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  1. What did you use? (Just so any newbies don't make the same mistake...!!)
  2. I'm in the UK (Ireland) and brew with two CB jars of a similar size and and am using a number of my own SCOBYs along with the originals. In summer that quantity takes around 10days to brew IME, and in winter, with the jars wrapped with fleece to keep them warm & the temperature steady it takes at least 14 days. Unless you're using a heat tray (or you're in a little micro-climate, or down south!) I'd doubt your booch would be ready in 3 days. I'd let it brew for at least a week & then start taste testing... Mine will have a good froth/fizz as I'm bottling, and then it'll get really fizz
  3. I'm low FODMAP so don't do garlic, but I do add salt & pepper.
  4. Oh, it's good...... Not for an every day type of thing the way you'd make a pot of chilli to last all week, but every now & then? Perfect.
  5. Your scoby will be fine in a bigger jar, he may just take a little longer to ferment the tea - but he'll soon have company to help him along. Also, other than the starter tea your scoby arrives in you shouldn't need to add anything except more tea - there will be instructions in your starter pack though explaining that. I always wash my bottles in hot water with a little detergent, but am always sure to give them a good rinse afterwards and I've never had a problem. I did some housekeeping with my CB jars last month and did exactly the same and each batch I've brewed since has been f
  6. Where did you get your starter kit from @jenmidge? I got mine from Happy Kombucha but have found for additonal bottles, brewing jars etc that they are cheaper on Amazon (& I've found a few Kilner ones at decent prices in T K Maxx every now & then). I started out with x2 2L jars and x4 bottles but have moved on to x2 5L continuous brew jars and I've about 20 bottles ranging in size from 250ml to 1L - and I find I need them all by the time I bottle, do a second ferment (F2), and then drink... I use the x2 2L jars as Hotels now.
  7. Fellow active brewer here - I've currently got x2 CB jars on the go, plus two hotels, one of which is packed. I'd love some local brewers to pass some SCOBYs on to but there doesn't appear to be a huge market for them here - YET - and in the meantime my youngest son is keeping them as pets I tend to stick with fresh ginger & dried hibiscus flowers for flavour, or I'll use a variety of teas. I didn't feel like I was a bonafide brewer until I had my first bottle explode on me last year!!
  8. @amyearonson - this isn't entirely uncommon, even when on the birth control pill. It's much more common, however, when women go low carb - what have your meals looked like over the last 3-4 days?
  9. A Whole30 with dairy isn't a Whole30, and many people are intolerant to dairy without realising it, so yes, to get the best results from the 30 days you need to follow the rules to the letter. If you're concerned about missing out on calcium you should know that dairy doesn't provide the most bioavailable source of calcium anyway - have a read at >this article< for more info. Hope this helps, and congrats on the pregnancy!
  10. Yup, although the yoke is disappointingly small and you practically need a hammer to break through the shell - they've a good rich flavour when you do though!
  11. Yep, sucralose is off limits I'm afraid. Keep it until after your 30 days
  12. Yep, that bacon is fine. Sainsburys do a sugar free smoked salmon
  13. Sulphites are out. I read in an old post that there's a compliant Laverstoke Park Cumberland sausages from Ocado - not cheap, but compliant - although after a quick Google I see they're unavailable even to check the ingredients. There was also a link posted to an Abel & Cole sausage, but on second checking they contain pea flakes which would make those out too. If you don't mind it not being encased you could always make your own.
  14. Will do, thanks Shannon - I've had a quick look online at Starter Kits & there is currently a delay on all of them due to the scoby's apparently not liking the cold weather so this could work well for me
  15. Brilliant. Thanks for this ladyshanny! I'm gonna start looking for a starter kit and get brewing. No doubt I'll have more questions as I go along!
  16. The one I've got tastes like fizzy ACV with a hint of something fruity. It probably IS an acquired taste but I like it, and I felt the benefits of in a matter of days - my stomach just seems so settled. But at the price I'd have to pay to keep buying it bottled I'd have to take out a loan, hence the thought of making it myself. I think this way if I'm successful I can alternate the booch with the kraut (or whatever other veg I make) and get the benefits daily.
  17. Ok, so I think I'm a booch convert. However, my reasonably priced source of bottled booch is now out of stock in all varieties (except for small bottles which aren't very economical, and since the only other suppliers I can find are extortionate I'm wondering how easy it really is (and how much space I'll need) to make my own. I know all the information is probably in this thread as to what exactly I need, how long it will take, how cost effective it will be etc etc etc but ther are SIXTY SIX pages and my time is somewhat limited... I'm not currently doing a Whole30 and so when I spoke t
  18. A good one for anyone in Northern Ireland to check out is a company called Boxa. They started out just delivering grass fed, ethically raised organic meat ( a boxa this or a boxa that... get it?) but have since widened their horizons and now as well as their regular deliveries they have a collection point at Ballylagan Organic Farm (a day out in itself) on a Saturday where it's like a Farmer's Market style set up and you can buy all sorts of fab products like fermented foods, organic veg, and homemade sourdough breads & raw milk for those not on a Whole30. They also recently set up a part
  19. Tuna, I buy John West in Spring Water - they usually have their pack of x4 160g tins on offer every so often so I buy in bulk. Mackerel, I buy Tesco's own in EVOO - it's cheap as chips as we say here, portable & really tasty. I also buy Tesco's own smoked mackerel fillets in black peppercorns. Sardines, I buy Prince's regular sardines or boneless fillets in EVOO or tomato paste. I've yet to find a compliant jerky, and believe me I've looked. Fruit/nut bar wise the best option I've seen for ingredients are the new ones from Primal Pantry - available at Tesco & Sainsburys - various f
  20. Yep, I'm with Britishgal. I buy all my meat, eggs, & veg from a local farm shop (where, as a regular, I get great deals plus free bones & beet greens amongst other things - it really does pay to shop local!!), and my fish (when it isn't tinned) from a local fishmonger. I tend to avoid anything in a packet and make everything from scratch. As for tinned fish, tinned tomatoes, herbal teas, etc it would appear to be MUCH easier to find these foods without the added nasties in the UK than it is anywhere else in the world - even the vast majority of supermarket bacon is sulphite &
  21. E433 is an emulsifier - so it might be used in the likes of mayo to prevent it from separating, and is in general derived from vegetable oil. It *may* contain a type of sugar alcohol.... What are you seeing it in?
  22. Are you doing the standard reintro? If so I'd be inclined to schedule in anything you ever see yourself eating again - forewarned is forearmed - you might find that even sporadically is too often!
  23. The protocol in the UK for a Coeliac test is actually 6wks of eating gluten prior to testing as far as I know. What we're doing here, however, is looking for food sensitivities, and in most cases, having eliminated gluten from the system for 30 days, the reaction will be fairly quick & obvious when it is reintroduced.
  24. Personally I don't really count the fat in egg yolks unless it's pre or post WO, and I always add an additional fat source to my meals regardless of how fatty the protein is. It's honestly hard to go overboard on good fats.
  25. Brisket, slow cooked in a little lard (from when I sealed it in the pan), cloves, & garam masala, served with a full bag of spinach & a quarter onion (which reduced down to about 2 cups when sauteed), a beef tomato and a handful of olives. The brisket had cooked over night with some shin in my crock-pot and was so tender.