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  1. indigo73

    Starting (again) tomorrow!!

    I am restarting a Whole60 today. Good luck. I am interested to see how the holidays go for me. Thanksgiving will be easy because it's just the three (maybe 4) of us at home. Christmas might be more interesting, but we'll see.
  2. indigo73

    Restarting Whole30 on Monday 11/12

    Into Day 2 and going strong... but have to put AIP on hold so I will be a couple days off on that. Still haven't been able to go shopping to de-tomatoes and de-curry/chili my kitchen. I think those are going to be the toughest to give up because they are among my favorites. Will be interesting to see what the AIP effects (hopefully the KP on my arms) and what I'll be able to add back.
  3. indigo73


    Okay, I am sold. Adding a tin or two to my shopping list.
  4. indigo73

    Restarting Whole30 on Monday 11/12

    Pfft, never got a chance to go shopping and there is next to nothing at home except for stuff I can't eat on Whole30. So will actually be starting tomorrow, 11/14/12. I think I have figured out a couple meals to tied me over until I finally have time to go shopping after work & school tomorrow evening.
  5. indigo73

    Starting 11/12

    I was supposed to start yesterday, but never made it to the grocery store... so postponed until tomorrow. I think I have figured out a couple meals for the day until I can get to the store after work & school tomorrow. It also give me the chance to finish off my last Lara Bar, since I am doing the Autoimmune Protocol, which means no nuts.
  6. indigo73


    With the passing of Superstorm Sandy, I have been giving some thought to canned foods that I haven't considered before. I know I do not like canned salmon, especially the kind with skin and bones. Probably way too spoiled on fresh salmon. We have it at least once a week. And while I don't mind canned tuna and chicken, it can get old fast... so I was contemplating sardines. If I've ever had them before, I was young. But how do you eat them? Do you have a favorite recipe or concoction?
  7. indigo73

    Restarting Whole30 on Monday 11/12

    I am very proud of my 28 days, considering my bad habits between working and going to school full time = eating on the run. The money I saved on not buying fast food = awesome. Takes planning and I liked the meal planning and even the creativity to feed the non-Whole30ers in the household while keeping myself on the straight and narrow. Only lost power and a few branches... so we were very lucky. We have friends who are still dealing with the aftermath. I think AIP is going to be a tough but fun adventure, it is about new habits for me. I now know if I can do a regular Whole28, so I am sure I can do a Whole60 + AIP. Oh and I lost 14 pounds in those 4 weeks without regular exercise because of the illnesses... imagine working out regularly over the 60 days? It's all about building new habits. Ordered a harvest box (sort of like a weekly CSA share) from my local farm delivery coop and I think that is going make things even more fun. w00t!
  8. I made it until day 28 on my first try before Sandy hit and had to switch to pantry food. I am very proud of myself and looking forward to this go around. My biggest concern is dealing with family obligations on Thanksgiving... I am also giving thought to the autoimmune protocol... giving up nuts and eggs will be tough. The peppers and pepper based spices (mainly nutmeg, chili & curry) too but not as much as the nuts and eggs which were definitely consumed a lot during my first attempt. Thinking about going 60 days this time too because I got sick (chronic sinus infections thus the protocol) and want to see if I need more time to heal my gut and immunity stuff.
  9. indigo73

    Started Whole30 on Oct. 2nd

    I found a packet of Justin's Almond Butter and an apple... so was able to hold off until I got home. Better at planning these days.
  10. indigo73

    Started Whole30 on Oct. 2nd

    Today just became complicated... I forgot my lunch. Not sure what I am going to do, have a couple hours until I have to figure it out.
  11. indigo73

    Started Whole30 on Oct. 2nd

    I forgot to mention I work in concession stand on Saturdays... And I didn't steal a single fry. I brought a bowl of morracan mash (sweet potato & banan with spices) and nibbled on it all day with a couple of naked grilled burgers for lunch. I thought it would be harder but it wasn't too bad.
  12. indigo73

    PMS and Carbohydrate Cravings

    Thanks for this thread. On day 7 and 2nd day of my period. This is usually when I caved when on gf/df diet. Fried a head of cabbage last night and ate two bowls of it. Went to bed without temptation of cookies or ice cream. Now I know why. Will consider other carbs to add to meals over next couple days to stay on track.
  13. indigo73

    First Whole30 starting Oct 2nd! :)

    I started on the 2nd as well. How are things going?
  14. indigo73

    Started Whole30 on Oct. 2nd

    So far, still doing well despite cooking non-compliant food for others. And getting invited to my folks house to visit with a visiting cousin... To arrive at dinner time (no one told me). So visited without eating because 1) nothing I could eat... but better yet, 2) I was looking foward to what I had waiting for dinner in the crockpot at home. Worse cravings are still sugary drinks but doing well with seltzer water or tea when my water bottle won't cut it.
  15. ... but life has been nutty enough that I haven't gotten over here until now. Last night was the hardest (Day 3). I can't clear out the pantry, as both my brother in laws, a girlfriend and various children also live with hubby, son and me. There is no room for special shelves or special areas because nobody honestly cares about this besides me, so.... Anyhoo, I was able to not drink soda or sneak a bit of hubby's meatball grinder despite being extremely hungry only an hour or two after dinner. So after examining myself and figuring I really was hungry because I skipped lunch, I had an avocado and was fine for the rest of the night. I have been tested with quite a few allergies: milk & wheat being the biggies but since my reaction isn't "bad," I was always cheating... so I am using the next 30 days to detox and reexamine my health goals. Going dairy and wheat free are paramount, but the other concepts of the paleo diet intrigues me, so hoping to do more reading. I really thought is was going to be the bread and stuff (which usually trips me up) that was going to be my cravings, but I am realizing how much I am relying on sugar for fuel. So that has been interesting. New insights are fun.