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    Account deletion

    Will you delete any comments I've made to the forum, as well as my account please.
  2. janeroyal

    Success for Women over age 50?

    northwoodsmom8 - For me it's been perserverence. Eating paleo helped me lose initial weight before starting a Whole30 in March, so I was excited to see what the Whole30 could do. I was also committed to the process. I realized mid-March that my tuna contained soy. Instead of just 'brushing it under the rug' - I started again at day one. I was doing this for me, not anyone else. I started eating within an hour of waking up. That's made a huge difference for me. I don't skip meals any more. My body needs three meals a day to keep going. I eat LOTS of food. In the past I'd eat a salad for lunch and call it good. Now I eat a good portion of protein, some carbs and lots and lots of veggies. I eat plenty of fat. I've shied away from fat in the past thinking the fat was making me fat. No more of that! By the end of my Whole30 I was sleeping like a baby, I wasn't bloated and gassy like I'd been for years, My sugar demons have gone away, I wasn't taking handfuls of Ibuprofen for arthritis pain. People ask me every day how I lost weight. I tell them I haven't lost weight, this weight has fallen off me! It has! This has not been hard for me. I don't feel deprived. I'm eating more than I ever have in my life. The difference is I'm eating fuel for my body, not just food. When I started in January I didn't know how I'd make it a week. Looking back I've knit together 8 months + just by attacking one day at a time.
  3. janeroyal

    Success for Women over age 50?

    Have struggled with my weight since freshman year in HS. I'm now 58. Tried every diet, lost and gained again. Struggled with each diet to get the weight to even budge. Started eating Paleo in January. Tried my first Whole30 in March that ended in April after I did a restart. Lost 7 lbs during those 6 weeks. Since January I've dropped 40 pounds, maybe more. I never did reintro as I learned there are food items I can live without. The support here is phenomenal. Find a discussion that started around the time you did and join in. You have to do the work, put in your 30 days and go from there. We are all different and will all have different results. I didn't pay attention to the 'timeline' of what to expect. Again, we are all different. I feel too many people set themselves up for failure because they don't experience what other's say they experience. GIVE IT TIME. Give it 30 days!! You can do this. You will do this. One day at a time
  4. Thank you JenX. Will give your suggestions a try in the next two weeks. The run is going to be my hardest part, I don't want any bonkiness
  5. @ JenX - My wave group 50-59 hits the water at 7:43. Water temp here in Maine is 58 degrees as of today. 1/3 mile swim, 15 mile bike, 3 mile run.
  6. Signed up for local all women's triathlon to raise money for cancer last fall. January I decided to begin Paleo eating program. March 1st did my first Whole30 with a restart after I realized soy was in my tuna. Finished April 15th. I've dropped 35 pounds since January, I tell friends that the weight is just falling off, and it is. Have been training in earnest since May 1. Swimming, biking and run/walking. Can anyone help me with fueling for this event which is July 26th? I'm doing o.k. with hydration. Coconut water mixed with tap water. Not sure what to eat beforehand that won't be heavy in my stomach. What works for others??
  7. janeroyal

    I have to tell someone.....My pants fit better!

    KarynKAT - No one else matters but YOU!!!! Don't get on the scale, it won't be worth it because you'll have to start all over again! Every day I look in the mirror and say, hmmm something looks different. Every day I wonder what it is. Since January 5th of this year I've lost 26 lbs. That's a lot of weight for someone just 5'3". My husband has noticed because he embraces me every day. Has my family noticed? No - because I've lost and gained these pounds many times over the past 20 years. Do I care any more what other people see? No. Do this for YOU! Feel wonderful about YOU! Nobody in the world matters but YOU!! Keep going and keep us posted.
  8. janeroyal

    STARTING MARCH 1!!!!!!!!

    Ta Da! I made it! Even with a lovely 5 day trip to Florida at the end. It IS possible to make good food choices, it IS possible to make your needs known when dining out, it IS O.K. to ask for what YOU need My personal goals at the beginning were: 1) Weight loss, 2)Kill my sugar demons 3)Get a grip on my constant snacking/grazing. I'm happy to say I've accomplished all three. To back up a tiny bit, on January 5th I started eating a Paleo diet at the suggestion of one of my sisters. Don't remember how I found the Whole30 now, but decided to commit to one month. When I put my mind to something, I am all in! For those who have read this thread all along, you remember I did a restart early on because I didn't read my Tuna label well and realized I had eaten Soy. Since March 1st I have lost 7 lbs. Since January 5th I have lost 19 lbs! I am shocked and amazed beyond words. To say that weight loss has been a struggle all my life is an understatement. I've told everyone I know that weight has simply 'fallen off of me' since January. I started at 164, am now at 145. Haven't been this low in 10 years. Would be happy to get to 135. Thrilled to get to 125. A day at a time - that's all I can do. I'm going to continue on, black coffee and all. I don't need sweets in my life - a nice piece of fruit can take care of that. Almonds (my snack food) are going to have to stay on the grocery store shelves a bit longer. Just don't feel strong enough to allow them into my house yet. Thanks to all for your support this month. I need to find some more threads to take part in. Keep up the wonderful work!!
  9. janeroyal

    STARTING MARCH 1!!!!!!!!

    I've tried ghee, but every time I buy a new container it smells rancid to me. Is that normal? I guess I always forget about it - and just use lemon on vegetables instead.
  10. janeroyal

    STARTING MARCH 1!!!!!!!!

    Pyrotek I think I'm going to keep going for awhile. I don't feel like I've deprived myself of anything this month. I do miss putting butter on vegetables every once in awhile, but can get past that. I miss eating almonds, but I think they are an addiction for me so I need to stay clear of them awhile longer. And I guess I will always be one who feels coffee tastes better with cream, but I can manage with black. The funny thing is, I don't even LIKE coffee - heaven knows why I drink it!! Thank you claws. Visiting my son and grandson who live in Plantation. Not easy having your only child live so far away - but I'm thankful they live someplace warm to visit! 6 more days!!
  11. janeroyal

    April Reintroductioners!!!

    LeaC - What did you think of the goat's milk?
  12. janeroyal

    STARTING MARCH 1!!!!!!!!

    7 more days for me! I think I'm the only one left still plodding along. This hasn't been my strongest month health-wise. Have felt pretty rotten all month. Just weak. I know I'm eating enough and drinking enough, just going through major detox. This week I came down with a whopper of a cold. Have spent the weekend mostly in bed - trying to gather some strength. Tomorrow I fly off to Florida to visit my son for a few days. Hoping some warm weather and sunshine will bounce me back. Lots of restaurant eating this coming week which I think will be fine. I know what to ask for. Looking forward to a weigh in next week. My husband told me this morning I'm getting 'little'. I haven't been 'little' since I was in high school Been following what everyone else is doing over in the April introductioners group as well.
  13. janeroyal

    STARTING MARCH 1!!!!!!!!

    Should be day 27, but I'm on 14 again due to Soy slip-up mid month. I envy all of you who feel good because I feel like crap. I have NO energy, I'm weak, my sleep is horrible and I've been constipated all week. I'm dragging myself through my days in anticipation of getting home to lie on my couch. No fun. I know I'm eating enough because I'm not hungry between meals and snacking prior to Whole30 was a real problem for me. I don't crave any particular foods and am already wondering what I'm going to do at the end. I don't exercise, but this week I'm going to get my ass out the door no matter how I feel. Hoping something shifts soon...
  14. janeroyal

    STARTING MARCH 1!!!!!!!!

    Sunshinestate24 - and anyone else who likes cauliflower... This recipe http://meatified.com/lime-coconut-cauliflower-rice/has been my savior this month. Very filling, a little sweetness when I feel the urge. Make it once a week and have it for many meals afterwards. It's a mess to make, but worth the mess
  15. janeroyal

    STARTING MARCH 1!!!!!!!!

    I'm still here leaC but I know there are many more you're speaking of. Finishing up day 8 again after my restart. Still not sleeping well, I'm waiting for that to kick in. I fall asleep fine, but if I get up in the middle of the night I can't get back to sleep. Trying to cut back on water after 6, but I find that I'm thirsty all the time. My clothes fit better, so I know things are shifting. I'm not full of energy, but I'm not dragging like I did at the beginning. I wish I looked better, but I've got huge bags under my eyes. Leaving the frozen northeast on April 6th for 4 days of sun in Florida. Will be visiting my son and grandson. That will be my final week of Whole30. I think I'll be o.k. with meals. I'm good about asking for what I need/don't need at restaurants. My plan is to just keep going when I'm done. I need to get better about meal planning however. My husband has been pretty much on his own this month, he has no interest in joining me. So, I need to start preparing some meals that he would enjoy as well. Maybe I'll make some bone broth tomorrow...