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  1. Hi! Since nobody else wanted to discuss the vegetarian's/vegan's favourite question, "where do you get your protein?" in this protein-based forum, I thought I'd give it a go. Let me start by saying I'm not here to argue, and I'm very aware that a forum for a "diet" based highly on animal proteins will not be full of people who believe that animal protein is unnecessary. I just want to let you know what I, and many others, believe. To me, protein is a necessary nutrient for building muscles and helping our bodies function. However, I don't believe that "the best kind" comes from animals. Protein is made up of 20 different types of amino acids, 11 of which our bodies make naturally. The 9 leftover aminos are called "essential amino acids," and we need to get those ones from food. So, our bodies need these amino acids, but not necessarily protein. Actually, these amino acids are first synthesized by plants, and are present in animals only because they eat the plants. So, when people eat a diet full of whole foods, meaning full of all colours of fruits and veggies, plus some legumes, nuts and seeds, they will ingest all essential amino acids that they need. There are many pro athletes, cross-fitters, and runners who thrive on plant based diets. Personally, I think that the people who aren't "getting their protein" (to me, amino acids) are very likely not eating a lot of colourful fruits and veggies. I like to close this discussion by asking, "Where does a cow get its protein?" (Answer: from plants) Why aren't we worried where a cow gets its protein!?
  2. That's my favourite thing I've read today!!
  3. I think it does This is a big learning for me; I've never eaten a lot of protein. Kombucha cheers!!
  4. Since I'm doing vegan, I'm eating lentils. I do have a hard time meeting the W30 protein percentages. I think if you eat eggs, you're laughing - but maybe also quite bored with them, as I am with lentils
  5. I checked my miso after peebles mentioned that, and it does have rice. Yeah; I hear ya about the pickles or sauerkraut that are shelf stable. Refrigerated all the way!
  6. Thought of you today, MeadowLily, as I've been having a cinnamon day
  7. jjo

    Why I quit the whole30 program

    Hi lore - i think it's great that you ate listening to your body instead of following something that is not for you. This shows your strength and intelligence! Just wanted to tell you about a woman called Treacy who has a YouTube channel (and website) called The Love Vitamin. She shares many resources about healing acne through diet and how you wash and moisturize your face. I know you don't have time to "wait out" your skin to deal with change, but I believe sometimes our skin could take months to detox from something like stress, additives, or allergens. Just my experience. I have rosacea that I'm still trying to deal with, so I'm feeling your pain
  8. jjo

    The crazy things people say

    "Me: Oh no thanks, it will likely have sugar and I'm good with my water. Work colleague: Okay. What about just a muffin? *Slams head into wall* IT'S DAY ONE!! This is not helping!" BAAH! JUST A MUFFIN! Muffin is cake, SAD people!
  9. jjo

    The crazy things people say

    Great thread! -People saying they don't eat carbs while snacking on fruit or veggies kills me! -I've had a billion, "where do you get your protein?"s in my life. Then glazed over looks when I break it down to amino acids (and don't ask them where they get their nutrients). -
  10. I made a giant batch of soaked & rinsed lentils too. Not because I was feeling any lack if energy, but I avoided them at first so I could see if they bothered my stomach - they don't. Love the learning.
  11. jjo


    I'm feeling ya, Regina! All about every person doing their own best for their own bodies and lifestyles
  12. jjo

    Benefits of Kombucha on tap?

    Does anyone make ginger bug / ginger beer? I started fermenting mine today, but couldn't find anything about it in searches.
  13. Me too, MeadowLily. I ate a lot of protein at each meal. (This is a big stretch for me).
  14. "I'm going to veg up and see if I notice a difference!" Best thing I've heard all day! Please do! Fruits have tones of fibre, vitamins, and nutrients too Feel better!
  15. jjo

    Starting on Lamisil

    Tea tree oil, thyme oil, apple cider vinegar, and coconut oil are all anti - fungal and can be applied topically and/or added to your diet. I had a fungus on my skin before and it was suggested I take Lamisil. I chose to go natural and heal with the above plus an anti - candida diet. There were no animal foods, sugars (even fruit), or glutens on the diet. It worked! Good luck