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  1. How's your intake of starchy veggies (sweet/potatoes in particular)? Also, adding more fat can help with feeling satiated and curb the cravings (when in doubt, add half an avocado or some mayonnaise to what you're eating!). I did my last whole30 while nursing a young toddler and even then I needed like 3 1/2 meals a day so if you're supplying all the food for your baby, you definitely need to make sure you're eating closer to 4 meals a day.
  2. EmilyK

    HELP I’m poor!

    Check the ads online--they'll give you a good starting point. Also, Sprouts is having a 72 hour sale starting tomorrow with even cheaper prices on things like avocados (2/$1!), etc. Definitely worth checking out/planning before you head out. Also, Foods Co's site, you can put stuff in your cart and it will automatically total it up for you so you know how much you're spending without having to take a calculator down the aisles or prioritize on the checkout belt. Then you can print your list with quantities and totals to help streamline your shopping, too.
  3. EmilyK

    HELP I’m poor!

    Well, you can certainly adapt this to fit your local grocery prices if needed. (Also, avocados around here are also $1.49 each which is why I turned the one into the crema/sauce so it'll last longer than just eating it plain on top of your food.) And even if you shift a little more into frozen veggies than fresh, etc. you should still be able to use some of the tips and meal ideas here to stay within your budget--that's one reason I didn't spend the full $65 quoted so you've got some wiggle room. My experience is that frozen veggies are pretty consistent across stores, and I did just scope out Foods Co. in Sacramento and their ad this week actually has even better prices on some things I noted above (lemons are on sale for a quarter apiece, avocados are $1.25, and they've got pork chops for the same price as my grocery has the chicken pieces, all the frozen veg looks to be a buck a bag)--you can totally do it! Your meals might not be as exciting or gourmet as some of what you've eaten so far (I checked out your food log, too) but they will absolutely fit the bill. Making your own condiments will be a huge cost saver for you, too. If you're having trouble figuring out what you can do with your money and your food, I am happy to look a little deeper if you'd like. I know it can be overwhelming and it sucks to not be able to spend unlimited money on all the delicious foods, but you can do a lot with a little if you know where to look and how to cook.
  4. My dinner plan for this week (I'm on D24 today): Monday: NNP's Sheet Pan Chicken Fajitas w/avocado crema Tuesday: Tacos (I had mine mixed with cauliflower rice in a sweet potato "burrito"--basically just mostly hollowed it out and stuffed the goodies inside.) Wednesday: Chicken salads w/creamy cilantro lime dressing (CSA in May=ALL THE GREENS) Thursday: Brinner Friday: Takeout of some kind--probably Five Guys supplemented with whatever veggies I've still got floating around.
  5. EmilyK

    Day 3

    My first 6-7 days I was so tired that I ended up closing my office door and taking a nap during my lunch break more days than I didn't. That passed pretty early in week 2 for me, though, so hopefully you'll be more energetic soon!
  6. EmilyK

    HELP I’m poor!

    I'm not sure where you live, but if you're feeding only yourself it shouldn't be all that difficult to make $65 last for two weeks. Frozen meat and veggies are absolutely fine--just as nutritious as fresh and often a lot cheaper. If this was me trying to eat Whole30 compliant for two weeks on $65, this is what I would do--I live in a large midwestern city with a pretty low COL and I pulled all information from Kroger's and Fresh Thyme's (a natural-type grocery, kind of like Sprouts but not as pricey as Whole Foods) weekly ads: Kroger: Split Chicken Pieces (I would get thighs here because that's my preference): $.99/per pound x 4 pounds = $3.96 Ground Beef (80/20, sold in a 3lb roll): $6.57 3 dozen eggs: 18 ct/$1.29 x 2 = $2.36 25.5 ounce bottle of olive oil: $5.79 **Note on this--I picked the big bottle to use for making a batch of mayo and also to use as cooking fat, but they have a smaller bottle ($2.69 for 8 ounces) if you were feeling up to making your own ghee for cooking fat--you can get a pound of butter for $2.99 and turn that into a BUNCH of ghee which would be cheaper ounce per ounce if you're willing to put in the time** Simple Truth Organic Coconut Milk: $1.89 Frozen broccoli: 12 oz bag/$1.00 x 2 = $2.00 Frozen Brussels sprouts: 12 oz bag/$1.19 x 2 = $2.38 Frozen spinach: 12 oz bag/$1.39 Frozen 3 pepper and onion blend: 12 oz bag/$1.39 Frozen cauliflower rice: 12 oz bag/$2.19 Frozen Stir Fry Veggie Starter: 12 oz bag/$1.39 Total: $31.31 if you get the bigger olive oil, $31.20 if you decide to make your own ghee for cooking fat (basically the same cost at the outset but a pound of butter will net a lot more ghee than the olive oil) Fresh Thyme (all fresh produce here): Avocado: $1.49 Green Onions: $.50 Radishes: $.69/bunch Tomatillos: $.99/pound Sweet Potatoes: $.99/pound x 3 pounds = $2.97 Russet Potatoes: 8 pound bag/$1.99 Lemon: $.50 Lime: $.50 Baby carrots: $1.29/1 lb bag Total here is $10.82 Grand total for both places: $42.23 So, what I would do with these things: Toss the broccoli, carrots, and radishes in some of your cooking fat, garlic powder, and salt and roast at 425* for 20-25 minutes (until they're all crispy and delicious) Roast your Brussles sprouts in the same manor--you can even do them at the same time! I would recommend using half of each amount of the veggies each week just so they don't go bad before you can use them. The carrots and radishes should last just fine in your crisper for a week. Poke holes in 2-3 of your sweet potatoes and let them bake for awhile--baked sweet potato is an easy way to get some starchy veggies in with any of your meals, I usually have them alongside my breakfast but I always keep some in the fridge for when I'm feeling uninspired Dice up some of your regular potatoes and toss them in a cast iron skillet with some of your cooking fat and some of the pepper and onion mix--cover the pan so the potatoes will cook through and get nice and crispy on the bottom and you have an easy potato hash to pull on for the week. Take some of your frozen spinach and some more of the pepper and onion mix and cook until it's thawed, drain off some of the liquid, season with salt and pepper as desired, and then pour in 12-15 of your eggs scrambled up with a little bit of water. Put the whole skillet in the oven at 425* for 15-18 minutes until just browned around the edges and set in the middle--there's a week's worth of breakfast frittata. Do this again the next week--I have a veggie frittata with some baked sweet potato and topped with some sort of sauce or dressing for breakfast every day and it is amazing. Take half of your ground beef and just cook it in a pan with some neutral seasoning. Let it cool and freeze in individual bags so you can pull out and mix with cauliflower rice or stir fry veggies for some quick meals--I love taco seasoned meat with cauliflower rice and some salsa verde (I'm getting there!) and put it inside a mostly-hollowed out sweet potato skin for a pseudo-burrito. Take the other half and make yourself some burger patties--freeze individually to pull out as quick "emergency" proteins. They'll go nicely with either kinds of your roasted veggies you made above. Take your olive oil, and egg, and some of the lemon juice and make a batch of homemade mayo. I like Everyday Maven's immersion blender recipe. That should last you close to the two weeks and will be amazing delicious plated fat to top your burgers. Take your avocado, half the can of coconut milk, and the juice from the lime along with some salt and mix that together (with your immersion blender if you have it) for an easy avocado sauce to top your breakfasts or anything kind of mexican-inspired. Take your tomatillos and chop roughly and then blend with salt and pepper--easy salsa verde. Take half of it and keep it for your sweet potato burritos, and put the other half in a slow cooker or dutch oven with some of your chicken thighs. Some more of your chicken thighs--get your cast iron skillet rocket hot, put in some cooking fat, and put the thighs skin side down for a few minutes to get them deliciously crisp. Salt the meat, flip the thighs over and reduce the heat to cook through. This list and meal prep directions should easily keep you well fed within your budget for the next two weeks. It's not always the most exciting food but it will be tasty, filling, and healthy. Let me know if you have any other questions or want any other tips. Sorry this was so long! I'm pretty enthusiastic about meal planning and cooking and I love a challenge like a budget.
  7. EmilyK

    Just Need Encouragement

    We're a part of a CSA which is amazing for a variety of reasons--we get 25 weeks of weekly deliveries during the spring/summer/fall of a variety of amazing local, organic produce for $350 for the entire season, and the farmer also has a small number of cows and pigs and chickens and you can also purchase eggs with the weekly deliveries (I believe they're $5 per dozen) and each winter offers grass fed cow share and a pastured hog for purchase to the shareholders from the previous year--we usually buy in for 1/4 of the cow and 1/2 the hog each year, and if you can afford the initial money up front it is SUCH a better deal. This year, we got about 100 pounds of pork for around $200, and about 75 pounds of beef for about $300 and that will make a significant dent in what we need to purchase for most of the next year (we're a family of five--a 13 year old boy, 10 year old girl, young toddler boy, and my husband and myself). If you just google your city and "CSA" you should turn up some contacts for ones near you if it's something you want to explore.
  8. EmilyK

    Mini Meals

    Yes, definitely starchy veggies and more nutrient-dense choices for your mini-meals for sure. I've found that it's easier to drink enough water if I use a straw (I'm also still a breastfeeding mama, although my baby is 14 months old now and only nursing once or twice per day)--conventional wisdom says 1/2 ounce per pound of body weight each day but that should probably be closer to 1-to-1 since you're lactating. I noticed that my hydration had the biggest effect on my supply, and if I drank an obscene amount of water I had much better pump output than if I wasn't pushing fluids like crazy. It is okay to not eat if you're not hungry, though...if you can, I would try and focus on getting larger meals overall and then adding in 1-2 mini meals if you are still hungry at any particular point throughout the day. Also, off the topic of meal structure--any breastmilk you give your baby is a gift and please don't make yourself insane trying to cut out that one bottle of formula. I nursed my two older kids exclusively (they're 10 and 13 now) but this one has been a tank from day one (he's 32 pounds now at 14 months, if that tells you anything!) and try as I might I just couldn't keep up with his full intake. I struggled with that, and feelings of inadequacy for awhile, but the truth of the matter is that we were both happier and less stressed out once I stopped trying to eke out every last drop for him. My supply didn't take any further hits with that one bottle and once I freed myself from the expectation of EXCLUSIVE BREASTFEEDING ONLY OR I FAIL, I was able to be a much happier mom for him which is worth more than the gold star of him never having formula. While this may not be where your head is, I know how intense the pressure to exclusively breastfeed can be and new mom's don't need any more pressure at all. We all really need to be kinder to ourselves.
  9. EmilyK

    Silent Reflux

    That's why you do a really tightly-controlled reintro period when you're done with your 30 days.
  10. EmilyK

    Mini Meals

    How far into the program are you? How old is your baby? Are you breastfeeding full time right now or only partly (supplementing with formula or solids)? I have a couple of thoughts from first glance: Definitely don't force feed yourself. If you're satisfied with three large meals and you're hydrating well, that should be fine for your supply. If you feel like you do need additional calories, I would ditch the fruit in your mini meals (and maybe only have two instead of three--like a half-sized regular meal) and include as close to the template as you can so you're not spiking your blood sugar, etc.
  11. EmilyK

    What's for dinner?

    Last night we had roasted chicken, mixed potatoes & butternut squash, and some balsamic broccoli/carrots. Tonight is grilled flank steak and cauliflower tabouleh salad. Tomorrow is NNP's Spicy Thai Chicken Salas w/zoodles because my middle schooler has a band concert and there will be no time to cook anything.
  12. I'm on day 15 of my third round (but my first one since 2015!) and this time has been so much smoother in the cravings department--and this time, I didn't include any fruit for the first 12 days because I was worried it would keep the sugar dragon around. And I've had one tangerine and a couple of strawberries in the past few days and haven't noticed any ill effects, but I also had a few meals where I intended to eat some fruit and after I ate all the rest of my meal, I didn't really want it anymore. @Pandora Black, if you're still having craving issues, see what happens if you cut fruit out entirely for a little while. That, along with getting enough fat, should hopefully help you curb a lot of them.
  13. Also, there are some compliant things at Starbucks...my 10 year old daughter and I get Starbucks and get our nails done a couple of times a month, it's one of our Things. And I've found that the Iced Passion Tango tea (unsweetened) is a decent substitute. It's got a nice tangy kick to it and it's very refreshing now that the weather is starting to warm up again.
  14. My first two rounds I felt markedly better physically by about day 4 or 5. It took about another week or ten days to really feel like I was in control of my brain as far as cravings go. Two things that helped me: making sure I got enough fat at every meal (when in doubt, toss half an avocado on it!), and making sure I had a really solid breakfast that did not include any fruit. Any time my breakfast was not optimum, I was battling cravings all day. Good luck--you've got this!
  15. EmilyK

    Changes in Menstrual Cycle

    I came here this morning looking for just this topic...I'm on day 4, and have been on HBC and totally so regular you could set your watch by my cycle for years. I'm not due for a week but have started spotting this morning. I assume it's got to do with hormonal changes. Glad to see it's not totally abnormal. Thanks!