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  1. nicoledawn913


    I have to also add this recipe from Paleo Running Momma! I made it Sunday for the first time for my hubby and I and loved it so much that I made another batch on Monday to have this week! This is another favorite of ours, from Nom Nom Paleo!
  2. nicoledawn913

    Achieving is believing

    Thank you so much for sharing your journey with us! I am on Day 4 of my second round and although I finished the first one, I did not do reintroduction properly, nor have I stuck with the plan very closely over the last year. This round I am determined to do the reintroduction that is right for me and make these changes a lifestyle. Stories like these always help. I'm in my early 30's so my goal is preventing the "normal" aging pains before they even happen. Good for you for making the changes necessary to enjoy your life to the fullest, and I love that your wife has joined you as well!
  3. nicoledawn913

    Primal Kitchen Mayo

    I personally do not love the Primal Kitchen mayo after having made my own several times. I think homemade tastes way better! But it never hurts to try it and see for yourself! Mayo is a staple in my house during the Whole30 and I use it the same way as others have already mentioned. It's also really good as a dip for sweet potatoes if you mix it with some compliant ketchup!
  4. nicoledawn913

    Shopping lists

    If you google "whole30 costco shopping list" or "Whole30 trader joe's shopping list" you will find several links from popular bloggers that have put lists together! This is one that I found that really seems to have most things covered! Happy shopping!
  5. Hope everyone is off to a great start! I just had to share this recipe, it is the best whole30 recipe I have ever made! Super easy and it reheats really well. You must make the chipotle ranch sauce for the top, which she links in her post! Enjoy!!
  6. Good luck @Kauline!! My best tip would just be to not over-complicate it!! Don't feel like every meal has to be a full on recipe that you find online. Be okay with something simple like a couple hard boiled eggs and some raw veggies. Or tuna salad in a lettuce wrap. Always keep those super simple things on hand. Make recipes when you have a little extra time and always make extra for leftovers, but let good enough be good enough! Remember, you don't have to have a picture perfect whole30, just stick to the rules and try to follow the meal template and you will be fine!
  7. nicoledawn913

    Beginning my first Whole30 Sept 1st!

    There are a few of us on this other 9/1 thread if you'd like to join!
  8. @Blair W Beautiful picture of you and your little girl!! I'm planning to start the first as well! I was originally going to start on the 3rd with the official Whole30 group, but I like the idea of the days matching the date on the calendar! I have completed one successful Whole30 but did not follow the reintroduction properly so I definitely want to do that by the book this time! Let's all support each other and make this one great!