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  1. Day 20. 10 hours sleep and I woke up not even remotely hungry. Had 101 errands and chores to sort so ended up doing a whole day fast. Not by design but it felt kinda good . So my one meal today was roast beef with roasted potatoes, Parsnips, carrots, celeriac and red onion.
  2. Day 19. A very very cold Saturday here in Wales but I was surprised to find I was not hungry at all... at any point in the day. Still the good news is the snaps and cracks I get in my neck when I turn my head have pretty much vanished, just a bit of crackling still. My weird hip pain I get in the night has been ferocious the last few nights and I'd quite like that to abate a bit. Jeans felt a touch looser again today, still not brave enough to get out the next size down to try. Thai pork curry left overs with mushrooms. Baked sweet potato with lamb mince and tomatoes on slaw wit
  3. Day 18. Still going well. It was very cold here today and that seems to make me hungry. Luckily I had all sorts on hand to keep me on track although I probably had too much fruit . My jeans are much looser today so I'm definitely going to try the next size down tomorrow. breakfast - smoked salmon with scrambled eggs, tomato, avocado and some mayo lunch - hard boiled eggs and mayo. Grapes, satsuma and banana Snack- another banana Dinner - bell peppers stuffed with lamb mince and assorted diced veggies. Roasted new potatoes with mayo. I made a fresh batch of mayo today a
  4. Day 17. I don't know what it is but I'm loving this W30, I'm not missing anything at all. I wouldn't want to be this strict forever but I do think I need to make my full time diet W30ish. That means a slow steady reintroduction when the time comes. I'm still not feeling tiger blood but I also haven't felt tired or hangry at the start of the 30. Breakfast - full on fry up of bacon, eggs, tomatoes, mushrooms and crispy yummy potatoes. Donner - pork Colombo curry on courgetti
  5. Day 16. Its been an eat all the things sort of day. I think its because I have just been really cold all day. I still had my three meals, its just that they were BIG meals. Don't feel bloated or overly stuffed though so perhaps I just needed to eat a bit more today Meal 1 ranch salad, guacamole new potatoes and eggs Meal 2 cod wrapped in bacon, 2 satsumas (yes definitely needed more veggies here) Meal 3 ranch salad guacamole and smoked salmon.
  6. Oh this is so interesting and very much of the moment. For me personally I've managed to move away from that mental sabotage and learnt to be far kinder to myself. Going in to this, my second proper W30, I focused on how amazing I felt last time and that I had to do it just to recapture that feeling. If I should fail, I think I would be able to say, oh well day one again tomorrow. I'm 50 years old and have been dieting solidly since I was 19. I can't keep failing at diets and beating myself up when I fall off them. With W30 I eat the way I like to eat, I cook no differently than usual and
  7. Still here, still on plan and still happy. Day 15 today so over the half way hump. Had a yearning to jump on the scales yesterday as my jeans felt loose! I didn't, all is well dear reader but I'm contemplating trying on a smaller size tomorrow. I feel great, can't say tiger blood us upon me yet but I bounced out of bed this morning full of beans. Oh yes, sleeping sooooooooo well, a good solid 8 hours a night and waking up feeling great. Last W30 I had issues with my bowels all through but this time I'm pleased to say it's all regular. My 18/6 IF is also really getting established, I eat be
  8. Day 11. Not much to say really, work was quiet and a bit boring but it didn't lead me to snack which was good. No prepped veggie sides left and I was lazy so I know I didn't have nearly enough veg today. Hey ho it's the weekend and I can spend time prepping tomorrow. Breakfast - salmon fishcakes with avomayo Lunch - repeat breakfast because they were so yummy Dinner - lamb stew
  9. I'm a keen prepper too, kinda ran out of prepped things today and it made putting together a decent balanced meal a bit of a chore. Food shop tomorrow and an afternoon prepping and I'll be back in the swing.
  10. Day 10. One third of the way to my 30 but I already know I will continue beyond 30 so who knows how far along the path I am? I ate a lot of my favourite things today so I'm feeling suitably satiated. Breakfast - scotch egg, tomato and a big dollop of my fresh batch of avomayo... nom nom nom. 3pm - almonds, cashews, walnuts and some coconut Dinner - Thai red curry with prawns and courgetti
  11. That's what I did with my cod, it had a crust of ground garlic cloves, fresh thyme and salt. I drizzled it in olive oil then baked it in foil. To be honest it was even better the next day as left overs as the garlic had really worked it's magic overnight.
  12. Day 9 wow nearly a third of the way done! Feeling hormonal today, cramps, headache and generally tired and cranky. I wasn't craving sugary stuff like I usually do though so that's good. I made Scotch eggs today and man they taste good. That's breakfast sorted for the next three days, and they are enormous so will keep me fuelled. Need to make more mayo tomorrow and I went to town on the last of the avomayo today. I added some Frank's to it and it was goooooood!!!!!! Breakfast- cod and egg scramble with avomayo coleslaw Lunch - scotch egg with hot n spicy avomayo Dinner - R
  13. Day 8. The hormonal hunger has passed as I thought it would, typically I'm 50 years old and really beginning to understand my body signals just as I'm going in to menopause!!! I only had 2 meals today as I really feasted on meal 1 and still felt stuffed when I was cooking meal 2. Meal 1 - leftover roasted veg with fried eggs and a big dollop of avomayo. Banana. Meal 2 - pork stir fry with cashews and sesame seeds
  14. And that, ladies and gentlemen, is day 7 done. One whole week and it's honestly been a delight, I've felt fine, not particularly headachy, not particularly tired and not very grumpy at all. I'm just loving eating 'properly' again even though it's not a million miles from how I eat usually. The only difference today is that I think I might have had a glass of wine this evening but I'm having sparkling water instead. Wins for the week for me are 1) choosing to use a side plate for all my meals and keep my portion sizes down and 2) a very surprising lack of desire to graze and snack. I say no
  15. I'm a fraud I'm afraid, I married a Welshman and he took me home with him I'm from the glorious town of Brighton on the south coast of England, about 250 miles from where I live now. that said I've lived in Wales for half my life now and even speak a few words of Welsh so I'm 'almost' Welsh lol
  16. Day 6 and still just feel ok, not tired, not headachy just OK. I am really enjoying eating good nourishing food again, I think I existed on crisps, biscuits and chocolate (or chips, cookies and chocolate lol) in December. I've done my meal prep for the week so I'm confident that I'll make good choices. My pulled pork cooked overnight in the slow cooker and was fantastic. Just as well as that's going to feed us for a few days now. Breakfast - bacon, mushroom and potato hash with a fried egg. Lunch - pork with pineapple salsa and coleslaw. Dinner - same as lunch with blueber
  17. The biggest thing I took from my last and only other W30 was the glowing skin and bright eyes. I just LOOKED well at the end of it but I didn't lose any weight. I'm blogging my eats on my W30 log on another part of this forum (with pictures) but I must say your dinner tonight sounds fabulous. I had garlic and thyme roasted cod with coconut sauce and some potato wedges... posh fish and chips.
  18. Here we are at day 5 and all is still well. The husband was home today and that can sometimes derail my good intentions but he sorted his own food out and left me to mine. I know I didn't drink enough today though so must do better with that tomorrow. Did a food shop for the next week then did a bit of food prep by roasting chicken thighs then making stock with the bones. The stock then went in the slow cooker with a pork shoulder so that will be pulled pork by the morning. That should keep us going for a good few days. I also made a batch of mayo then chucked an avocado in for good meas
  19. Day 4. Well nothing unusual to report so that's good. Had an incredibly busy day in work so food hasn't been on my mind at all. I think I must be getting the balance of my meals right as I'm arriving at my next meal not exactly hungry but ready to eat. No headaches, no aches and pains, not overly tired but not hit tiger blood just yet. Feel better in terms of my digestion. I have been diagnosed with IBS and I already feel lighter in my belly and have noticeably less gas than usual. Breakfast - smoked salmon with scrambled eggs and guacamole. A banana. Lunch - left over cottage p
  20. Oh no hope you feel better soon!
  21. apart from the salted caramel ones which have peanuts in them. I'd opened the pack and thought "you know what? I'll just double check" and yup 13% peanuts. Be fine later on so they can sit in the cupboard or the husband can eat them but oh I was looking forward to that! I also have Almond Macaroon flavour and they are fantastic.
  22. How are you getting on? Still on track to success?
  23. Hello Day 3. Woke up feeling very perky today, no headache or crankiness at all. Wondering when my Christmas carb overload will come back to bite me? Breakfast- liver pate with cucumber, kiwi and blueberries. Lunch- homemade burger patties with Almond butter in mushroom buns with ranch salad and guacamole. Dinner - pork shoulder with pineapple salsa and tomatoes. Pleased I didn't snack today. I ate more for lunch (possibly a little too much) so I was still full by the time I was cooking dinner.
  24. Happy to report that on Day 3 the neck crackles are still there but no cracks or pops. I also jumped out of bed with a huge amount of energy today although my wonky knee still made me limp a bit until it warmed up. I seem to be getting through the stages far quicker than I anticipated, I had a bit of a headache yesterday and was incredibly thirsty last night but other than that I feel really good... let's hope that continues and now I'm REALLY looking forward to how I feel at the end of 30 days!!!! I've discovered an app called 'Ate' which is a very simple food journal but it looks at min