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    Changes in Menstrual Cycle

    This is my first Whole30 and my first post here... I finished my period about a week before starting the Whole30 (I finished on 12/31/14 and began W30 on 1/7/15). Four days later, I had acne breakouts and began spotting. This lasted about 3 days with increasing symptoms of joint aches, etc, then on day 4 (day 8 of W30) I had a full flow which tapered off in about 2 days. I'm no on day 22 of W30 and still am having spotting sporadically at least every other day. This has never happened to me before. I'm usually fairly regular, heavy, and crampy. This time there has been no cramps and it is so light, I'm not even sure if its a period. I'm totally confused. I've read some of the posts about hormone changes during W30, etc. But those have sounded like "normal" periods just coming early or late... This just feels like a chronic almost period... I've also noticed that my bowel movements, though regular, are still difficult to pass and are more like floating pellets than the healthy "S" shape log they are supposed to be. (So sorry for the TMI descriptions ). Am I doing something wrong? I've been complaint through the whole program, and actually have really enjoyed learning how to cook/put healthy meals together! If anyone has any ideas, I'd love to hear them. Honestly, I'm a little freaked out/discouraged with this problem at this point. Thanks! -a