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  1. NewStart2014

    Start date May 25th scared stiff.

    I also started today, the 25th. It wasn't my intention, although it was my hope. I've been trying but I wasn't mentally in it until yesterday morning when it all started. I'm officially 24 hours in. Right now that's huge for me. I'm looking forward to getting back on track and eating the way that makes me feel really good physically and mentally. I am already starting to feel the detox set in and I haven't been to the shops yet so I'm getting my list out and PLANNING for the best. Hope you are all going well.
  2. NewStart2014

    Is it OK to add dairy?

    LOL Thanks Tom and Renee:) Renee thanks for your info.
  3. NewStart2014

    Is it OK to add dairy?

    Thanks Kirsteen. Yes I do recall not feeling this way when I had coconut cream on days I didn't drink/eat milk. I should try this again. As for when I do eat dairy, it is full fat just not organic. I should give that a go as well. Thanks for your reply.
  4. NewStart2014

    Is it OK to add dairy?

    Hi all, I guess i could answer my own question by saying that I depends on how Dairy makes me feel. But what I'm really wondering is, how many of you have completed your Whole 30 and then stay 66% compliant with your eating but drink/eat small amounts of milk (the 33%)? I don't eat/drink a lot of things dairy 1/4 cup of milk a day and 50 grams of cheese once a week or fortnight. (2 weeks) Sometimes I have issues with flatulence but more often than not I don't have any issues. What I do feel though when I don't have it is a draining feeling from my collar bones, intense hunger, or the general feeling of needing "something" My daily meals consists of 2 or 3 egg, chorizo (50grm), a 1/2 cup to 1 cup of veggies, fried in coconut oil and 1/2 to a 1/4 avocado with 2 or 3 tablespoons of homemade salsa, 1 to 2 cups of salad, tuna or chicken and a steak and salad for dinner as well as an apple and an orange a day with nuts (brazil, almond, cashew, or hazelnut.) So what are your views?
  5. NewStart2014

    Paleo Podcasts?

    Thanks all!!
  6. NewStart2014

    Paleo Podcasts?

    Just wondering if anyone has any Paleo Podcasts out there that they listen to and really like? I'd be interested in hearing what you like most. Thanks
  7. NewStart2014

    The OTHER ovary... Evil Twin?

    Hi Ladies, Thank you for your replies. Renee, I did have some concerns about my hormones between my 30's and turning 40 it was terrible so angry, easily stressed, teary. I hated it and hated it for my family. I went to my local doctor who put me on the pill to help calm things down and it only made me sicker with massive headaches and then he put me on another pill which made me break out with a rash all over my chin and cheeks! Then I went to a natropath who put me on PPMP and CPIP, I also started taking something called Vitex as well as selenium. After about a month I was a different person after 3 months I was a different person. So the return of some of those old behaviours was REALLY unwelcoming! I'm SO glad it's not my ovary! But my question/statement to you both is can't I just have one coffee a week with milk? I mean milk upsets my tummy but it's not as bad as how soy makes me crazy. I have no other vice. What's the protocol there?
  8. NewStart2014

    The OTHER ovary... Evil Twin?

    Since turning 35, I've had this situation or felt I've had a situation of really bad PMT/PMS from one ovary and not so bad from the other. With one ovary, I can usually handle stressful things with work or family with a bit of wisdom, lightheartedness and a laugh although I do have a tendency to cry more easily with that ovary. With the other ovary (shall we say the "evil" twin) my blood pressure goes up, I'm snippety, I'm finding I could handle things a little bit better than I could have, I'm jittery and well sometimes I feel like going in the parking lot and busting knee caps with people who've pissed me off that day. Oh yes and I could have a full on cry festival for an hour! This is SOOO not the image I want for myself. So does this happen to other ladies or is it just me? Last month I was GOOD! Fine! A little bit of a cry... Could it REALLY be possible that those 4 soy lattes I've had in the last 3 weeks could have effected me THAT badly??? Thanks for your thoughts?
  9. NewStart2014

    Feeling a bit scared...not counting calories

    Hi all thank you for your posts on this. If find your words both soothing as well as informative. Rachael, I'm finding it wonderfully odd that my body is satiated with that amount of food to be honest as I was never eating that well in the past 10 + years. It is amazing what our body's know that is right for us but sometimes our minds are a little spun out that our body knows what to do! LOL So no more stressing about it. Just enjoying the moment! Hi kb0426 Thank you for your post too. I LOVE LOVE LOVE the idea that my BODY wis telling me how much to eat, not a preset number. It is an odd feeling initially but just thinking about it now I get almost giddy that I do not have to succumb to the drama of WW points, this that or the other. It IS so freeing isn't it! I hadn't thought about it until you mentioned it but it's the first time since I can remember that I haven't "snuck around" and had something I wasn't a vehicle for a better feeling me. It wasn't fast food, french fries, soda, chips and crackers. AND I did list REAL food. GO ME! Hi Xandra, Thank you for your post. Yes it does mess with my mind adn go against the grain (love the pun ) There's no guilt involved with this and that's so amazingly freeing! Hey Alana! You know me from some place else??? I don't think I could honestly eat 2000 of Whole30 foods when I was counting it was 800 to 1000! I think I would be so full I'd be rolling! I like your idea that the body will reset itself to a healthier body weight. I'm eagerly seeing where it will decide to fall. This is getting exciting now Thanks again all!
  10. NewStart2014

    Reintroduction of Sugar

    Yes the dragon is not nice! But I'm Intersted...paleo pancakes? can I get your recipe?
  11. NewStart2014

    Reintroduction of Sugar

    I know! It's mad! Although my headache is still there a bit the sugar is making me CRAVE things like bread, bread and more breads....hmmm So strange. Time for some more water!
  12. NewStart2014

    Mashed Sweet Potato?

    HI all, I'm thinking of making Mashed Sweet Potato for Thanksgiving but I've never done it and I'm wondering if it's possible to boil them like white potatoes and just make them fluffy like mashed ones? Has anyone done this? Thanks.
  13. NewStart2014

    Reintroduction of Sugar

    Thanks! Feeling a bit better, sick tummy is gone No I'll hydrate the headache away with more water Going to ninja any sugar that tries to come my way
  14. NewStart2014

    Reintroduction of Sugar

    Today was the day I was to reintroduce sugar. I did, in a coffee and now I feel sick as. 1 tsp of sugar. I'm headache, my tummy hurts and all I wish now is that it would just go away. I think I'll go drink plenty of water to try and make it go away! all this time I thought I sugar. LOL Nice to know this!
  15. Hi all, Since my last post about wether or not to count calories. i haven't counted any calories since October 23rd. However, I'm starting to feel frightened. I'm frightened because I'm worried I'm eating too much. For instance today for the whole day I had, 6 eggs, 1 chorizo, 25 grms blueberries, 1 banana, 25 grms almonds, 1 bok choy, 1/4 red capsicum, 1/2 cup of mushrooms, 2 TBS of Ghee, 1/4 head of lettuce 1/4 carrot, 3 cherry tomatoes, 1/4 can of coconut cream, 1/4 cup roast chicken, 1 coffee and 7 or 8 glasses of water. When I lost weight before 20+ years ago I survived on diet red pop and 1 weight watcher meal a day. I walked 20 miles a day literally to get in to the military. I'm so thankful that I am not doing that this time but what I'm scared of is remember how great I felt because I was so thin and I have lost a lot of weight by eating the Whole 30 way I don't want to loose that again (go back to being heavier and feeling like rubbish) Have any of you experienced this and know what I mean?