post, but I wanted to be specific about what I ate. Even today, I still feel crampy, but bowel movements back to normal consistency. Sorry for the TMI. Thanks, Regina
  9. Regina Runs Far

    Are Prunes Acceptable and Question about Larabars?

    I am lucky because all the compliant Larabars have cashews and I'm allergic!!!! I do keep an RX Bar in my car in case I am gone hours longer than expected (it happens bc I am a Realtor). However, I pack a big cooler of food if I'm going to be gone all day..........whatever leftover meat we had the night before cut up in a container, suger snap peas, cut up raw veggies, almonds, hard boiled eggs, apple, orange, sweet potato (yummy the next day even cold). I am still tweaking how much food I need when I leave the house after breakfast and don't return home after WO 2, but I am making a sincere effort at packing real food. I know canned tuna and canned chicken are not ideal, but they make them in "to go" cups now do don't need a can opener. I made this new thing where I mixed the canned chicken, avocado, cut up cucumber, tomato, radish, pepper or whatever veggie is sitting around, handful of raisins and voila.........a mini meal I can pull over and eat in 5 minutes on the go. I found organic prunes and raisins with no sugar added..........but I try to eat with restraint. Right now I'm working on less fruit and almonds and more veggies, proteins and fats........
  10. Regina Runs Far

    January 26th (and nearby dates) Support Thread

    It sounds like everyone is doing great on their journeys. We just finished Day 18. I'd say for the most part it is still going well. I look forward to eggs with just about anything every morning, and a big salad at lunchtime with some fruit, and leftover meat from the night before. Dinner is always some other yummy meat, tons of veggies, plus a squash or sweet potato......been cooking those with coconut oil and cinnamon and ghee to finish. I'm getting a little bit bored, but that is ok for these 30 days...........the simplicity is good for me with my busy life and at this peak in my training schedule. My main issue is too much snacking on fruit and nuts, and not getting enough fats. I love avocados, but I hate grocery shopping, and don't want to shop for food often enough to keep them on the menu at every meal. Tomorrow I am going to look for some new foods in various places..........the health food stores and Whole foods types of stores are not close by, so requires a longer venture than can be done midweek. Usually by the time I finish with my double workout it is 7:30 pm and we are eating at 8:30-9. My energy level, sleep and moods are great, and workouts pretty good. The temptations for bad foods are not that bad, even in social situations. The biggest thing that I really want is wine................I love wine paired with delicious food, and miss it terribly. Even after this 30 days is over, I don't feel any urge to eat all the grains and such, but I do want to drink wine! I never had a sweet tooth before, but now I feel I have a sweet tooth for fruit!!!! Is anyone else having this? I am concerned that I created a new sugar dragon that was not there before. I probably need more than 30 days to change my relationship with wine! I hope I find more good fats tomorrow at the store. I'm a little nervous with my 50 mile training run on Saturday. I have fueled runs up to 20 miles so far, but this one will be very long and I'll attempt to fuel all whole 30 compliant. But, as it is my only "dress rehearsal" of this length before my 100, I will have extra supplies available if I bonk. I tend to get tired after about 90 minutes of running on Whole 30.......... Excited but nervous!
  11. Regina Runs Far

    Starting Sun Jan 25

    Hello everyone. I started on Jan 26, so this is Day 15 for me. I loved reading your posts, because I could identify with many of them. Week 1 was so hard for me.........hungry all the time. I am an endurance athlete, and I workout all the time at high intensity. I also don't love to shop or cook, so I have been getting by and staying compliant by keeping it simple. So, sometimes I don't get enough food, b/c I just don't want to eat one more egg, or one more piece of chicken. I also think i eat too many almonds and too much fruit. I'm tweaking and figuring out pre and post workout meals, plus breakfast, which is tough for me. I like eggs and veggies, but prefer to have fruit with it. Mostly I miss wine!!!! My energy level is good and now my workouts are good again, and my mood is great!!!! I think for this week my goal is to try some new foods, add some spices, and try out a few new recipes, so I don't get bored. If I get bored, I'm likely to revert to fruits and nuts. I do love munching on raw veggies, so that is good! I'm also drinking too much coffee, b/c I like a comforting ritual. Have a great day! Halfway there!
  12. Regina Runs Far

    Pre-workout- not fruit?!

    Thank you. This really helps. I am been trying to figure out what to eat Pre WO. I read the meal template, but it is kind of vague on specific foods. I do 2 long runs per week. I am on Day 15, so I have had 2 weeks of long runs and strenuous workouts. The first week I was dead on all of my workouts, but my 18 miler on trails on Day 7 was pretty good. This past week I felt great during most of my runs and crossfit, with the exception that around mile 10 I start to feel hungry, although energy seems good so I can finish strong. If I were only going to run 10-12 miles it would be ok, but given that I have three ultras in the next few months, and I love marathons, I wonder if my body will adapt to burning fat enough to make it through these runs that are 4-24 hours. This weekend my meals and WOs were as follows: Saturday: 2 hard boiled eggs, banana, handful of almonds, tangerine. 13 mile run-1 Buddy fruits. Post WO: 1/2 Sweet potato, chicken, 1/2 avocado. Meal 1 2 eggs, bacon, veggies. Meal 2: salad with tons of veggies, avocado, chicken. snacked on almonds, strawberries. Meal 3: salad with ahi tuna and veggies. Sunday: 2 hard boiled eggs, banana, handful of almonds, blueberries. 15 mile run: 1 buddy fruits, 1 smuckers fruit puree......started to feel hungry about mile 11 Post WO: chicken, 1/2 avo, 1/2 sweet potato, few strawberries Meal 1: 2 eggs w/veggies, bacon Meal 2: salad w/veggies and chicken. snacked on almonds. RX Bar Meal 3: pulled pork, brisket, collards, green beans My runs were great and felt great, but if they had been much longer, I think I would have bonked. Any ideas would be great. I really feel I needed the banana before the workout............. Thanks
  13. Regina Runs Far

    Post workout meal, is meal 1 - NO Fat?

    Thank you for the information. I just realized you sent me a message, so I'll read it and try some different things out I know I need more fats and protein before and after my WO. I either do both workouts back to to crossfit and run home, like today...........7 miles total and crossfit.......I just don't feel like a piece of meat before the WO, hard to run on that I'l have to try eggs. I had an RX bar today b/c I knew it was a long WO and I needed it. Post WO I have been doing Sweet potato, and a few olives......still don't feel like the meat/protein for about an hour. My other doubles would be crossfit at 11am and a run at night, so crossfit is usually not too long after breakfast, so maybe don't eat before, but sweet potato immediately and then lunch...........then fruit/almonds before run and dinner after. My goal is to increase the protein and good fats and decrease the reliance on almonds and fruit But, I'm feeling great!!!
  14. Regina Runs Far

    January 26th (and nearby dates) Support Thread

    Hi everyone! My boyfriend and I just finished Day 11. We are both doing pretty well, and in high spirits. We started without much preparation, because we decided there would never be a "perfect time." So, we didn't plan out enough meals, buy enough food, or prepare for how hungry we would initially be. The first few days we ate three good meals, but I was always hungry, tired, no energy, bad, I gradually increased my meal size, and added different combinations of things to them, plus tweaked my pre and post workout snacks. By Day 8 I was more or less not hungry very often, and energy levels are feeling great. My boyfriend wants to lose weight, recover better from workouts, and have a more consistent energy level. I don't have weight to lose, but want to have a better energy level, less moodiness and stress, better sleep, and possibly better athletic performance. He feels like he is losing weight pretty quickly I feel my general mood is better and I am less stressed. My sleep and energy are great, and my running is decent, although it can be better I feel I am getting used to eating all sorts of delicious real foods at any meal..........EG I used to feel that I would not eat eggs at dinner, or no veggies at breakfast, or no meat at breakfast, but we had pork chops with our eggs a few days ago, and veggies with anything, and I even put stuff into zip locks when I'm super busy at work, and I'll be munching on chicken and sugar snap peas while driving around. This is such an interesting learning experience. I cannot wait to see what the next 19 days holds for us.
  15. Regina Runs Far

    Post workout meal, is meal 1 - NO Fat?

    I struggle with being hungry before and after my often 2 workouts per day.............. I am still working on this. It will be interesting to see what others are doing, as I try different things The post workout 1/2 sweet potato seems to be working pretty well. I am at a loss on what to eat pre workout............. I need more protein after my workout, but I usually don't feel like it............. Lots to work on!