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    The role of exercise.

    Has your body composition changed? I found my weight loss was slow and steady, I never had any dramatic loss at any point in my W30 journey but my body changed visibly even if the scale didn't.
  2. Loulabelle

    Day 0 and afraid to start

    An important thing to remember is that there is no failure with Whole30. Ever. Even if you only last 1 day that is 1 day of nourishing your body and 1 day of discovery and paying attention to your body and learning about the process. You can keep on starting again until you make it to 30 days. If you have to do what Kathryn suggests and start out by lowering your consumption of sugar and other foods first that is fine too, we can do baby steps until you get there.
  3. I'm really interested in this too as my boys eat way too much junk either at their fathers house or they buy it themselves. It drives me nuts the amount of fizzy rinks and sugar they consume. I try to tell them they are storing up problems for later but later is too far in the future for them to comprehend.
  4. Loulabelle

    Need FAT ideas

    Eggs are verboten when doing the AIP version of W30.
  5. Loulabelle

    GMO salmon coming

    Seriously? Just because a study is carried out in Africa does not mean it is not carried out by reputable universities and research institutes. Anyway here is a link to the documentary where I firs heard about plants altering our DNA. http://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/p0327n43
  6. Loulabelle

    GMO salmon coming

    Our DNA is altered by the food our mothers eat after conception. This has been shown by studies carried out in Africa where babies born in the rainy season live longer than babies born in the dry season, the plants eaten alter the DNA of the fetus . This knowledge is fairly new to science which goes to show we are only at the beginning of learning about the impact of what we eat on our DNA and scientists actually have no clue about the long term impact of GMO food is going to be. We don't know what gets altered after this life stage as it has never been studied. With the knowledge this knowledge would you, if you were about to try for a baby, be happy to be the testing ground for GMO apples/salmon/corn? And as for GMO crops growing and thriving the insects that they are supposed to be resistant to are already altering themselves to adapt and the crops are too. Nature will always find a way, it is way cleverer than we are.
  7. So my 30 days are up and I have to say I really love this way of eating, it's not too far removed from how I eat normally so sticking to the plan was not too difficult. I only had one tiny glimpse of tiger blood 2 weeks in and it has been hiding from me every since which has been disappointing but having said that my energy levels are very steady, I haven't had 3pm slumps since a couple of days in. I really would have liked to be more of a tiger! I didn't eat sugar previously so had no sugar dragon to slay; mine was a bread dragon which I think is sleeping peacefully now as I have no desire to eat bread at all. I think I have an even healthier relationship with food, sticking to the plan laid my eating demons before me to see in the cold light of day where there is no place to hide. My binging on carbs when bored or depressed or well whatever there didn't have to be a reason I just did, is hopefully a thing of the past. But I also realise that bread or rice or pasta never really made me feel full so I always ate too much of it when not bingeing so there is not really much point in eating them again. My sleep was disturbed a lot of the time during my 30 days, I don't think I prioritised it enough so I still need to change that and get to bed earlier. I'd really love to sleep more. As I was tired all the time I never got round to doing any exercise; I really, really need to change that. I have to focus more on a holistic approach to my entire well being, food was the start now I need to add exercise and relaxation to my life. My main goal of doing the W30 was not weight loss but reading about all the success stories made me hope to lose a couple of kg's instead I put them on! I'm actually really disappointed about this as I wasn't expecting this weight gain but I'm trying not to be disheartened about it as I lost 15cm overall including 7cm off my waist. I know the number on the scale isn't everything and I have had compliments about how I am looking so I intend to keep off the scale and keep on eating correctly and with exercise tone up and muscle weighs more than fat right? I'm going to keep on eating as I am eating now, the only addition to my diet for now is going to be a smidgen of steamed milk in my morning coffee. That is the only thing I really missed for the last 30 days.
  8. Loulabelle

    Slave to the Scale... and so-so results.

    A question for you as I don't know the answer (not meant to antagonise I really am curious about this). What is more important to successful IVF a healthy eating, sleeping well, well nourished, energised, non-sugar craving, losing weight and recomposing her body at a steady and sustainable rate women or one who has starved her body into achieving a weight goal that discounts all other factors in her life?
  9. Loulabelle

    Thanksgiving is coming

    Would this work? http://empoweredsustenance.com/paleo-cream-of-mushroom-soup/
  10. Are your carrots at meal 3 raw? Raw carrots are difficult to digest and could leave you feeling bad.
  11. Loulabelle

    Day 31 & a mixed bag of results

    Things are still going fantastically! Since my last update I spent almost 3 weeks travelling around South Africa where it was surprisingly easy to stay compliant. We Braai'd mostly so lots of delicious meat and veggies cooked over wood fires. When we stayed in catered places I did have to resort to a pile of bacon & avocado for breakfast a couple of times but the bacon there is very thick & meaty therefore could count as protein. Biltong, which is sort of similar to beef jerky but much better, was a god send for the long drives we had to do so I never went hungry. I still feel wonderful eating the majority of my meals W30 style, my skin is great, my mood is fantastic despite a couple very stressful events & I'm still losing weight. I'm now the lightest I have been in 15 years! I don't obsess about what I weight though as it does fluctuate up and down a little but my belly is again flat and my clothes are all too big. I jump on the scale occasionally out of interest more than anything and also as a bit of an experiment in fluctuation, it really does yo-yo up and down depending on time of day, month or whatever. The obsession that we have with the number in that little window is such an evil thing, why should we allow that to determine how we feel about ourselves? We are all so much more than that.
  12. Loulabelle

    Wine: an update and some realizations

    cayenne my thoughts & prayers are with you and your husband.
  13. Loulabelle

    Mouth Blisters!!!

    I get blisters in my mouth like that from toothpaste especially the kind for sensitive teeth. I have to now use very natural, fluoride free versions and even then I react to certain ones.
  14. Loulabelle

    In tears at the grocery store.....

    Have you thought about coming at this from the other side and prioritising yourself a bit more so you have time to feed yourself properly and not have to eat in your car? Obviously I have no idea about the distance from your home to work to the school etc but from what you have written you seem to be the bottom of your priority list, maybe you could make yourself more important to you?
  15. Loulabelle

    Non-Bitter Coffee

    Bitter coffee is normally caused by burning it. Check the temperature at which you are brewing and try to make it a couple of degrees cooler. Also good beans make a big difference, if you can go to a local specialist coffee supplier and get your beans from them rather than using mass produced beans that are burned by default.
  16. Loulabelle

    there is no way I could ever do this

    Can't is only a state of mind. If you think you can't it becomes a fulfilling prophecy, however, with eating W30 if you stumble and have to restart once or 100 times to finally make it through 30 days the worst thing that has happened is you have fed yourself healthy, nutritious food and learned something about yourself along the way. There are no failures if you pay attention even if you do only make it through an hour at a time. Give it a go & see what happens.
  17. For me the source of the meat is important in this debate. If you know where your meat has come from, what it has been fed and importantly not fed, what are the curing ingredients etc then I personally believe there is no harm in eating cured meats. Another reason to support local farmers and buy direct.
  18. Loulabelle

    Heartbroken on Day 24

    I gained to begin with too but I lost cm's. Has your body shape changed at all as weight is not the whole picture? Since I gained at the beginning I have continued on eating W30 style and gone on to lose that that plus quite a bit more, I am over the moon with the progress I have made but it is a longer journey for me.
  19. Loulabelle

    Day 20- frustrated

    You still have 10 days to go! A lot of people take the entire 30 days to reap any benefits and those with medical conditions can take even longer. I can feel your frustration in your writing but it is really too early in the process for any real magic to have happened. Personally I only felt it once during my 30 days when I had a burst of tiger blood then I kept on going and just got better and better.
  20. It is also coming into winter so the perfect time of year to buy the inexpensive cuts of meat that require long slow cooking. Think of pulled pork or stews & casseroles with the cheapest cuts of beef that most people don't want. Cook them for 3-4 hours and they become tender and delicious.
  21. I have eliminated eggs completely for now, I have had them inadvertently and I get a flare up so I am going to try 6 months without then try again. I'm on a budget too so breakfast for me is often a big tin of tuna or some ground beef either in a hash or as a burger. I miss eggs for this reason as well as having enjoyed them.
  22. Your breakfast is not big enough, it lacks protein with only 2 eggs. I found eating too light at breakfast set me up for a tired & difficult afternoon. What are your portion sizes for your other meals? I suffer from eczema too, it only got better when I cut out eggs completely. Turned out I was allergic to them and they do seem to be a trigger for so many people. You could try cutting them out for a few weeks (unfortunately it is not an immediate fix, it needs time) to see if it helps your skin.
  23. Loulabelle

    Paprika and more

    Paprikas are Bell Peppers on the can I have list and it is OK for you to eat Hokaido as W30 is not a low carb way of eating. I know most food translations between German & English so if you get stuck send me a message.
  24. Loulabelle

    Start Whole30 in Switzerland

    It is so worth it! Eating this way makes you feel wonderful and if you are used to cooking yourself anyway, since we don't really do convenience food in Switzerland, it's not that much different.
  25. Loulabelle

    Start Whole30 in Switzerland

    Where are you in your W30 journey?