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  1. ashtynb89 face!

    My birth control hasn't changed, it's a low estrogen one and has never caused me any problems. Its syeda. I am supposed to start my cycle in the next day or two, but like I mentioned it's never caused such large painful, TONS of acne before... The only change food wise is increased nuts. Before I would eat just almonds or cashews once in a while. Now, it's daily, as well as increased good fat foods like avocado's. I guess I am just going to have to wait it out and maybe cut back on my nuts and wait it out. A friend of mine gave me a doterra roll on oil blend that's supposed to help acne. I used it last night and the swelling has gone down tremendously. Here's hoping it gets better and doesn't happen again!
  2. ashtynb89

    Acne getting worse -- HELP!

    I just found a couple good articles that seem to help our problem, but it's a matter of narrowing down our problem. I'm thinking mine is related to two things possibly. 1) nuts - I've been eating a load more than I ever have before. Thinking I'll narrow it down to only consuming twice a week and see what happens. 2) I need to research this more, but possibly hypothalamic amenorrhea. But we'll see. Either way, read these! I hope both of our problems resolve soon, being a grown woman with bad acne sucks!
  3. ashtynb89

    Acne getting worse -- HELP!

    I will keep you posted for sure. I'm not a happy camper either! People have told me to maybe try cutting out nuts as that is what I've introduced more since starting w30. I might try that for a week and see what happens. I'm going to google more though and see what comes up.
  4. ashtynb89

    Eating Things I Know are Bad for Me

    Another thing that helps is not keeping the things you binge on in your house. Personally, I binge on oreos/girl scout cookies. My husband LOVES cookies, and we have agreed that he will eat the healthy foods I prepare him as long as he can have his occasional cookies. However, he has to hide them from me and not eat them in front of me. I know that probably sounds crazy, but it works. If I SEE HIM eating the same cookies I love, I will want them, then I will binge, then I will experience the same feelings you are. Yes, it is a choice, but there are factors like Nadia mentioned that trigger those binges. Mine is stress and hormones. Around menstruating time, I'm a blubbering mess and want to eat my feelings. Not everyone can be as strong as others. So if you don't have that ice cream around you, you won't eat it. If you are out to dinner and see it on a menu, just remind yourself of those feelings that you have when you do binge. You don't enjoy feeling that, no one does, so why would you do that to yourself? That's how I think. And then afterwards, I feel better because I made the healthy choice. However, I also believe in moderation. When I'm not on a whole30, I still won't keep my trigger foods around, but if it's a weekend, and I've stayed on point with my nutrition during the week, I'll have a cookie or treat. Just a small portion, but that will satisfy my craving and I won't over indulge and have those bad feelings. You have to find what works for you and eliminate the possibility of a binge. if that means having your significant other hiding it, not keeping it around at all, or having a small treat on the weekend to help you not binge. You do what works and do what is best for YOU.
  5. ashtynb89 face!

    Thanks for the advice Carlaccini, perhaps I'll try dropping the nuts and see what happens as that seems to be where I have increased the most compared to my prior diet. I'll try that mini meal instead as well. I don't think my portions are the problem, as I'm quite full after I eat meal 1 (post-workout) up till about that time. I'm on a very intense training regimen right now for 3 different types of races this summer. So between all my lifting, HIIT, running, and yoga I think my body is just needing the extra fuel!
  6. ashtynb89

    Acne getting worse -- HELP!

    I just posted something similar today. However, I am your opposite. I have started getting horrible cystic acne along my cheek bones, jaw, and on my neck. I googled it and those exact areas are hormone related. Before, I rarely broke out except minor surface pimples around my cycle. I haven't had this kind of acne in 5+ years. People are telling me possibly because of higher fat? But I have no idea...I'm concerned because I never had this problem when I had a balanced healthy lifestyle prior to my whole30. I'm on day 18 and I'm not liking whats going on with my hormones!
  7. ashtynb89 face!

    I ate very clean before, with limited grains, no alcohol, high protein, and some dairy. I feel like I am getting a lot more fats, whereas before I only got fats once or twice a day, I feel I get at nearly every meal now. I eat hard boiled eggs as a preworkout, I'm having some form of nuts everyday and coconut. But it was my understanding we were supposed to be eating a lot more fats? I only have fruit once sometimes twice a day. Here's a typical day for me: wake up 4:30 am: 2 hard boiled eggs for preworkout Post workout 6:30: Lots of roasted veggies, chicken apple sausage, potatoes OR 3 scrambled eggs I know this is frowned upon, but I'm not able to take lunch break at work till about 12:30 to 1:30, but I often have either an apple with homemade cashew butter or a snack baggy of mixed nuts like macadamia, hazelnut, pumpkin seeds, and raw coconut chips around 10:30. Lunch between 1:00-1:30 most weeks, usually left overs from dinner. So protein (chicken, ground turkey, salmon, or pork), lots of veggies, maybe some guac, and some berries. Dinner 6:30-7:00 same as lunch but add some potatoes of some sort and no berries. So maybe it is the fats? When I say should I stop, I mean go back to my balanced lifestyle before. Granted, I did this because I was having trouble controlling my cravings since Christmas, especially my sweet tooth. I really feel like I have my cravings under control now and back to having self control....I want to finish of course, but this hormonal acne needs to go away...its embarrassing and I thought this was supposed to help my hormones not make them go insane...
  8. ashtynb89 face!

    So I saw another girl post about hormonal acne, but her issue was improved with whole 30. I seem to be having the opposite! I'm on day 18 of my first whole30. A little background, I used to have horrid acne, but about 3 and a half years ago I cleaned up my life. I started eating really well, exercising, and my face cleared right up. I have lived a very healthy and extremely active life since and have only had occasional little blemishes around my cycle time. I'm also on birth control and that has helped tremendously as well. Now here's the deal. I started noticing I was breaking out last week, over the weekend they went crazy. I have the huge, painful, deep under the skin blemishes along my cheekbones, jaw line, and a couple on my neck. I'm 25, I work in a professional office, I deal with clients and I'm embarrassed. No amounts of make up can cover the huge, red, angriness covering my face. I haven't had this problem since I was about 20 and lived a horribly unhealthy, party lifestyle. I was so distressed about it last night I started googling. The number 1 answer seems to be PCOS, but being as I'm on birth control, and that NEVER being a problem before I ignored that. The next answer was insulin. I know in It Starts With Food, they discuss hormones and insulin. Could this be it? I thought this was supposed to correct issues like this, not cause my body to swing the opposite way? Has anyone else had this during their whole30? Any insight to what could be going on? I'm following the plan really well, so I don't understand why this is happening...should I be concerned? Should I stop? What the heck?? To be clear, I am a few days away from my cycle beginning, but even so, it has NEVER been this severe, like I said before, only a few small ones would happen. Now its the deep cystic all!
  9. ashtynb89

    Easter Dinner

    All great ideas! I've never made lamb before, I'll have to look up some recipes.
  10. ashtynb89

    Easter Dinner

    Hey all, I'm on my second week of Whole30, day 7 to be exact. Everything is going well with the occassional craving. (I REALLY wanted pancakes on Saturday, as that's my usual weekend go-to. Healthy of course, but not W30 compliant.) Anyways, the husband asked me what our Easter plans were last night and I totally spaced. I usually do a ham with all the traditional fixes. I of course want to do something nice, but W30 compliant. Any suggestions? What are you guys doing? Anything special? I was thinking maybe just do a roast with potatoes and veggies. But we had that recently and I like to keep a good variety going.
  11. ashtynb89

    Protein Bar option for Whole30

    These sound fabulous.
  12. ashtynb89

    Larabars - When to eat?

    MeadowLily, on 24 Mar 2015 - 07:26 AM, said: I can see that, very much so... But I happen to believe if you are hungry, you should listen to your body, and that a larabar isn't the worst thing to turn to. Its hell of a lot better than grabbing a bag of chips or turning to fast food. I understand nuts are easy grab too, but nuts can get old real quick. Maybe I'll even try making my own larabars and putting my twist on them. Some people enjoy dates and bits of flavor. I understand every one's thoughts on the snacking, but there is a difference in "snacking" and you legitimately being hungry and needing to fuel your body. Especially if you are doing high intensity training 5-6x a week. I appreciate all of your opinions on the matter though. Maybe I shouldn't have asked this question here.
  13. ashtynb89

    Larabars - When to eat?

    I appreciate your guys opinions on the matter. I think I'll keep them around as back up especially if I'm on the go. I know being prepared and having meals prepped is what I should turn to, but sometimes there are those days when you ran out, haven't had time to prep yet, and things don't go as planned while running errands. I make a point to prep every weekend, but like I said crap happens, so I think they'll be good to have around in cases of emergency. Epic bars sound good, I'll have to look into those! I would appreciate any meal ideas for pre and post workouts though. That seems to be my "duuhhh I don't know what to do without my protein shakes!" meals.
  14. ashtynb89

    Larabars - When to eat?

    So I'm trying to figure out when to incorporate larabars. Being as they are higher in calories and natural occurring sugars, I'm thinking earlier in the day. But how do you guys eat them? How do you make them a meal? I'm on day 1 of Whole30 and still sorting things out. I got these as a source for my sweet tooth, and saw many blogs that recommend them. I workout at 5 am, so maybe as pre workout? Post workout? Breakfast? I'm not sure, what do you guys do?
  15. Oh really? Hmm I guess I am having a hard time figuring out what is acceptable as a pre & post workout meals/snacks. My workouts are very vigorous with weightlifting, HIIT cardio and such, so I need fuel before. What are the best things to eat? I realize my eggs for PWO were actually not a good idea, luckily it's just day 1 so I can adjust.