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  1. lcs75

    Question about mixed reactions

    Thanks Tom and Munkers. Flu like symptoms have gone and I feel much more energetic tonight - I guess that is a sign against lactose. I did consider to give it another try tonight, but could not stomach more than a couple of spoons of yogurt. I guess like other people I would just like to know if I can tolerate a certain amount of lactose, same is for all the other fodmaps I had to cut out. My diet feels pretty restricted at the moment although I must admit I feel better.
  2. lcs75

    Question about mixed reactions

    I should include, I am on low fodmap.
  3. Hello, I have started reintroducing food in the last few weeks, one at a time and I had mixed reactions and I am not sure how to interpret the signs and whether they are all food related. So to start with I was fine with my IBS, my symptoms had gone completely and I felt great. FYI I did have an allergy test about 5 years ago that came back negative - could that have changed? I started with cauliflower. I had cauliflower for dinner and felt fine but the next day I had IBS-D and the urgency was back that morning. Then I tried avocado and reacted pretty much immediately, IBS-D within the hour and I also felt nauseous the rest of the day. Can I really react that quickly? Orange juice, 1 / 2 / 3 a day went fine. Coconut water caused severe IBS-D the next day. The weirdest yet is lactose. I am ok with aged cheese, although it took a while to get used to the taste again. But I have since tried yogurt one evening and 2 glasses plain whole fat milk the next day. And I am not sure what to think of the symptoms and whether they can be really food related. First I felt stuffed and lost my appettite after the yogurt, then the reflux started and I got very tired. I could not sleep that night. I was caughing, kept waking for no reason and was very thirsty the next morning, and I had IBS-D. I soldiered on and had a glass of milk with similar symptoms. Nevertheless I still had another glass of milk that night. I slept better, but it was not a good rest. I feel nauseous again and I feel like having a head cold, my glands are swollen, my throat is aching, I feel like my tongue is swollen and I feel exhausted. Can all this be food related?I have stopped the lactose test as I really feel like getting the flu - and of course there is a chance that I might just be coming down with something? But can you get flu like symptoms from milk??? How do I continue after this? I know I still have a lot of food groups to test, but what happens after? Thanks heaps x
  4. lcs75

    Fat and low Fodmap

    Hi Chris, I stopped Whole30 when starting low fodmap with a dietitian who wanted me to include very limited gluten (issues) and dairy (lactose free ok). Now want to start Whole 30 again, but have been bulking up my meals with cheese. I will start reintroducing fodmaps from tomorrow, but not on a post-whole30. Thanks.
  5. Good morning! I am currently on low fodmaps to cure my IBS and I am starting Whole 30 again today. Previously I increased my fat intake in a yummy way by eating lots of avocado, almonds and coconut cream. These are off the plan for me now. what else is yummy and has a good fat content. I eat aged cheese and lactose free cream now to increase the fat content and that does not give me any issues (I have been on low fodmap 21 days and my symptoms have vanished), what are good alternatives? Thanks x
  6. lcs75

    What's for breakfast - Help

    New quick brekkie i tried this morning and liked: beef mince fried in coconut oil, 2 big handful of spinach made into a 3 egg omelette - Yum!
  7. lcs75

    What's for breakfast - Help

    Cowboy skillet for me as well And thanks for all the other suggestions - starting my meal planning for next week
  8. Does sweet potato count to my veggie intake?? Does it matter if I don't eat starchy veg all day? Looking at my meals now, especially since cutting down on fruit, I barely eat potatoes, sweet potatoes or fruit, is there a time when I should think it is not enough? How will I know?
  9. G'Day, just gone through (eaten) my Day 6 brekkie and I am bored with my brekkie!!! I actually left some of it Main parts of my brekkie: ground beef, eggs, avocado with different veg - today I had red cabbage. If I have left-overs from my dinner, I have that for lunch. When I look at the meals I am eating, they all look pretty much the same, so I need a shake up in my routine. It might be that the sugar dragon is roaring, because all I can think of are pancakes and banana smooties... What's your favourite breakfast???
  10. Thanks How does bone broth help and what do you mean with regularly please? I cook a lot with bone broth and can easily add more of it. I think I am actually having less issues taking the meds than usual, the big meals might help:)
  11. oh and it is diclofenac, high dose.
  12. Do I have to restart if I need to take drugs? I try to stay off them, but needed to start taking them again yesterday. They do mess with my digestive system and I also feel nauseous, but did not have a choice.
  13. lcs75


    Hi Amy, thank you for your patience and explanations I was very very tempted to get the scales out today and already had my calorie app installed again - but after reading your post, I deleted it and things make a lot more sense Measuring my body responses sounds so right! Breakfast has always been easy for me, I am an early riser and generally hungry first thing - something I have been supressing to "eat less" but I do enjoy it and feel fine eating a big meal early in the day. I have also noticed that when my lunch is too small I over-eat at night - raiding the cupboards for anything. Today I just feel stuffed, I am still feeling uncomfortable and ate dinner without being hungry. I think finding the right balance will take time. I just have to make sure I have some mini meals at hand if I get it wrong. And perhaps I should just put the left-overs from the big lunch into the fridge for the afternoon - just in case. I have read before, that when the food loses its taste, it is time to stop - is that right? Sometimes that only takes me a few bites. And what do I do, like today, when I am still full from breakfast, do I have a light lunch? I was worried I get too hungry at night if I do that and I could not shift my lunch break. Thanks again and I have posted my meals, if you want to have a look Measuring my feelings is probably tougher, I am trying to notice patterns and thinking about, what that response does to me and to the feeling at the time.
  14. lcs75


    Thank you so much Amy! I am over the moon to be a grandma I started my Whole 30 journey on 1st March and have since cut down massively on fruit, as much as going down to 1 apple (a massive one I have to admit) that I would eat 1/2 at lunch and the rest at dinner with some nut butter. I do eat my fruit normally immediately after my main meal, but i can also eat it with my main meal again - I do not mind the changes of sweet and savoury during a meal. I keep forgetting about nuts and sugar! Thanks for the reminder! With my apple-rhubarb stew, nuts and coconut cream was the only "sweetener" and yes it did taste how sweet that was. I actually love tasting the natural sweetness of food since cutting out sugar - like I said, I have started on this journey a while ago, I was not like this on my initial Day 3. I will write a bit on this in my log. Thanks also for the feedback on my food. There were a few instances where I was starving at work, but I should be home for the next 28 days (fingers crossed) so I should have sufficient control over what I put on my plate. I have also started looking more through the forum now, which does have a lot of info. Just one comment regarding eat up - and I have understood that I should eat up: I had the nuts yesterday afternoon (I grabbed as many as i could) and really did not feel like finishing my dinner - do I then force myself to eat up? That is probably the one thing, why i would like to measure my food, so I can tell myself that yes I should eat up, even if I am full. I am fine to tell myself this during the day, but I hate being full at night. Sorry I know that this is a red flag question, but how do I know that I am eating enough, not enough... I had dinner about 11 hours ago and I am not hungry now, I did not wake up during the night being hungry, so I feel that i did the right thing? Cheerio x
  15. lcs75

    Corn the vegetable

    Just to make sure - home grown sweetcorn is also off the plate? There are all frozen and I can stick out 30 days without them, but they should be in general the healthiest alternative if I ever eat corn again? We have lambs and chooks. In drought we actually do supplement feeding our lambs with oats and they are currently getting oats as they have been crook - but they are mainly grazing - as it is the cheapest option anyhow. And the chooks also have access to some grains, but they prefer hunting for bugs in the garden. So strictly speaking my home grown eggs + meat would be not compliant? I will not cut this out for 30 days, as at least I know what I have put into them, but I was just wondering...