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  1. laurasuzanne

    Brief testimonial from a non-testimonialer

    Way to go, Kim! Thanks for sharing the before and after. It's disappointing that your doctor felt it was impossible to make a life change in 30 days, that's an awful message to spread to their clients. Thank you for insisting on being "humored." I wish you well in your journey!
  2. laurasuzanne

    COVID Quarantine and Whole30 was a life changer

    Way to go, Christi! I loved reading your story. I'm very proud of the commitment you made when you acknowledged the choices ahead of you. I wish you well in your journey to health!
  3. laurasuzanne

    My favorite NSV

    I have done several Whole30's and eventually stray and come back. I try my best to remember all the NSV's that make me so happy, but that I slowly discount as I'm falling face first into ice cream or beer. What I get the happiest with is how my skin clears up. I am 34 years old and struggle with acne. I don't care how old you are, blemishes suck. Self esteem is difficult at any age, and I will notice a point during my Whole30's where I don't mind getting my picture taken, looking at myself in the mirror, or putting on makeup. It's a subtle change. First the rosy cheeks fade a bit and I feel like my made-up face starts to look better. Then I start to naturally use less foundation, then I realize I haven't had a zit in 10 days. I had a couple pictures taken of myself this weekend while going to a concert with friends. I didn't think twice about it as far as being self-conscious. The best part was that I looked really happy in the pictures! I need to tag all my pictures that are from when I'm doing a Whole30 just to prove to myself later that my happiest moments are likely during a time when I'm taking care of myself and treating my body with respect.
  4. laurasuzanne

    Quit everytime right before my Period. Help.

    This is extremely helpful information. I was just thinking that every Whole30 I do I notice my cycle shortens from 30 days to about 27 days. I had never heard that nuts can impact hormones, but I try to avoid nuts due to over-consumption. I have also wondered if my PMS is worse during a Whole30. I notice my worst fights with my partner are typically during a Whole30 when suddenly everything he does makes me mad. I think the combo of missing alcohol and PMS are to blame. Poor fellow.
  5. laurasuzanne

    Whose a fan of canned wild caught sardines?!

    This has really inspired me to try sardines. I love the Well Fed books, but sardines scare me. I think I'll give it a go. I really love salt and think this may be a surprise it to my tastebuds! Thanks, everyone!
  6. laurasuzanne

    Breakfast On The Go

    I meal prep a breakfast hash each week and then throw it together every morning before work. 1lb homemade sausage (Nom Nom Paleo's Maple Sausage without the Maple) 1 bag Green Giant Rice Sweet Potato and Cauliflower 1 bag Green Giant Riced Butternut Squash 1 large yellow onion 1-2 bell peppers Coconut Oil and/or ghee Prep ahead : Brown and crumble sausage. I dice the onion and pepper and saute in oil. Once translucent I add the riced veggies and sausage. Store in an airtight container. Each morning I heat some hash in oil and crack and egg over it. Cook egg to my preference and scoop the whole thing into a cup to eat on the way to work (with a spoon, if you care to know). It is so delicious. I could eat this every single day. On the weekends I'll often have the same thing, but then also have a couple slices of bacon.
  7. laurasuzanne

    Freezer Meals

    New Leaf Wellness has "The Ultimate Whole30 Slow Cooker Freezer Meal Plan." There are 30 recipes. I did this a couple weekends ago and it was very well thought out. There's a shopping list. You may not need this many meals for your recovery, but it is an awesome resource. It takes quite a bit of time (I spent about 2 hours shopping and about 8 hours hands on prepping everything). Plus freezer space. I've made two meals and they are amazing! I'm telling everyone I know about it because it will save so much time and the meals are healthy. Tip : I'd recommend prepping all the veggies the day before because they all get chopped vs variety of cut styles. And buy more than the weight recommended in produce that has to be peeled, I ran out of sweet potatoes and carrots. And buy an extra 2 lbs of chicken breasts because to hit the weights I typically put more meat into a recipe vs less.