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  1. How's your intake of starchy veggies (sweet/potatoes in particular)? Also, adding more fat can help with feeling satiated and curb the cravings (when in doubt, add half an avocado or some mayonnaise to what you're eating!). I did my last whole30 while nursing a young toddler and even then I needed like 3 1/2 meals a day so if you're supplying all the food for your baby, you definitely need to make sure you're eating closer to 4 meals a day.
  2. That's why you do a really tightly-controlled reintro period when you're done with your 30 days.
  3. Last night we had roasted chicken, mixed potatoes & butternut squash, and some balsamic broccoli/carrots. Tonight is grilled flank steak and cauliflower tabouleh salad. Tomorrow is NNP's Spicy Thai Chicken Salas w/zoodles because my middle schooler has a band concert and there will be no time to cook anything.
  4. I came here this morning looking for just this topic...I'm on day 4, and have been on HBC and totally so regular you could set your watch by my cycle for years. I'm not due for a week but have started spotting this morning. I assume it's got to do with hormonal changes. Glad to see it's not totally abnormal. Thanks!