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  1. SusieNelson

    Avocado, cashews, & coconut = stomach aches

    Yes, I could've been psyching myself out with the coconut... I was just really scared of getting another one of those terrible stomach aches! I'll try coconut again. I was doing a little research about fodmaps; I don't have this reaction with any other food, though, so I didn't think much more of it. I'm no nutritionist, though, so maybe I should look into it more. Is it possible to be fodmap sensitive with only two foods (so far at least) on the fodmap list? Thanks for your help, everyone!
  2. SusieNelson

    Avocado, cashews, & coconut = stomach aches

    I'm completely fine with olive oil. As for coconut oil & coconut butter, they don't give me stomach aches, but I hate how they taste so I rarely cook with them.
  3. I am about to start my second Whole30 and am wondering if anyone knows why I get extremely bad stomach aches from eating avocado, cashews, and coconut (that's the list so far, at least). When I say extremely bad stomach aches, I mean EXTREMELY BAD STOMACH ACHES. It's not the kind of stomach ache that keeps me in the bathroom (if you know what I mean); I just have to go to bed, curl up in a ball, and pray to God the intense, piercing pain in my gut goes away ASAP. I got really sick from eating an avocado and then later from eating some cashews, so I carefully experimented with literally one coconut flake (thinking it had something to do with high-fat foods) and still got a stomach ache (albeit slightly less intense). Someone suggested I make sure to eat protein with fat to make it easier to digest. I tried that, but had the same problem. Since I'm supposed to have fat with every meal according to Whole30 and apparently have major sensitivity to it, what do I do if I can't eat good fat? Anyone have any advice or know what might be going on with my stomach issue? I'd love to hear from you. Thanks ahead of time!
  4. SusieNelson

    Eggs and Cholesterol

    Is eating eggs every morning for breakfast bad for one's cholesterol? Is it better to mainly eat egg whites?