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    ashtynb89 got a reaction from Nadia B in face!   
    My birth control hasn't changed, it's a low estrogen one and has never caused me any problems. Its syeda. I am supposed to start my cycle in the next day or two, but like I mentioned it's never caused such large painful, TONS of acne before...
    The only change food wise is increased nuts. Before I would eat just almonds or cashews once in a while. Now, it's daily, as well as increased good fat foods like avocado's.
    I guess I am just going to have to wait it out and maybe cut back on my nuts and wait it out. A friend of mine gave me a doterra roll on oil blend that's supposed to help acne. I used it last night and the swelling has gone down tremendously. Here's hoping it gets better and doesn't happen again!
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    MeadowLily, on 24 Mar 2015 - 07:26 AM, said:
    I can see that, very much so... But I happen to believe if you are hungry, you should listen to your body, and that a larabar isn't the worst thing to turn to. Its hell of a lot better than grabbing a bag of chips or turning to fast food. I understand nuts are easy grab too, but nuts can get old real quick. Maybe I'll even try making my own larabars and putting my twist on them. Some people enjoy dates and bits of flavor. I understand every one's thoughts on the snacking, but there is a difference in "snacking" and you legitimately being hungry and needing to fuel your body. Especially if you are doing high intensity training 5-6x a week. I appreciate all of your opinions on the matter though. Maybe I shouldn't have asked this question here.
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    ashtynb89 got a reaction from Nadia B in Eating Things I Know are Bad for Me   
    Another thing that helps is not keeping the things you binge on in your house. Personally, I binge on oreos/girl scout cookies. My husband LOVES cookies, and we have agreed that he will eat the healthy foods I prepare him as long as he can have his occasional cookies. However, he has to hide them from me and not eat them in front of me. I know that probably sounds crazy, but it works. If I SEE HIM eating the same cookies I love, I will want them, then I will binge, then I will experience the same feelings you are. Yes, it is a choice, but there are factors like Nadia mentioned that trigger those binges. Mine is stress and hormones. Around menstruating time, I'm a blubbering mess and want to eat my feelings. Not everyone can be as strong as others.
    So if you don't have that ice cream around you, you won't eat it. If you are out to dinner and see it on a menu, just remind yourself of those feelings that you have when you do binge. You don't enjoy feeling that, no one does, so why would you do that to yourself? That's how I think. And then afterwards, I feel better because I made the healthy choice. However, I also believe in moderation. When I'm not on a whole30, I still won't keep my trigger foods around, but if it's a weekend, and I've stayed on point with my nutrition during the week, I'll have a cookie or treat. Just a small portion, but that will satisfy my craving and I won't over indulge and have those bad feelings. You have to find what works for you and eliminate the possibility of a binge. if that means having your significant other hiding it, not keeping it around at all, or having a small treat on the weekend to help you not binge. You do what works and do what is best for YOU.
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    ashtynb89 got a reaction from lashansen in Acne getting worse -- HELP!   
    I just posted something similar today. However, I am your opposite. I have started getting horrible cystic acne along my cheek bones, jaw, and on my neck. I googled it and those exact areas are hormone related. Before, I rarely broke out except minor surface pimples around my cycle. I haven't had this kind of acne in 5+ years. People are telling me possibly because of higher fat? But I have no idea...I'm concerned because I never had this problem when I had a balanced healthy lifestyle prior to my whole30. I'm on day 18 and I'm not liking whats going on with my hormones!
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    ashtynb89 reacted to missmary in About to start Whole30, Serious training!   
    For PRE-workout, eggs are great. A small portion of meat works well too; either fatty meat, like leftover shortribs or pulled pork, or meat+fat, like chicken breast dipped in mayo or guacamole.
    POST-workout is when you want to avoid fat, so whole eggs aren't great. Instead go for egg whites or chicken breast or turkey or tuna, etc. + some starchy carb like sweet potato. 
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    ashtynb89 reacted to Beets in About to start Whole30, Serious training!   
    Your best bet is to make sure you're eating enough food and following the template. If you're eating template meals (and following serving size recommendations) you won't need protein shakes or any of that. There are many people who follow this way of eating and who also expend a lot of energy. There is no reason to be hungry! It takes a little bit of time to adjust to three meals a day (and you may have to readjust and keep fooling with portions as you change your exercise) but if you do find yourself hungry eat another template meal versus snacking on nuts or even eggs by themselves--that's really the key to success. Print a copy of the template on your fridge and follow it.
    A lot of people find that nuts lead to bloating and less than ideal results. They are great in an emergency but not as a main source of energy.
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    ashtynb89 reacted to ultrarunnergirl in About to start Whole30, Serious training!   
    Evaq has been chiming in with lots of good advice.
    I have written many posts about fueling Whole30, see the link below in my signature if you'd like to read them.
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    ashtynb89 reacted to cmplaza in About to start Whole30, Serious training!   
    I run halfs and i was worried about changing. But I did as the program stated and I didn't need the protein drinks after, or my remedies for leg cramps during. no electrolyte drinks. And I finished.
    Baby food baby!!!
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    ashtynb89 reacted to jsunnen in Chicken Apple Sausage?   
    I take the Aidell's chicken apple, halve it, cut into half moons, brown it and make a sweet potato hash with it. Or halve it and brown it and serve with sweet potato cakes (mashed baked potato, egg and cinnamon or pumpkin pie spice) topped with coconut butter. YUM!
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    ashtynb89 got a reaction from evaq in About to start Whole30, Serious training!   
    Evaq, you are quickly becoming my go to lady on this prepared to get messages from me! You seem to live a similar lifestyle as me and I will definitely need your feed back when I'm struggling. I'm nervous and excited to try to live on just "real food" for 30 days. I can see if really helping my relationship with food and mentality. But I can also see why I don't think I can sustain my current lifestyle if I did this permanently as I want "gainz" and need my supplements to accomplish SOME goals I have.
    But I do feel this is step 1: clean up and clean out the body. Post holiday food, treats, candies, and girl scout cookies are NOT helping me with the goals I have ahead of me.
    Step 2: See how I feel post whole30, re-evaluate what I THINK I need vs. what I REALLY need. And go from there.
    I really appreciate BOTH of your guys feedback and guidance as I soon take this plunge. As for the almond or cashew milk, based on the meals I'm planning for myself I can see that I don't really need it anywhere, especially since I wont be having my whey protein shakes.   But I'm sure hard boiled eggs and cashews will suffice. Again, I appreciate your help and you will PROBABLY be hearing from me. Feel free to share any of your favorite go to foods and meals with me! I'm going shopping this weekend to prepare for my 30!
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    ashtynb89 got a reaction from evaq in About to start Whole30, Serious training!   
    Thank you so much for both of your suggestions and advice.
    Evaq: I'm probably 80% clean, limited dairy and grains. Usually the weekends is where the 20% unclean comes in with a "cheat" meal or treat of some sorts. My only dairy I really get is occasional greek yogurt, little sprinkle of cheese here and there, and sour cream. I do drink whey protein pre and post work out with either unsweetened almond or cashew milk (are those allowed??), and eat quest bars as a snack during the day.  Grains are usually on the weekends with homemade whole grain pancakes or cinnamon rolls, a sandwich thin, or wheat tortilla wrap. I rarely get sugar (except as of late girl scout cookies have been a struggle, so much so I made my husband hide them. ) And NO processed foods. Ever. So I'd say I'm really healthy, I'm just terrified of not having enough to sustain my training. Your description of me and my body sounds like it is going to be VERY accurate. I've been talking to a co-worker who has done this before and telling her how scared I am of not having enough to eat but she's reassuring me. Sounds like I will just really have to be on top of meal planning & prep. This will be beginning stages of training, so no longer than maybe 4 mile runs in this Whole30 process, so I should be okay. I'm just a hungry girl, who gets easily HANGRY if I don't have enough food...I don't want to be intolerable to my husband...haha.