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    blood sugar

    this is my two cents, remember if your on meds that effect the ups and downs. From what i can see it's not bad. but see your educator. Remember that if your blood sugars drop too low they can bounce back up. The main thing is to TRY to keep them level, but it's life and it depends what is really going on in your world. Remember stress can be a factor to it all. bad is like over 170. but like i said, everything in your life plays a factor. Like getting sick or cold will raise your sugars. Just my two cents, but if it still bothers you see your educator.
  2. Since i've been diabetic and gluten free for years, i'm used to asking. But it's about attitude. Tell that you are very sensitive to the items, and make sure your clear on your instructions. Let's face it they are there to serve us and our needs and that's why we pay and tip them. I just got back from traveling while on the program. This is what i did: I told my server my issues. I suggested they steam my veggies, asked for avocado on the side. Meat and eggs, eggs pouched with mushrooms and spinach. of course their servings size on veggie's are small order two. Meat grill with no extra oil unless olive. Once i was able to get to a store, hard boiled eggs, fresh fruit, veggies and avocado. A quick meal. It can be done, yes it's harder but our health is worth it.
  3. what i did, cause i had to travel my a race this weekend, is avocados. They are easy to digest and you find compliant guac, just read the labels. I also picked up hard boiled eggs, olives and veggies and i have a meal. Not the greatest but it worked. Now during..Happybaby worked great for me and it was clean. Easy to carry in my pants. LOL
  4. I run halfs and i was worried about changing. But I did as the program stated and I didn't need the protein drinks after, or my remedies for leg cramps during. no electrolyte drinks. And I finished. Baby food baby!!!
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    Thanks, but I wonder if I should restart the program. I travel when i race. Because while dinning out isn't 100%, even if you tell them.thoughts? Ya know I have no problem in doing so.
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    I have been whole 30 for 2 weeks and did my first half marathon on the program. And I didn't have leg cramps. For the Atlanta one it was hilly I tend get cramps on hilly runs, so I have to carry my products to help through. Like a electrolytes drink and a homeopathic remedy. Since I can't use them I had to have complete faith. And it worked. I did carry baby food and that worked out great. now just sore and wished I didn't leave my mag at home. Lol