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  1. Thanks! It's my husband's first, so we're definitely excited. I really do think that eating a better breakfast overall will help me a ton. I haven't been eating enough starchy veggies or good fats at all--I was dealing with nausea/aversions up until a week or so ago and then I actually had to have an emergency appendectomy last week and so the surgery and aftermath meant I've pretty much been eating soup and crackers for two weeks. I will look that article up for sure--all I know is that if I really don't want to gain 100 pounds, I need to not be eating ALL THE HOT POCKETS.
  2. So I'm not sure how many of the long-timers around here might remember me--I was pretty active here for a period a couple of years ago. Since then, I've been kind of hit and miss with eating the way I know i should but overall have been feeling well so I haven't been as tight with my nutrition as I have been in the past. A lot of what I learned while I was focusing very intensely on my food choices has internalized well and I had managed to strike a decent, sustainable balance of making Good Choices that fit in well with my Real Life. However! Now, I'm about 11 weeks pregnant with my third baby and am finding myself struggling HARD with a few things nutrition-wise. Now that I'm past the nausea, my appetite is kicking in full force and considering the fact that I am now 34 years old instead of 22, I would prefer not to gain 100 pounds (like I did with my first pregnancy which carried a very similar appetite increase overall. My second time around, I had hyperemesis so the challenges were entirely different). Besides being starving seemingly ALL THE TIME, I am also having SERIOUS cravings for drunk college kid food--Hot Pockets, Chef Boyardee ravioli/spaghettios, tater tots, cheesy garlic bread, burritos, etc...and that is clearly NOT a sustainable business model for me as this pregnancy progresses. I'm pretty sure that those cravings are pointing me toward my body asking for protein/iron (LOTS of red meat cravings going on), salt/electrolytes (not as obvious as the craving to drink ALL THE PICKLE BRINE that I was having early on, but still, I know that the processed junk is heavily laden with sodium), and fat. I just need better places to get those things from. I know my breakfasts need work--I have fallen hard off the meal prep bandwagon and generally I'm still a little queasy first thing in the mornings which makes it hard to want a Good Breakfast, but I am thinking I will at least go back to my old awesome Frittata/(Sweet) potato/avocado combination. But I also would love some additional guidance on how to structure my eating throughout the day with this new Pregnant Appetite that will keep me nourished and satisfied in a positive and healthy way. I'm definitely not looking to do a full-out, balls-to-the-wall Whole30 at this point, but I know that it'll be easier to course-correct at this juncture than in a few more months, or ESPECIALLY after delivery. Thanks so much!
  3. I found them at Fresh Thyme, if you have those in your area.
  4. How many carbs should I be eating?

    I eat starchy veggies at just about every meal--I have a history of really severe depression and I feel the best when I do that. Eating a lot of sweet potatoes will not have the same effect on weight loss as eating a lot of bread. Also, breastfeeding encourages some women's bodies to hang onto weight just in case of famine--I carried about 20 extra pounds while I was nursing, both times. It just wasn't the magic bullet for me like it is for some, and that's okay. Feeding your baby (and yourself!) good, whole, healthy food is more important right now.
  5. Yeah, that was last week--I was eating 4 meals a day Tuesday-Friday. Then I was good with just 3 on Saturday and Sunday, and started bleeding on Sunday morning. Last night's cravings were weird. I can genuinely say I am having a MUCH harder time with the no alcohol this time around--not sure if this is related to a rebound craving because I can't have the booze so my body is all, SUGAR ANYTHING SUGAR...I don't know. This is new to me.
  6. I went through the first jar of mayo in a week. The buffalo chicken "pasta" I made used the mayo as the sauce, and the burgers I had on Thursday and Friday had mayo on them, too. I don't generally add fat to the fattier cuts of meat that I eat (like the kalua pig) or when I use bacon as a primary seasoning (like my brussles sprouts) but I have 1/2-1 avocado every day with breakfast, or usually add it (or mayo) if I'm just eating white meat chicken. Now that I look at it, though, I was kind of light on fat over the weekend. I wonder if that just culminated into the gut punching cravings last night?
  7. So this is my second official Whole30, and last time was surprisingly easy overall on the craving/sugar dragon front. Today is day 10 for me. But this time I am having some serious problems controlling the snackies, cravings, etc. I'm not sure why, either...the best guess I have is that last time, the Whole30 was a total overhaul to my lifestyle and this time, prior to beginning, I was eating probably 80% this way anyway only with the addition of alcohol and occasional treats that became a lot more than occasional. My food log is in my blog in my signature. I think I'm eating enough of the right stuff at the right times, but last night at 10:30 at night I ended up eating 2 Tablespoons of sunflower seed butter just because I had to have something and if it wasn't that, it would have been cookies. I know that I'm not following the spirit of the plan as well this time by giving into things like that, but this is new territory for me this time around. Anyone have any tips for things I could do differently? I'm not feeling as good this time around as I did last time and it's really kind of disappointing and frustrating and I really want to eat the damn cookies.
  8. Smoking Advice

    All I can do is offer commiseration--I am also re-quitting smoking with this Whole30 that I'm doing. And it's hard. Day 2 of the Whole30 fell on Day 4 of no nicotine and I was in a serious world of hurt...but it's easier for me to just cut it all off at once and to focus on my total health improvement. It's been a rough 10 days so far, but it is getting easier. You can do it!
  9. Whole Food Restaurant?

    Those are some awesome suggestions, ultrarunnergirl. I also have like, no restaurant experience and I mostly just registered for culinary arts classes because I want to--I need something new to put my energies into. I love cooking and miss school. So it seemed natural. I definitely wouldn't call myself anything related to paleo/primal/whole30/caveman. I actually don't even say that I eat paleo because it has really become a joke. Plus, I wouldn't necessarily want to hang on the gimmicky aspect of it, but just offering yummy food that is compliant and offer more options than just a burger and broccoli for people who eat like we do.
  10. Whole Food Restaurant?

    I appreciate the feedback. I also generally relaxed my rules some, but I also react really violently to dairy and I don't like having to just assume that I'm going to feel like hell if I eat a meal that someone else has cooked--which has definitely been my experience. I would really love to not have to make that concession all the time. This is still a long way off. But I know we don't really have anything around here that's paleo/primal/whole at all--not sure if there's not the demand, or what. I will definitely check out Sisson's website. Thanks!
  11. So...I got a little bit of a crazy hair last week and applied to culinary school. It's been something I've wanted to do for most of my adult life, and I finally just started to feel like I could swing it now. I've been mulling over my end game with that for the last few days. I've been wondering about how much in demand a whole-food restaurant (or honestly, more likely, a food truck to begin with) would be. I know that I often wish something like that was an option for myself, but I'm not sure how accessible something like that would be to the general public. So, Whole30-ers, tell me--would you patronize a restaurant or food truck whose menu was built on the idea of Whole30? What kinds of menus would you like to see? Do you think such an idea could be sustainable, or what would need to be included to make it accessible for those who are "strict" Whole30 as well as companions who might not be? Catchy kind of name for such a place? Help me braindream, guys. ;-D
  12. Maternity leave coming to an end! SOS!

    My favorite no-thought meal is a bag of frozen chicken thighs and two jars of Trader Joe's salsa verde. Into a slow cooker all day and you have pollo verde with absolutely no work. I work full time with two school aged children, and I can make all of our lives a whole lot easier by cooking for about two hours on a Saturday. It makes weeknight dinners a lot easier.
  13. Saree, I know it's hard to work through those fears. I have a long history of disordered eating, and I still find myself getting anxious if I really get to thinking about the quantity of food I consume daily. However, there is absolutely no doubt that I feel the best I ever have, and I've been eating this way more on than off for six months now and I also have managed to maintain a consistent size this whole time (which has never before happened in my life). The amount of food freedom I have gained since discovering the Whole30 absolutely boggles my mind. I am eating enough quantity of whole, nourishing food and my body is loving me back for feeding it lovingly. If I feel hungrier on a particular day, I let myself eat more of the whole, nourishing food. I have learned to be able to trust in my body's signals and give it what it is really asking for. I spent many years depriving myself in the name of health and it resulted in nothing good but now I feed myself the right amounts of the right foods and I both look and feel better than I ever have. I concur with Shannon's advice--finding a counselor to help you work through your anxiety sounds like a good idea. Best of luck. It's not always easy to remold your thinking, but the results are amazing.
  14. Hi! I've been around the forums for about six months, since my first whole30 in February. It is definitely time for me to go at it again. I've started a blog to document my process this time around. Feel free to follow along! https://foodforwholelife.wordpress.com/ I look forward to being around some more and getting to know some of the new faces that have come along in the last few months.
  15. Whole 30 and Baby Led Weaning

    I didn't discover the whole30 until my kids were older, but we did BLW with my younger child and she is a much more adventurous eater than her older brother. I'm not sure if it's entirely attributable to the BLW (her brother is also on the Spectrum, etc.) or just different kids and personalities, but I can certainly tell you that if I have another one, BLW all the way. For sure.