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  1. ^^ That looks amazing!! I'm training this morning so just had a preWO of some roasted shredded chicken and a few mouthfuls of guac - nothing worth taking a photo of...!!
  2. Actually Blue Dragon is fine - there are no off plan ingredients added, it's just not the best option. Not sure on the price of Biona, but you could also go for this option on Amazon which is purely coconut extract & water next time you're ordering you're coconut oil (I've found it's the cheapest place to get it) and get free postage....
  3. Raemikky, the forums are a very supportive community and those that take part regularly thrive here when they accept the rules for what they are, and realize that the Moderators (and other knowledgeable members) are passionate about the Whole30 program, and want to see you complete a true Whole30 meaning you will get the best results possible, and sometimes that takes a little tough love. Your initial post was effectively encouraging other members to break the rules, and whilst that might have been a rookie error on your part it had to be made clear for everyone that this is not allowed. I