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  1. fueling while training for a marathon

    don't give up, think about how hard your body is working right now after you changed your diet. JUst know that you have to slow down to get thru it and it will get better.
  2. fueling while training for a marathon

    Pascale it took me 2-3 weeks to feel good while on whole 30. I say keep going and it gets better, it really is worth it. I run right now 30-35 miles a week and its going up. Before my short runs I don't eat anything unless I wake up hungry and then I have some juice. Post every run I have my normal breakfast: 3 eggs, plantain, half an avocado and some fruit. I pretty much have the same thing with some variations every day. Before my long run I eat 2 hard boiled eggs, banana, some almond butter and 1 glass of tart cherry juice. When I eat breakfast I am not hungry until lunch and that is usually left overs from dinner. Dinner is usually chicken, beef or fish, sweet or regular potato and lots of veggies. I just want to make sure with what I eat is enough to fuel my training and so far I can tell it is.
  3. fueling while training for a marathon

    I know, right? This is my 3rd time training for a marathon and I have never had this problem. But I also never been on whole30 doing it either so this is all new to me.
  4. I am training for a marathon and just went from 20-25 miles a week to 30-35 miles a week. I also cross train. I eat a big breakfast and then I am not hungry. I make sure I eat lunch but only because if I didn't I would get a migraine. I don't snack, just eat 3 meals a day. It is very strange for me to run more and not be hungry more. Is it because I am eating quality foods with lots of protein? I don't want to eat less and my running to suffer. I also make sure I eat plenty of approved carbs. Could I eat less if I am not hungry? I know, this is not what you are used to...
  5. seasonal allergies

    I know I can't have coconut milk you buy in the fridge section, it gives me horrible stomach problems, I don't know why I thought that I would be ok with coconut oil. I will eliminate it from my diet and see if it gets better.
  6. I am on week 3 on whole30 and everything is going great except I noticed my seasonal allergies are a lot worse. I have to double up on my allergy medicine. It's mostly lots of mucus and congestion, not itchy eyes I normally deal with. Any idea what is causing this? the only thing I am eating more off than before is coconut oil and plantains.
  7. I am really tired...

    the getting up early is fairly new, so you might be right, and the snack are mostly pre and post workout, I have an apple or a banana for a snack with almonds too. I think it might be my body adjusting to waking up early, I will try to eat more carbs too.
  8. I am really tired...

    I understand about the waffles, I am done doing whole30, I am just eating strict paleo now. I have a hard time eating more at meal time, I am really full after I eat and I don't think I should force myself to eat more. You are right about veggies, I will try to eat more, hence the salad, but I don't think that is the only reason why I am tired.
  9. I am really tired...

    sure! monday was 5 miles run with speed work and 30 minutes strenght training food: B: 3 eggs, 1 plantain with coconut oil, L: zuchini with ground beef spaghetti sauce and grapes, D: 3 oz of salmon, 3 oz of flank steak 1.5 japanese sweet potato tossed in coconut oil. Snacks: 3 oz total of chicken, banana, carrots, almonds, 2 sweet potato baby food, my before and after snack with the chicken Tuesday: 3 miles food: B: 3 eggs, paleo waffle, rasberries, L: 4oz of chicken, salad, dressing made with olive oil, D: sausage with onions and peppers with tomato sauce. Snacks: apple, blueberries, almonds, 2 plantains with coconut oil I guess I was craving plantains yesterday:) normally I eat 1 a day:) but this is typical of what I eat.
  10. I am really tired...

    I have been on whole 30 for over 2 months and love it. I am a runner and I run about 20-25 miles a week and usually do 2 strenght training workouts a week. I have been running at 5am since it is hot here in Florida. I am exhausted and its only wendsday. I am drinking about 100 oz f water and getting about 8 hours of sleep. What am I doing wrong?? I make sure I eat carbs at every meal but maybe I don't eat enough of them. I need more energy!!
  11. I started buying Propel water that has electolytes in it and drinking that before and after my runs. You might be right, fuel is not the problem here. Do you think that once I start marathon training, I would be ok with just fueling with sweet potatoes?
  12. I have been on whole 30 for almost 2 months and I will continue to eat this way. I have been doing great on all of my long runs fueling with sweet potato baby food pouches. I live in florida and it is getting hot! I run a 15K yesterday, it was around 70 degrees and 90% humidity. I was doing good for the first 6 miles and it went downhill from there. I just didn't have it in me to push the pase and I run 40 seconds slower than my last half marathon. I know that is might be due to the heat but I am concerned that when it is hot, the sweet potatoes might not be enough. Do I start fueling with gels? or maybe something more natural like honey or maple syrup? If I do,will that undo what I have been doing so far and my body using fat for fuel?
  13. running a race and fueling

    Thanks everyone! I actually felt great running my half, I fueled with sweet potato baby pouches and coconut water. Mile 12 I wanted to die, but I pushed myself and finished sprinting:)) I was really worried about running it but it felt great. What kind of bars are whole30 compatable? I will be training for my first marathon this summer, and might need something extra, especially in hot Florida. I really think I will be sticking with Paleo eating, I really like it.
  14. running a race and fueling

    I am ok with not getting a PR, I just don't want to struggle the whole time. I will get some sweet potato or sweet potato and apple pouches for fuel. Any advice on what to eat before a race?
  15. I am on week 2 of whole 30 and I feel great, I think my runs are suffering a little bit, but I am hoping that will change over time as my body gets used to this type of eating. I have my second half marathon this weekend and I am not sure if I can do it without fueling with gels and gatorade they provide on the course. Do I bring my own coconut water for electrolytes? Do you think if I bring fruit pouches and lara bars I will be ok? If I do have gels on this race how bad of a setback will this be? since I am new to running and this is my second half, I am still trying to figure things out and this eating paleo makes it so much harder.