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  1. Hi Ladyshanny, Thanks for your quick reply! I'm hoping that it will all even out. It's not fun having to worry about my period when I didn't have any bad symptoms from it before the whole30. It's not hard for me to stick close to the whole30 so hopefully with continued dedication I will be having better results like you! It feels so amazing to have great energy, skin and weight loss is pretty nice too!
  2. Does anyone have experience with sticking close to the whole 30 program and regulating their period. I am on day 30 of whole 30 (yay!) and I have had my period 2x since I started. I am on the nuva ring and my period is normally very regulated. After I started the whole30 program, I got my period 4 days early and then again 16days early. Along with having my period 2x in the last 30 day; I have also been extremely cranky. I'm still spotting and It's very frustrating. I plan to stick close to the whole30 program, beans do not affect my diet and I hope to be able to enjoy a glass of wine and a pi