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  1. 3 minutes ago, Boogie said:

    I'm now wondering if I should not have started the reintroduction of foods --- or if I should restart whole 30 since I haven't got m period.  What do you think?

    I think that provided you do the reintroductions as written, develop a food plan that works for you whilst sticking to the three template meals, and you don't go back to eating foods that cause you issue, that your hormones should continue to rebalance. The reintroduction phase is as important, if not more so than your 30 days.

    Good luck with TTC - I know what a minefield it can be.... 

  2. 24 minutes ago, Boogie said:

    Could Whole 30 STOP ovulation? 

    Unless you went particularly low carb & entered ketosis which can *sometimes* effect ovulation (although unlikely in such a short time) I'd say it's unlikely that eating healthy, wholesome, nutritious foods would prevent ovulation. Inflammatory foods, low fat low cal diets & random meal times play havoc with hormones. Whole30 serves to rebalance them. As you'll have seen in this thread & others Whole30 can & often does effect the cycle, but things do fall into place...

  3. White potatoes are a nightshade and a very problematic food.

    Sweet potatoes are a FODMAP - totally different food group and more inclined to cause digestive issues rather than headaches.

    I'd remove the white potatoes first since they are often linked with headaches...

    Since nutrition is cumulative, and food sensitivities are often linked to 'load,' something like Whole30 (where there can be a vast increase in consumption of certain foods if there is not a lot of variety in meals from day to day) may result in 'over-exposure' to problematic foods - which then leads to symptoms such as this.

    Hope this helps.

  4. 5 minutes ago, bornbluegrass said:

    Also, I recall an earlier post in this thread where someone experiencing headaches was asked if they were eating white potatoes, red peppers, etc., suggesting those might also contribute to headaches.

    This was my gut instinct when I read your meals. You're eating starchy veg at every meal, potatoes twice - that's A LOT. I'd start by cutting out the potatoes, and salting your food to see how you go from there. Nutrition is cumulative so it's not beyond the realms of possibility that it would take until now to manifest.

    Let us know how you get on...!

    ETA: The salt doesn't have to be iodised - I favour pink himalayan.

  5. 13 minutes ago, lizzard22 said:

    Thank you, what I means was only doing one of the foods out of the food group at a time like peanuts one day then beans another day but it might be after I reintroduce a gluten free grain. 

    Yep, this is fine - lots of folk specifically separate out peanuts & soy from the other legumes as they are known allergens. It's entirely up to you how much you want to break it down, and provided you're leaving at least two days in between the order shouldn't matter - I'd probably suggest you go from least likely to cause issues first, with most likely to cause issues reintro'ed last.

    Hope this helps!

  6. On 17/09/2017 at 8:22 PM, Amyemm said:

    Hi...I'm on day 7 of whole 30..feeling great,not great,more energy..Except for today,headache like when your hungover.I noticed my mouth was dry,so I've been drinking TONS of water...headache still hanging around...Is this normal? Anyone experience this? Solutiins?...Amy from Pittsburgh 

    Hey @Amyemm - can you list out what you ate for the last 3-4 days to see if we can't help you out?

    Headaches can come from a number of things so it's hard to comment without some idea of what you've been eating. Please v=be clear about veg types, portion sizes of protein as they relate to the size of your palm, and how much fat you are eating at each meal. You say you are drinking a lot of water, but are you salting your food? How is your sleep? Do you have any cramps?

  7. 30 minutes ago, Kaylee1 said:

    E1420 and E452

    E1420 is potato starch and is fine, as is E452 which is an emulsifier.

    'Spices' should be fine on your pickles - they'd have to list out in bold any allergens (which covers most of what we're excluding here), as well as any added sugars etc.


  8. 3 minutes ago, lkshanks6 said:

    Any one know if cawston press sparkling drinks are in or out

    This is made with 70% juice so I'm afraid it would be out as it's more of a sparkling juice than a sparkling water.

    Juice is fine for use in cooking, or for adding a dash to liven up some water, but not for drinking straight up like this.

  9. 10 hours ago, jenmidge said:

    Is yeast extract okay?

    The concern around yeast extract is mainly with the potential for MSG (and you'd be encouraged to find an option without it) but they actually state on the home page that their products are MSG free.

    Keeping true to the South African tradition, we add no chemical preservatives or sugar to our great tasting biltong. Using only 100% prime beef and air drying it to perfection, we maximise quality, flavour and nutrients. Our Biltong has no artificial colouring preservatives or curing agents. We’ve ‘Stript’ all that bad stuff right out, leaving it Gluten Free, MSG free and using only natural ingredients. This makes for delicious biltong that is high in protein, low in fat and packed with essential nutrients for growth and repair.

  10. 7 minutes ago, Melly88 said:

    So, if after testing the other groups (non gluten, dairy, gluten and alcohol) would adding a soy reintro day and a bean reintro day (with the two W30 days in between) be an acceptable way forward?  And keeping on with this pattern for any other questionable subsets (cow's milk vs goat's milk, etc)?


    Break it down as much as you like to gather the most accurate information that you can.

  11. Hey @CleaH - apologies for the delayed reply - sometimes if the forums are active some posts get 'lost' in the activity streams.... Butter - nope, butter butter is out. Clarified butter is fairly easy to make (lots of tutorials on the web), or you can purchase Ghee. Unfortunately I am in Ireland so can't recommend any brands but I know that here Ghee is most easily found along with other asian foods & spices.

    As for juice - again nope, juice can be used for adding to sauces etc to sweeten them up, or for adding a dash to some water to liven it up a bit. 100% fruit juices are pretty high in sugar which will in turn impact your blood sugar, and so we'd prefer that you just eat the fruit, which will also provide fibre.

    Hope this helps!

  12. 1 minute ago, Crastney said:

    I made a strong pot of tea, added a cup of sugar, several cups of water

    You want about 6-8 tea bags & between 160-200 sugar for every 2ltrs. Let the tea cool before you add it to the SCOBY, which would probably want to come back up to room temp & out of hibernation before it starts brewing... There are mixed opinions on whether or not the SCOBY will survive it's spell in the fridge...

    Good luck!!

  13. 2 minutes ago, Emw30 said:

    caramel colour

    The caramel colour is a type of sugar so this one is a no I'm afraid.

    If the sulphites were added they'd be listed in the ingredients & that would also make it out. In this case they are naturally occurring but are called out specifically because they are an allergen.

  14. 14 minutes ago, janicev said:

    And I snack probably 1x day on a compliant Larabar

    These really are for emergency use only. Snacking is not an emergency. It's an indicator that either you've a habit you need to break, or that your meals need to be bigger. They're as close as you can get to a candy bar on W30 and could well be contributing to your headaches... What do the rest of your meals look like?