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  1. Amosmax

    Pregnant with twins!

    Ok, I have that book! I guess I just didn't pay attention to the author. That's actually what I'm reading now and it is very helpful with the nutrition. I'm starting to think a Whole30 wouldn't be a good idea, because I just can't get enough calories in. I'm trying to clean things up by sticking to the whole9 principles but I'm drinking milk (I love it and tolerate it well) and having white rice with my meat and veggies. Veggies on their own just don't go down easily right now, it's awful.
  2. Amosmax

    Pregnant with twins!

    Thank you! I'll check out that book!
  3. Amosmax

    Pregnant with twins!

    Has anyone attempted a Whole30 while pregnant with twins? I've completed one whole30 and it was great! I've tried to stick to paleo but the beginning of this pregnancy was awful and I had strong food aversions. I'm well into my second trimester, 19 weeks, and everything is fine but I don't feel good about my nutrition, and I'm still getting sick at times. I need to ditch the grains and greatly increase my veggies. I still have a very hard time getting veggies down without gagging, and I know most days I'm not able to eat as many calories as suggested for twins. My weight gain is on track, but I was still a little overweight before becoming pregnant and my body fat was a high. I just don't want to gain too much but gain enough "good" weight that the babies are big and healthy and recovery for me is easier. Any words of wisdom regarding trying a whole30 while pregnant with twins would be helpful, since it is soooo different that just one baby.
  4. Amosmax

    Ovulation, FSH and LH levels

    I am now almost 5 weeks pregnant!! We found out the week before I was to start taking clomid and I was on Day 15 of my second Whole30. I truly believe that everything I learned and applied from Whole9, "Take Charge of Your Fertility" and Chris Kresser's Healthy Baby Code is what helped. My progesterone is finally normal!
  5. Amosmax

    Ovulation, FSH and LH levels

    I think I've found a lot of the answers I was looking for. On another thread a book was mentioned and it has been a HUGE help, " Take Charge of Your Fertility," by Toni Weschler. I'm also getting Chris Kresser's newsletter to tide me over until after Christmas when I will buy the healthy baby code. I used the Paleo Solution Diet and the fertility book to help me communicate with my primary doctor to get all of my blood tests over the last few months in preparing for my long awaited fertility doctor appointment. The book was also very helpful in teaching me the ins and outs of charting and I use the "period tracker" app to keep track of all that information. Yes, we are trying to get pregnant so I've become a little obsessive with all of this but I have learned so much! I'm convinced ISWF helped a lot. My hormone levels have drastically improved since July when i had my first baseline blood tests per Paleo Solution.The problem now is low progesterone, which I had problems with during my first pregnancy. A few weeks ago I adjusted my diet to include some whole fat dairy, per Kresser ( lots of eggs, whole milk), and I started a regimen of the Innate Response Baby and Me Trimester I & II vitamins along with their Folate, B6 and B12, and Carlson's DHA fish oil gems. This month my progesterone is much much higher, indicating I may have finally ovulated!! Tomorrow is my appointment with the fertility doctor to go over my tests and see how to proceed.
  6. Amosmax

    Ovulation, FSH and LH levels

    Does anyone have any experience with the Whole 30 and it's hopeful effects on FSH and LH levels? I was on the pill for so long and have now been off for nearly a year. Before my first whole 30 in August I went in for complete bloodwork per Robb Wolfe and my FSH and LH were only slightly higher than they were a year ago. I've now started my second whole 30 and am a little worried about my hormones still. I keep putting off more bloodwork and am hoping another Whole 30 and continued Paleo will help. Also, I'm in reasonable shape and really only need to lose another 10 pounds or so. I lost 14 during the first Whole 30. I've been using the daily ovulation predictor tests and every day they're still negative. Thoughts?