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    The crazy things people say

    Oh.. and here's another one that happened to me today: My mom wants to have us over for Easter Dinner. I told her I was on that "detox" diet again (this is my Whole30 #2), so whatever we make can be really simple like steak or chicken on the grill, or burgers without the bun with salad. Which is pretty much what we usually make when visit because it's easy! I get a text today: Mom: Can you have chicken and potatoes with the gluten free Progresso mushroom soup on your diet? Me: Nope... but I can cook a piece of chicken by itself and have a salad. (inset hyperlink to W30 program rules) This should help. Mom: Call me after work I'm pretty sure it's going to end up with something on the grill and a salad.
  2. DanielleM

    The crazy things people say

    So my boyfriend and I are pretty much paleo at home- I am far more strict about it than he is (cheese and creamer in his coffee are the big things he can't let go...and beer. he likes his beer.) Anyway, he brings his lunch to work, which is usually leftovers from whatever paleo meal we had the night before. I made a paleo Shepard's pie with mashed cauliflower on top. Apparently it was pretty fragrant when reheated- and people in his office complained. They sniffed around until they found his cubicle. "Oh, of course, it's Erik the foodie. What are you eating, broccoli? Ewww." (it wasn't broccoli at all, btw. I think they just don't know what real food smells like!) He then proceeded to come home and look through all of our paleo cookbooks to find the most fragrantly annoying foods he could. In December, his work was doing a Secret Santa thing. He knew the girl who was his Secret Santa liked to eat- so he put a note on her desk saying she wasn't to bring lunch all week leading up to the "gift exchange day" and that she should leave a note with anything she couldn't have or didn't like. He then brought her a Paleo lunch every day that week. She was so excited at how delicious everything was, and told everyone that she had the BEST Secret Santa ever. And, of course, everyone was jealous and tried to find out who it was. (We even had to buy a different color set of tupperware so she wouldn't see Erik's lunch and figure it out... AND he made sure he didn't bring the same thing he brought for her each day...) Well, when they finally revealed themselves, everyone knew it was my boyfriend "The foodie." He gave her all the recipes he made so she would have them for later. And half of the people in his department asked if they could borrow our cookbooks to try. At least one is now a convert. And a few of them have bought paleo cookbooks of their own. My not-so-paleo boyfriend, converting people to paleo so subtly they don't even realize it. And his same co-workers call me "the girlfriend with the crazy diet...."