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    jmcbn reacted to ShannonM816 in Help with symptoms at the end of Whole30’   
    Are you salting your food? I don't know about the blurred vision, but low salt could cause headaches or muscle weakness.
    For water, are you getting at least 1/2 oz per pound of body weight (so a 120-lb person needs at least 60 oz)? 
    If you're eating plenty of food, easily able to go 4-5 hours between meals, and you're salting your food and drinking plenty of water, you might want to check in with your doctor to rule out anything non-food-related. 
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    jmcbn reacted to SugarcubeOD in 19 days W30 and still hungry   
    You might consider removing some of the fruit and adding fat in its place.  Your volume of food does look decent so I think it's the composition of the meals where the magic will be.  For fruit we recommend 0-2 fist sized servings a day... every day you've listed has 3 servings and in one meal you have two servings.  Fruit is not terrible and I'm not trying to demonize it but you might consider doing a little experiment and replace the volume from the fruit with the whole avocado or another fat source.  
    Secondly I see at quite a few meals you use nuts or nut butters as your fat source.  Again, while totally okay, these often don't provide the satiety that something like avocado, olives, mayo, pesto etc... will provide.  Try switching out your fat sources and see if that helps (also to note that nuts are recommended to be a closed handful every other day at most due to their imbalanced omega fat ratio so not ideal to be eating them every day.  They also can cause bloating which can cause feelings of being full when you're actually not).
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    jmcbn reacted to SugarcubeOD in 19 days W30 and still hungry   
    If you're hungry between meals until you get this sorted, we recommend fat and protein - hardboiled egg and mayo, guac and a couple meatballs etc... fruit and nuts are not going to be your best choice to hold you and they can cause blood sugar spikes which won't be helping the situation.  Good luck!
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    jmcbn reacted to ladyshanny in Start date Mon. Feb 12th 2018   
    No. No no no no no. No. Honestly, please do not go here. That's what "they" want you to think - the diet industry. THEY want you to believe that you eat too much or you're too big or you need to lose weight and take up less space or restrict or sub real food for supplemental food.  4# lost is a pound a week and for someone who is not overweight, that is an excellent result. You ate real food in quantities that supported your life and lifestyle, you ate when you were hungry between meals which is fine as you get used to meal composition and you lost four pounds!  
    The second you go down the "maybe I should cut xyz or reduce my meal size" you're going backwards mentally because the diet mentality is EVIL. Embrace the amazing thing you accomplished! Embrace the 4 pounds and the half inch and the loose pants and all the other things that went well for you! (and don't compare your results to anyone else's, let alone a man - we're different creatures - it's not apples to apples)
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    jmcbn reacted to laura_juggles in Ethyl Butyrate in Ghee   
    Naturally occurring compounds are not listed separately in the ingredients list. It's easiest to see using balsamic vinegars as an example. 
    Vinegar A:
    Ingredients: Grape must, red wine vinegar. 
    Contains Sulfites
    Vinegar B:
    Ingredients: Burgundy wine vinegar diluted with water to 5% acidity, sulfur dioxide. 
    Contains Sulfites
    See how the second one has sulfur dioxide listed in the ingredients while the first one simply has a warning that the product contains sulfites? That means it's naturally occurring in Vinegar A but added in Vinegar B. 
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    jmcbn reacted to BombmomNikki in Early morning workout foods   
    I fasted this morning and did better then I had expected. Well I did have coffee...
    Thanks for all the advice. You all have been super helpful.
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    jmcbn reacted to SugarcubeOD in day 31 - still bloating - how can I start reintroduction?   
    Maybe if you give us some idea of what your meals have looked like and what you've been eating we can try and trouble shoot for you. There are a lot of things that cause bloating; raw veggies, salad greens, cruciferous veggies, nuts, coconut etc...
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    jmcbn got a reaction from ladyshanny in Early morning workout foods   
    Remember that your preWO meal  ISN'T fuel for your workout. Your body won't process protein & fat fast enough to use it as fuel so soon so it's really only a signal to your body that fuel is forthcoming and so it's okay for it to burn through it's stores. Sweet foods like fruit WILL provide an immediate source of fuel which is why you want to avoid them.
    PreWO is just about the only occasion I'd recommend eating nut butter off of a spoon - it's classed as fat for Whole30 purposes and is fairly easy to handle early doors. Be wary of portion control though, and leave it off the menu at any other time of day. It usually takes around two weeks to get into fat burning mode provided you're eating according to the template so it should be enough to just get you over that hump.
    PostWO protein is something you won;t want to skip on though in terms of recovery.
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    jmcbn reacted to SugarcubeOD in Tapioca flour   
    It depends what you're using it for.  Baked goods = no.  Thickening a sauce = yes.
    Quick tip, most questions have been asked and answered and while our in forum search kinda sucks, google works really well with our site so just pop 'whole30 tapioca flour' in and usually the first thing that comes up are forum results... works with about any question  
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    jmcbn reacted to ladyshanny in Day 12, still feel tired and apathtic   
    @Groovymarlin - your main issue is likely your meal composition. Your first noted day of eating shows as:
    coffee w/ nut milk, fruit, nuts
    dried fruit, nuts
    salad greens, chicken
    dried fruit, nuts, fruit
    starchy veggie, protein, avocado, mayo
    If you consider that your best possible results will come from following the meal template (protein + veggies + fat) at every meal and then composing your meals so that they get you 4-5 hours between in order to eliminate snacking, you have some work to do here.
    Review the meal template linked in my signature below and get your meals composed similarly and you should start to feel better. You're vastly undereating overall and overeating fruits and nuts.
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    jmcbn got a reaction from DIversity in Starting 2/26/18 - First timer - Can you say determined?   
    Actually there are.
    I'm in Ireland, there's Brenda Heske in Holland, and Sigga Ingadottir in Iceland if I recall correctly...!! And VIP Coach Mel Joulwan in Prague...  And yes, we all offer online coaching as an option..... 
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    jmcbn got a reaction from BonnieBlueEyes99 in Day 12, still feel tired and apathtic   
    It's difficult to tell from this but I'm guessing you're not eating enough protein, and not nearly enough veg. Can you give us a run down of 3-4 days worth of meals so that we're better equipped to help you trouble-shoot? How long are you going between meals? Are you eating within an hour of wakening? Are you including any starchy veg at all? Potatoes, parsnips etc.? Are you salting your food? 
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    jmcbn reacted to ladyshanny in La Croix Curate   
    Natural flavouring can often be essential oils but they are not allowed to use that on the ingredients list. Unless you contact the company directly, it's not possible to know how they compose their natural flavouring.
    That said, if they bother you, don't drink them. They are fine for Whole30. Whole30 cannot remove every single ingredient that might bother some one maybe somewhere. We eliminate those that are known to be most problematic and then, if you find something that you cannot have because it is a specific problem for you (like eggs/coconut for many), you eliminate that for yourself. It would be impossible to create a sustainable program that removed every single possible known or potential irritant.
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    jmcbn got a reaction from CharlotteWhole30 in Bowel problems Week 2   
    Depends v much on how much of a departure Whole30 eating is from your previous way of eating, and also if you have any sensitivities to the foods you are now eating in higher volume, if you'tre getting enough fibre, and drinking enough water.

    How much water are you drinking daily? Do you have any other symptoms? 
    I might suggest cutting back a little on the starches (you're eating some at each meal), or at least switching the sweet potato for cool boiled white potatoes which provide resistant starch which is great for helping out in the bathroom department.
    Hope this helps.
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    jmcbn reacted to Momof4Whole30 in Second time - Different   
    @jmcbn Thank you!! Appreciate the response and hope things calmed down a bit
    Already reached out to my Dr for blood work will keep you all posted.
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    jmcbn reacted to LaughingSun in Whole30 and SIBO Specific Diet (Low FODMAP and SCD)   
    @jmcbn That's a GREAT list, thank you! 
    I looked at that app, but it didn't have good reviews and it's $11... I especially don't want to spend the $$ if it's crappy. I'll use the lists and go from there
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    jmcbn got a reaction from ladyshanny in Post WO bulletproof coffee   
    Fasted work-outs are fine (I do them myself three times a week), but really you want to be getting in that postWO meal as soon as you can. Basically NOT eating in the morning can result in elevated cortisol as the body goes into fight or flight mode. Elevated cortisol has a knock on effect on the other hormones related to appetite and so can result in weight gain or retention. Eating in the morning helps lower the cortisol which in turn helps regulate the other hormones.
    Carbs postWO are optional & depend v much on the intensity of your work out, your starch intake throughout the day, and your body goals. For instance, if your work out is v high intensity, you're looking to maintain weight, and the veg in the rest of your meals is mostly non starchy then you might do well to add them to your post WO in order to replenish depleted muscle glycogen. If you're looking to improve body composition, your WO was low intensity, and you're eating starches most days you might want to skip the postWO carbs. Everyone is individual so it might take a little playing around to figure out what works best for you.
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    jmcbn got a reaction from Raven in Possible Extinction Burst During Whole90   
    You're obviously working on the mental health with meditation & relaxation which is hopefully turning things around for you, but what are you doing in terms of gut health? Poor gut flora is also known to impact mental health... Are you taking probiotics? Eating fermented foods?
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    jmcbn reacted to Katydebard in Post WO bulletproof coffee   
    Wow, thank you so much for all that info.  You just answered so many questions I had and didn't even ask yet.  I was always really confused about carbs, but this clears up a lot for me.  And very good to know re: cortisol and why not eating in the morning is not ideal.  This has been really helpful, thanks again!
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    jmcbn reacted to laura_juggles in Pleasure feeding   
    I know that we're all adults here and there are no Whole30 police showing up at your door telling you that you have to restart, but I've got to say (in part for you and in part for future readers) that your situation doesn't feel to me like option 4 (aka someone said there was no sugar added and then said there was honey in it "but honey is natural") at all. 
    You knew that that cake was non-compliant and you still put it in your mouth. Whether you feel like you got every single molecule of it out of your mouth without swallowing, a huge part of the Whole30 is breaking the mental addiction to cakes and sweets and whatnot. 
    If you restart right away, you'll have already been through those hardest first days and you're just resetting the counter. 
    You do you, but I think it'd be massively helpful for you in the long run to figure out why you "lost your mind" around a cake to the point where you convinced yourself that it was okay to eat it, but spit it out before swallowing it all. It wasn't the last cake in the world. There will still be cakes when you're not doing a Whole30.
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    jmcbn got a reaction from Raven in Possible Extinction Burst During Whole90   
    Hey @Raven - is there a reason you're doing 90 days? Research shows that continued restriction often results in a binge, so I'm thinking that your comment above is spot on. NOT eating Whole30 doesn't have to mean you eat junk, it just means you use what you've learned to develop a sustainable eating planned tailored to you. Just a thought... 
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    jmcbn reacted to Sparks15 in Bloated   
    Cheers will do 
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    jmcbn got a reaction from crlt in Serrano Ham?   
    Yes, if you were buying good quality SPANISH serrano ham then it'd probably be fine. But like you say, you're in Cambodia, and if it's a Cambodian serrano ham then the curing process may well be different because the food manufacturing laws are most likely different - even on imported goods..

    You have to ask the questions & unless you can be sure, I'd leave it for the 30 days & then tuck in when you're done.
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    jmcbn got a reaction from Holiday in Pre/Post-Workout Meal Suggestions?   
    Tuna in spring water, egg whites (some people boil the egg & eat the yolk preWO saving the white for after), turkey meat, lean cuts of pork which you could make into meatballs with some seasoning....
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    jmcbn got a reaction from EMD83 in Homemade Mayo   
    Hey @EMD83 & welcome to the forum...!!
    Mayo is one of the most talked about topics here so your question has been answered a whole bunch of times - with a whole host of different suggestions - which is why I'm going to suggest you search the forum.... The best way of doing so is via Google. Type 'Whole30' + 'Your query' into Google (so in this case you'll type Whole30 failed mayo for example) and you'll find a list of links to previous discussions on the topic.
    Hope this helps & good luck with the mayo!