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    Drinking black coffee before heading to the gym (it's open!). I need this overhaul in the biggest way. I need to get back to myself. #JanuaryWhole30 It's GO time!!! Is there a group Jan W30 thread somewhere?
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    Today's The Day

    Alright, alright...time to stop dithering and dig in! I need to improve my relationship to food. My M.O. is generally either going hard or going crazy :-[ I actually have to learn how to eat over a long time period without the endless cycle of diet, blow it, diet... Wow - original, I know! I don't think I have food sensitivities or allergies, I'm here for the stability and the whole foods with the additional bonus of removing the sugar/sweeteners and alcohol which ALWAYS mess things up. I've read and reread all the rules and have my little Whole 30 Day by Day workbook to help me out. I have salad, homemade compliant mayo, boiled eggs, coconut green soup and a southwestern ground beef and veggie skillet all portioned out and ready to go. OK - so I've said it and it shall be done :-D