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    I too don't like eggs in a recognizable form, although if cooked hard mixed with lots of other flavors I can stomach them. I found out the dislike of the eggy taste is a recessive gene having to do with the sulphur compounds. I have 5 close family members who share this. It's similar to the gene that causes 10% of the population to think fresh cilantro tastes like soap. I have no other food dislikes and like liver, all veggies, okra, and am an adventurous eater of strange foreign foods. Turns out I'm a Supertaster. Google it to find out if you are too-- easy test you can do. Also related to number of tastebuds.
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    2 pounds ground chicken (I use ground chicken thighs as it's moister...if you use ground breast, add some of the bacon fat for richness)
    1 pound bacon, diced and cooked until very crispy, then drained
    1 bunch cilantro chopped
    a handful of chives from the garden...or a couple scallions
    Salt, pepper, garlic powder, onion powder
    Form into patties...and then in that magical depression that you make in the middle of a burger to stop it turning into a baseball when you cook it? You jam a bunch of pickled jalapeños.  
    I would have preferred to mix the jalapeños into the burger meat but husband doesn't like spicy so I had to do it so that he could pick them out/off.
    I grilled the ones I have on hand right now but have also done them in the oven...on a rack placed on a cookie sheet and baked at 500F for 10-12 minutes.
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    My best breakfast recently was when I rode my bike to work and my wonderful boyfriend brought me my breakfast to eat at my desk. It was a huge salad with many different leaves including spinach & watercress, avocado, apricot & bacon ( bacon here is very meaty and is protein not just fat) 
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    I'm not sure if this is breakfast, or more of a brunch, since I slept later than usual, but this is what I had for my first meal today:

    Elvis burger (hamburger patty topped with almond butter, banana, and bacon), collard greens, and sweet potatoes (yes, they were slightly burnt. One of these days I'll learn to set a timer). 
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    This morning:
    Diced greek chicken thighs (made with this seasoning and grilled on the bbq last night)
    Diced precooked sweet potato, snow peas, orange pepper & a bunch of baby kale
    Dollop of mayo

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    Mamatutu reacted to ladyshanny in Let's talk (non-traditional) breakfasts   
    Super easy one yesterday.  Ground beef/turkey combo, diced red pepper, snow peas and a big handful of baby kale.  Served with some pickled jalapeños and a blop of mayo.

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    Mamatutu reacted to ladyshanny in Let's talk (non-traditional) breakfasts   
    Oh, fun!  
    As it is currently Eight Billion Degrees here today, I thought I'd start off this morning with a salad.  And yes, I ate it out of a huge tupperware because as we always say, your salad needs to be huge and all my large bowls were busy.  Contained potatoes, olives, pickles, peppers, tomatoes, greens, cucumbers, a hunk of meatloaf and this dressing.