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    whitjm5 got a reaction from Talie1706 in The crazy things people say   
    "All this cholesterol and fat..." - comment made by a fellow party goer as we were enjoying steak, pork, beef strips, and veggies.
    Sure beats the cake that followed...
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    whitjm5 got a reaction from Talie1706 in The crazy things people say   
    "All this cholesterol and fat..." - comment made by a fellow party goer as we were enjoying steak, pork, beef strips, and veggies.
    Sure beats the cake that followed...
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    whitjm5 got a reaction from MelliebuStacey in The crazy things people say   
    Pure genius!
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    whitjm5 reacted to Maycat in Spending way too much $$ on groceries!   
    I rarely can afford grass fed and organic. I have a family of 5 I feed on $100-200 a week. I live in California too. I get some veggies at the farmers market and stick to what is in season as that will always be cheaper. I go online every week to see what is on sale for meats, and usually only buy meats that are on sale for less than $3/lb. I have found that Raleys in our area has best quality meats so I wait for them to go on sale and buy a bunch and throw it in the freezer. Even though I can't afford grass-fed right now I am still eating healthier than before with all that pasta and rice and beans.
    On the Whole30 you can't eat most sausages, chocolate, processed foods and wine so it lowers the cost of your weekly shopping. I find myself doing a weekly cookup (Well Fed - best investment so far). I avoid ice tea at coffee houses, since sometimes bagged tea contains soy. I splurged for organic tea and made my own iced tea every day.
    Because I can't afford to go out to eat on our budget right now, and fast food is out, I find myself rarely letting veggies and meats go to waste, so am saving more money than before. Planning your meals for the week will definitely help your budget and time. Good luck!
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    whitjm5 reacted to annabel in Spending way too much $$ on groceries!   
    We probably spend £100-£150 on restaurants/the pub. That's about the same as our typical food budget for the month, which means that I can double my food shopping budget on a Whole30.
    Growing your own salad greens and spinach is great advice. They grow really well in containers and don't take much effort on your part.
    And Starbucks is the biggest money sinkhole ever... I saved for my first round the world trip by cutting out coffee houses and packing my own lunch every day.
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    whitjm5 reacted to Grandmamadukes in Approved Sweeteners   
    I have also heard that diet soda can be a cause of obesity and messes with a diabetics sugar levels.
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    whitjm5 reacted to Renee Lee in Approved Sweeteners   
    You can do whatever you want while not on a W30, but under zero circumstances do I believe that soda of any variety makes you anything but LESS healthy. Your call though!
    Personally, I can't stand the taste of it anymore. Sickeningly sweet
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    whitjm5 reacted to Night_Bear in Chipotle?   
    Soybean and canola oil are so perverse in foods we don't cook at home. It's nearly unavoidable! That's why I try to limit my meals out and save up for the dank grass-fed meats. I was at Whole Foods today and most of the prepared food and meat had some combo of soy oil, soysauce, or expeller pressed canola oil. It's just a much cheaper alt. to EVOO. Thanks everyone for the useful info about Chipolte!
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    whitjm5 reacted to GLC1968 in Chipotle?   
    Chipotle is my savior. I travel a lot and even in places where there are no Whole Foods or other 'health' markets within 50 miles, they have Chipotle. Honestly, once I had a carnitas salad for lunch and dinner...two days in a row! Eek!
    I like the idea of extra lettuce on top because when you get it to go, some of that precious quac always sticks to the lid and we can't have that!
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    whitjm5 reacted to CupcakeNinja in Chipotle?   
    This information made my day. Viva Chipotle! (But stop using soybean oil on your chicken because that chicken is DEEElicious! I'll miss you during my Whole 30, Chipotle chicken.)
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    whitjm5 reacted to Heather Hansen in Chipotle?   
    Oh so happy to read about the Carnitas. I love Chipotle!
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    whitjm5 reacted to Lissa Kristine in Chipotle?   
    When it comes to the salad dressing, I don't see a point. Whenever I go to Chipotle, Qdoba, or Moe's, I almost ALWAYS order a salad without dressing. That's what the salsa is for, right? I love me some salsa verde- especially from Qdoba.
    Nixing the beans will be tough as I usually double up on them, and I've never been a huge guac fan- fresh avocodo, yes, but not the guacamole. I suppose mixing it in with some meat, lettuce, and salsa will be different than just having some plain with tortilla chips though, so next time I go out for fast-food Mexican, I think I'll go for the guacamole as well.
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    whitjm5 reacted to Johnny M in Chipotle?   
    everytime this thread pops up as updated in my feed I get really hungry.
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    whitjm5 reacted to Lifepm in Chipotle?   
    Hi, I haven't been to Chipotle in a long time so I have two questions about your suggestion - Is this a salad you are ordering and you just skip any dressing?
    Happy Day!
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    whitjm5 reacted to Johnny M in Chipotle?   
    no you're ok. Most of chipotles ingredients are OK but they do cook in soybean oil. It's not optimal but it's an honest mistake i think you'll recover from without any issue. For future reference, their carnitas are the only option that does not use soybean oil.
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    whitjm5 reacted to LBrwk86 in Chipotle?   
    Thanks for the reply! I ended up going with your recommendation and it filled me up for hours. Delicious!
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    whitjm5 reacted to Megan Claydon in Chipotle?   
    Hey Lauren,
    Let me just say that I personally LOVE me some chipotle! It can definitely come in handy when you are in a pinch for food away from home or you want to suggest a place to eat among friends who may not be as into healthy eating as you are. That being said, you are RIGHT, everything they cook is soybean oil based...even if you got the carnitas, the peppers and onions are still sauteed in soybean oil.
    To avoid the soybean oil you could do the romaine lettuce, carnitas, guacamole, and pico. Double the meat and maybe even the guacamole too.
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    whitjm5 reacted to MelliebuStacey in The crazy things people say   
    100% agreed. Also. Am I the only one terrified by Monsanto (and not in a silly conspiracy theorist way..?)
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    whitjm5 got a reaction from MelliebuStacey in The crazy things people say   
    Pure genius!
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    whitjm5 reacted to Jessica Reagan in The crazy things people say   
    My SIL in response to me explaining I don't eat processed food because it's loaded with chemicals and sugar and can cause major health problems.
    "The government wouldn't let them sell that stuff to us if it was unhealthy"
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    whitjm5 reacted to Sarah Snyder in The crazy things people say   
    OH and this was a doozy...
    My friend's birthday was on my day 3.
    On day 2...
    Me: I'm gonna have to figure out something to eat other than the pizza and cake that's planned...
    My friend: For my birthday present, I want you to eat pizza and cake!
    Me: What kind of bullsh*t request is that? I'm doing this to be healthier and you're basically saying my gift to you is to be less healthy? No.
    BUT...on the flipside...while everybody was eating their cake, he said, "do you want some fruit or something?" So that was nice.
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    whitjm5 reacted to GLC1968 in The crazy things people say   
    I have to post this. It's not really something stupid that was said - rather the opposite. Nothing said and nothing stupid...for once.
    I've been paleo since Aug of 2011. I've been to see my parents (they live in FL, I live in Oregon) about 5 or 6 times since my switch because I travel to their area for work twice a year. I've been to see them three times now while on a Whole30 (I even put copies of ISWF in some stockings at the holidays this year!). Every time, it's a food battle with my mom and mostly because she likes to question me and my motives (not because she disagrees that my food is healthy). Every visit, I try to be as non-confrontational as I can and I often buy and prepare my own meals or dishes on the side.
    This past visit, I arrived and she immediately pulled out all the stuff she'd bought for me: a big container of baby greens, organic apples and blueberries, compliant chicken apple sausages, a new bottle of olive oil and avocados!! My parents don't eat ANY of these things (except olive oil). I didn't ask her to prep anything either. She just got it all right, without having to ask. All these visits and what do you know...she was paying attention!
    For dinner that night we had grass fed lamb chops, roasted veggies (in olive oil) and a greens loaded salad (my dad skipped the greens - he can't eat them for medical reasons...don't ask). No sugar. No bad oils. No grains/legumes/starches. I didn't even have to ask.
    AWESOME. Truly. (plus, they loved the dinner and are eating more like that even when I'm not around!)
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    whitjm5 reacted to Derval in The crazy things people say   
    Have you ever seen a nipple on a coconut?
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    whitjm5 reacted to Suzy in The crazy things people say   
    Pretty sad that she can't be supportive, as that indicates that she's really not that good at relationships in general. I always feel like trying to teach people to be better to other people, but then I ask myself, "Is this my job? Why doesn't this person know how to treat people already?" My arch nemeses (I have two) at work are like this. I cut people all the slack in the world, too much, because I have co-dependent tendencies (that I'm overcoming). It just frustrates me when people are the polar opposite of nice, as when I make a small mistake and they dislike me for all time after that. I think, "What the hell kind of parents did this girl have growing up??"
    Anyway, are you going to talk to your roommate about her unsupportiveness? If you do, I think you'll confirm that she's jealous. I hope you don't mind me suggesting that you get the hell away from this person ASAP so you can make space for really great people in your life. I just don't understand why people have to take from their friends instead of getting something really exciting going for themselves in life. I guess it's just stagnation.
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    whitjm5 reacted to jeepifer in The crazy things people say   
    Normal should be real food! I saw something on the news the other day about the "Real Food Fad" -- like it's another fad diet or something!!!