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    Love making comfort quilts for the local cancer center patients for them to use for warmth during radio/chemo treatments! I love people and know that God is working with us all to glorify him! I love life and want to lose 100 lbs! Praying that's possible one day at a time! God bless you! :)
  1. Hey ya'll, My name is Jane. I am new new to Whole30 and I am so excited to be beginning this journey of a lifestyle change for good! I've done that on again off again diet routine from many different programs and unfortunately they affected my cholesterol adversely or me personally in a "not so good way". I am 100 lbs over weight approximately for my 5'2" body frame! I have anxiety and depression as well as cholesterol and BP problems and am tired of being out of shape and not eating healthy as I used to when we grew up on a dairy farm and we grew or raised everything we ate and we knew back then what was in the food! I want that back! I'm proud to say that I am a cancer survivor of 11 years and am blessed to be! The most important reason I'm here is for "getting my life back" to lengthen my life and my outlook on life. I'm a very fun loving and easy going and loving giving person. My goal here, lke I said, is to change my lifestyle and to lose literally 100 lbs!!! That's a whole "little person". Prior to this, I just completed a detox of juicing and in a short 2 weeks have lost 15 lbs toward my first goal of 20 lbs. That leaves me with 85 lbs to go one day at a time. I am praying that this program Whole30, will help me do just that so that I can see myself differently, feel differently, view food differently and have some self esteem again and in the process help or eliminate my medical issues and make me an even better person! I love helping others and working together and I pray that ya'll will help me. I'm a great follower and love things to be planned out like menus specifying what to eat when for each meal,etc. The planning part is hard for me. My hubby on the other hand is a meat, potatos and bread, Mt. Dew man so he's not making this journey with me but will be supporting me. Being on a limited income is no fun but I HAVE to do this Whole30 on a budget! For that reason I need all the help and advice I can get from those of you that are "experienced", for you I'm so looking forward to this journey with you! Thank you in advance for your help and welcoming me to this group! May God travel with me and us on this journey and it be a very successful journey and lifestyle change and it glorify him! Much to you all! God bless ya'll and here's too a new me and you in the Whole30 program! Now let's get to steppin'...
  2. Congrats on Baby9!

    Hi I'm new new but wanted to congratulate you both on this upcoming birth of New life! What a blessing and gift from God! I'm sure you are very excited. Can't wait to see pictures! Prayers for a healthy baby! Much love and God bless you both!