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  1. Dairy (primarily casein--I react a lot harder to aged cheese, yogurt, ice cream, etc. than I do fresh cheese or milk) destroys me. Congestion and coughing within minutes, headaches and joint pains within an hour, and then feeling spacey and hungover for a day or two afterward. Goat's milk cheddar did the same thing, but fresh mozzarella doesn't bother me as much. I can tell if a recipe has dairy in it based on how it makes me feel. It is horrible. Wheat flares eczema I didn't realize I had. I can have one serving a week or so without much consequence, but any more frequently than that and my skin gets itchy and my cuticles start cracking and my scalp starts getting scabby again. Rice destroys my digestion. It feels like a rock in my stomach and then it totally trashes my gut for a few days. Soy makes me feel like I have the worst hangover in the world. I never bothered to reintroduce legumes besides soy (which was less intentional--we got Chinese food one night). Seriously--things I never thought would happen with regard to food. It's insane.
  2. EmilyK

    The crazy things people say

    I appreciate the suggestions! However--Mexican to me is NOT the same without cheese and beans and rice and corn. I would feel deprived and disappointed, so I just don't go.
  3. EmilyK

    The crazy things people say

    My SisterFriend told me that eating this way was going to box my kidneys because without grains I wouldn't be getting enough carbs. I think she's really just sore because we cut our weekly Mexican dinners when I started this.
  4. EmilyK

    Affording Whole30 on a Budget

    So after week 4 grocery shopping, I've spent $733 this month to feed us. And we've only spent about $40 on restaurant foods. I used to loosely budget $800 just for groceries, not saying anything about our restaurant dinners and treats. So I'm actually doing this a lot more cheaply than our "conventional" diet. My off-week shops have gotten bigger and i'm spending a lot different proportions at the stores i shop at. but overall we're eating WAY better for pretty significantly less money. I am still surprised at how frugally i've been able to accomplish this whole30.
  5. EmilyK

    Affording Whole30 on a Budget

    I've also noticed I'm eating significantly less quantity overall. I'm eating larger meals, but i was a constant snacker before. Plus we're not buying soda, we're buying a lot less cereal and crackers and stuff, etc. Plus our ice cream pints a couple times a week, cheese is lasting longer, etc. My store- and product-split has certainly changed, but overall I think I'm spending less to feed us than I used to.
  6. EmilyK

    Affording Whole30 on a Budget

    I'm 3 weeks in and doing whole30 for the first time. I've noticed I'm not spending a whole lot more than I was before, I'm just splitting it differently. Prior to this, we were spending about $800 a month for the family of four, and so far this month I've spent about $591. This does include my husband dropping out after 10 days. We also, however, have significantly reduced the amount of money we've been spending on restaurants and treats--it used to be at least $300 a month (usually 1-2 meals for just the adults per week, plus 2-3 per month on all four of us) and only spent $78 on restaurant meals which were all prior to beginning the whole30. I was surprised at how frugally I've been able to do this, actually.
  7. EmilyK

    Changes in Menstrual Cycle

    I came here this morning looking for just this topic...I'm on day 4, and have been on HBC and totally so regular you could set your watch by my cycle for years. I'm not due for a week but have started spotting this morning. I assume it's got to do with hormonal changes. Glad to see it's not totally abnormal. Thanks!