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    Loulabelle got a reaction from MissSidney in February 1st   
    It's day 7 for me now and so far so good, I've managed to be 100% compliant with the AIP version of the whole 30 
    I was expecting to find Friday and Saturday nights tough as those are normally martini and a bottle of wine nights but I found I never missed the booze at all. I guess it's mostly about mind set, make you mind up to do this and follow it through. No cheating allowed. I have had a few headaches but then I normally do anyway and those were sorted out without my usual solution of reaching for a slice or 5 of toast. That has actually been my hardest part so far, not medicating myself with bread. 
    My eczema is still getting worse and better at the same time, the redness is fading but the itch is driving me insane. I am still using the hydrocortisone cream so can't tell if the getting better part is due to the cream or diet. My joint pain in my right hip has significantly improved which I am most pleased about. Does removing nightshades work this fast?
    Breakfast this morning was a bacon and avocado salad which to my surprise I really, really enjoyed. Lunch was sweet potato and coconut cream soup with crispy fried chicken thighs. I have a shoulder joint of pork in the oven slow roasting to make pulled pork with, that will be the base of my meals for the next couple of days.
    I hope everyone else is doing well today and enjoying Sunday.
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    Loulabelle reacted to Britishgal in February 1st   
    avert your eyes from the sidebar!
    it's funny how much of our childhood "advice" is being disproved of late...first limiting eggs, now low fat...
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    Loulabelle reacted to Britishgal in February 1st   
    The headlines here today are about how the low fat, higher processed carb advice we have been fed by the government and the media since the 80s and no scientific back up, is horribly flawed and has led to the obesity crisis.
    I can't help but feel vindicated as I've been spouting this belief for years (to fresh air it seems as no one listened!). I'm not sure it'll convince my family...
    First time I've bought a print newspaper in a long time
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    Loulabelle reacted to missmary in Prenatal Vitamins & Pregnancy Weight Gain   
    No worries Loulabelle. When it comes to pregnancy eating, several of the whole30 guidelines go out the window.
    eat as much and whenever you feel you can eat, even if it means lots of little meals. proportions of fat/carb/protein are a little tweaked. Our recommendation is to eat the lower end of the template on protein and keep starchy carbs and fat up to compensate. Usually food aversions take care of this, but super-high protein isn't recommended during pregnancy.
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    Loulabelle reacted to pharmgirl in February 1st   
    I saw an older post about not wanting to eat at all.
    Umm..not my issue. I'm enjoying the heck out of eating.
    But I'm curious - has that particular phenomena hit anyone here?
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    Loulabelle got a reaction from creativenikki in Prenatal Vitamins & Pregnancy Weight Gain   
    Congratulations! It's never too early for morning sickness, both times I was pregnant mine started before I was even late. It's how I knew I was pregnant the second time around. Please don't beat yourself up about gaining weight while pregnant, I gained 20kg both times. It took a while to lose it again but I did. This part of your pregnancy can make you more tired than you have ever felt before and totally out of sorts. Your body is going through massive changes to prepare to grow the baby inside of you so take it easy; sleep instead of exercising if you have to, adjust your eating to what ever you can get down you for energy. If you get too sick then see your Dr about medication for it, there are safe meds to take. I wish you all the best.
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    Loulabelle reacted to Carlaccini in Are the risks worth it?   
    This is post is going to be a bit TMI.  This is a very personal struggle that I have for a good many years,  This is to demonstrate the power that food has over our bodies.
    Since the age of 14 (I am 38 now) I suffered having painful boils along my bikini line.  Walking or just plain sitting was painful.  Later on they escalated getting bigger (ping pong ball size) and then they arrived under my armpits and breasts.  Dr's didn't know what caused them.  Creams that didn't help (helped with healing a bit) and lancing.  But that's all that they would do.  I gave up and assumed that they were just a miserable part of my life.
    In August of 2012 I did my first whole 30.  By day 10 all the boils had cleared and no new ones were forming.  By day 30 I had only one come up the entire time. (They were chronically there)  My triggers after re-intros - dairy and pork. (Note I can only eat pork that has been extremely over cooked - think shoe leather or extra crispy bacon - which I like)  The boils that I get from pork pass quickly 2 -3 days at most.  The ones I get from dairy happen within hours of consumption and they last for 2 weeks.  So yeah I consumed dairy (and I loved dairy) for years but I also suffered for years too.  So dairy in my book - so not worth it.  
    The whole 30 just made me very aware of what's going on in my body.
    Sugar - not my friend even though I keep on coming back to it. Throws my hormones out of whack.
    Soy - no physical problems - all mental problems - I get angry, moody and depressed when I am exposed to soy.  I was extremely depressed (undiagnosed) prior to whole 30.
    Dairy - well we covered this above
    Non-gluten grains - severe bathroom issues.  That is all I will say about that
    Gluten grains - I can "tolerate" these but only if they have a lot of fat.  So a croissant/danish gives me no stomach issues but a slice of bread will feel like I swallowed a bowling ball.
    Each one of these items I will consume from time to time.  I make the choice though.  I can make an educated choice with each one of these items if it is worth it" or not.  Sure some friends and family think I am just being difficult, but they don't know what I was going through before.  Some congratulate me that I am so in tune with my body.  
    Listen - it took a lot of work to get here.  Many people are scared of that work, I am sorry to say.  But all I can say is YOU are worth this work.  Who cares what the rest of the world think.
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    Loulabelle reacted to ladyshanny in Whole30 vs. 21 Day Fix (or other Beachbody Program)   
    Love this. We have been lied to. Even the women that we are measuring ourselves up against don't have the bodies that are portrayed in the magazines. They don't exist. YOU exist. YOU are a unique and beautiful and dynamic human being who should not be reduced to a number on a scale. Eat food. Be real. Love yourself. Nourish yourself. Forget the rest. It simply doesn't matter.
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    Loulabelle reacted to AmyS in Whole30 vs. 21 Day Fix (or other Beachbody Program)   
    My short answer to you is: eat.
    Whole30 does NOT want you going hungry. If you do a Whole30 and your meals don't satisfy you for 4-5 hours, you can tweak your meal size the next day. But right at that moment, eat a mini-meal or another full meal.
    Keep in mind that during the time between ovulation and your period, your body needs extra carbs, fat, and protein. I, for instance, frequently eat 6 FULL (VERY full) meals per day for a few days during this period.
    Eat starchy carbs. Eat other veggies. Eat protein. Eat fat. Eat these things in template proportions at least three times a day.
    I'm a little alarmed that you lost so much weight in thirty days on a Whole30. So - eat. I would also encourage you to ditch your scale entirely. It is not now, and will not ever be, your friend.  Eat.
    Some women can get visible abdominal muscles. Some only get them when severely dehydrated and starving themselves. We're designed to store a healthy layer of fat throughout our bodies. Don't use a male model (as many fitness-oriented folks do) of muscle visibility/definition as your goal.
    10-15 pounds might or might not go away. They might turn into muscle, which weighs more than fat, and would mean you might stay the same or gain weight. They might stay there, because it might be that this is your body's optimal weight.
    Don't listen to the lies women are told about our bodies. There is no one right size. Too many of us fervently believe that the right size for us is 10-15 pounds lighter than we currently are. First step: ditch the scale. Second step: realize we've been lied to. Third step. Eat. Lather, rinse, repeat.
    In conclusion, eat. Honestly, I don't care if you do a Whole30, 20-day-something, or nothing. But eat.
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    Loulabelle reacted to ladyshanny in February 1st   
    I find that if I "dairy" myself and get eczema, it takes a solid 14+ days for it to clear up with Whole30 eating and yes, it sometimes does get worse first.
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    Loulabelle got a reaction from ladyshanny in February 1st   
    if you need any support on the cooking front let me know. I love to cook and my boyfriend used to be chef so we spend a lot of time in the kitchen. We always cook everything from scratch so have plenty of experience between us and so far we have cooked delicious, simple meals for me (he's not doing W30 but is supporting me by eating the same when we are together). Feel free to PM me if you would like to.
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    Loulabelle reacted to almondjoyless in Sick of Justifying My Diet   
    "I usually answer 'real food'."
    Okay, this is gonna make it sound like I'm picking on Bet, and I really don't intend to.  But this is a great example of the kind of comment I'm talking about, because it subtly insults other people's food choices and implies that your eating choices are superior to theirs.  A frozen meal IS real food.  It's not *whole* food, or the healthiest food, but it IS food.  You may believe your eating habits are superior, and that's fine.  I do too.  But these are the kind of comments that will cause others to judge you back.  A more productive response might be, "it's beef stew!  I made it from scratch and it was really easy.  Let me know if you want a recipe!"
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    Loulabelle reacted to ladyshanny in February 1st   
    Yes, to both of you inquiring about M1 being a bit hard to choke down at the beginning.  Not being hungry for a full meal within 1 hour of waking is a clear sign that your hormones are out of balance. Keep trying....keep eating, pack up what you can't eat and take it with you to eat as soon as you feel able to.  It will get easier as your hormones balance out.  I promise!
    (This has been discussed by hoardes of people, chances are if you go to any of the "monthly" threads that groups start you'd find us helping folks ease into regular breakfast habits in the first week to 10 days)