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  1. GFgirl

    Day 30! I did it!

  2. GFgirl

    Eggless options?

    I am not a fan of eggs either. I will usually go for some leftovers of dinner. Sometimes I take ground pork, apple, coco butter, cinnam and mix it all up. I find it has a bit of a sweet taste which is sometimes nice for breakfast. I will have that with a veggie and be fine til meal 2. Hope this helps.
  3. GFgirl

    Best Ever Homestyle Meatloaf

    Thanks! I will give this a try later this week.
  4. GFgirl

    Mashed Sweet Potato?

    I make them all the time. I use ghee and coconut milk. They are smooth creamy and delish!
  5. GFgirl

    Whole30 Success and WholeLife starting NOW

    Congrats. You looked great in your before but amazing in your after. Keep up the great work!! Amy
  6. GFgirl

    What other than crossfit??

    Thanks for the info!!! Fergatron. I like the thought of being a lean machine. Andrea: love hot yoga. On my list of things to get back to Keri. Great ideas
  7. I do see that many here are into cross fit. What other types of workouts do people do? I do not see myself doing cross fit in the near future or if at all. I usually work out 5/6x a week with 3 days weights, 2 cardio, and one day of yoga. i also walk about 2-3 miles everyday. I prefer to workout at home and normally do DVDs( you name it, I probably have it). I have weight sets ranging from 3lbs to 50lbs. From what I am reading cardio is a bit of a waste of time?!? Not a huge cardio fan, so that works for me. Should I be cutting back from my 2/3 days of cardio and just focus more on my lifting days? How many days a week do people normally workout? Would love some insight and direction. Amy
  8. GFgirl

    Starting October 15

    How is everyone doing?? Today is day 5 already. I am remaining strong a bit tired but no cravings or anything so far. Weekend will probably be a bit tougher mainly because I normally don't want to cook on the weekends. We decided no takeout or eating out the whole 30. A
  9. GFgirl

    Diva Cup

    I think the less you think about it, the easier it is to insert. I have a very heavy period and use to go through tampons so quickly. I don't have to change the diva as often. I don't think it should feel painful; perhaps you are not inserting it correctly Karen? Also, I have two, so I can clean out the cup well, and usually carry the 2nd in my purse on the occasion that it may be strange to clean it in a public restroom...... 09 was when I really got more "green" and was one of the reasons why I started using it. A
  10. GFgirl

    Starting October 15

    Survived day 2 with no issues. From what I hear day 3 adn 4 can be tough days. Armed and ready with some good meals planned, and need to make sure I get some good water intake in too! Noticed I was a bit tired getting up this am but was fine once I did. I am only getting 7 hrs of sleep and really would like to gett 8, but going to bed at 9pm to do so is so hard! Make it a great day 3 all!~! AMY
  11. GFgirl

    Diva Cup

    I started using the diva cup in 09 as well, and it took no time to get use to it. I will never go back to regular tampons.
  12. GFgirl

    Starting October 15

    Kitchen is closed at my house. Today was successful for me. No slips or cravings. Felt satisfied all day. With my previous low calorie eating I was hungry within a hr after eating. Felt satisfied all day, but not full either. How did everyone do??? I am packed and prepped for day 2.
  13. GFgirl

    Starting October 15

    Meals are prepped and ready to go for the day....we can do this!!
  14. GFgirl

    Starting October 15

    I am starting tomorrow, 10/15 too. I am a celiac who has been suffering with lots of bloating and aches and pains lately, so I am hoping that this will help me determine what is the cause of this recent discomfort. Looking forward to getting started! Amy