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  1. Today I re-started with Whole 30, after 2 weeks of staying on the program and then kind of blowing it over a weekend. But it is what it is. And there's no other way but to face it, suck it up and start all over again. From my first Whole 30, I've had vacations and normal life with all its normal challenges in between each cycle. I've mostly tried to eat clean in between each round, but haven't been perfect. I've gained some weight on less than conscientious holidays, lost it, got back into the healthier routine, been on track most days and less than perfect on others. Some days I can confidently look a chocolate croissant in the eye and say with conviction, "no thanks", then there will be a day when I'm not so sure ( around my period!). The first Whole 30 went well ; Cycle 2 ended after 2 weeks of feeling sleepy and weird and had to be re-started; Cycle 3 was good but was strictly speaking a Whole 28 and and now Cycle 4 ended over a weekend with half a non-compliant pizza ,and wine. I'm still mulling over the emotional triggers that led to that. But such is life. And this is a lifestyle change after all, a decision on how to feed yourself forever for the rest of your days so it will always be a work in progress. I have yet to say I've fully tamed the sugar dragon. So I keep at it until one day I know I've licked it for good. There are things I do know for sure though, after 4 cycles and now re-starting. -I feel better when I eat this way; not only am I more energetic but mentally more effective. -There is a sense that I am in charge of my life and food is not in charge of me. -I know it isn't a "diet" really, but I get the best results after I complete a cycle, and I am closer to my end of the year weight goal ( 15 lbs away now). -When I am conscious about the quality of my food in between cycles, I feel like I'm being good to myself. And finally, -I figure, now matter how much hard work it takes to reach one's goal, you're still pretty much ahead of the game than if you just decided to stay on your couch, polish off those chips and that pint of mint chocolate chip. Here's to the re-set button, and getting there, wherever it is, and whatever those goals are.
  2. tangerine

    Starting Today, 10/19/15!

    Hi Jess, hi all --- started my 4th Whole 30 on the 19th too. I prepped some of the week's meals in big batches last Sunday so that I'm pretty much on track this week and feeling relaxed --- sweet potato and chicken sausage breakfast hash; chunky chicken and vegetable soup; and meat loaf ( recipe without starchy binders). I've also got steaks and some fish than can be easily put on the grill and served with salad. I've learned from my previous Whole 30 cycles that nothing sets me up for failure more than an empty fridge, and the having to cook an entire compliant meal from scratch when you are tired from work and all you want to do is order a pizza! Hope everything is going well for everyone!
  3. tangerine

    Starting 8/17

    Hi all, checking in late but also started Aug 17 and have been reading everyone's stories and progress. So inspiring that so many people are on the same journey! This is my 3rd Whole 30 cycle, this time after a vacation in France (which was great, but I really kind of let go and just indulged). My first Whole 30 was a great success, my 2nd was a real struggle (had sleep issues and not quite getting the right balance and motivation---had to do-over and buckle down.) But this time I'm feeling inspired and healthier after nearing the end of week 2. I went on a weight loss journey following a basic "low carb" approach in September of 2013 and after a year and a half lost 45 lbs. I gained back a couple of pounds later after a long plateau, but found the Whole 30 and decided to try it. It was hard at first to not be obsessed with the scale during the whole process, but the moderators and the other people here on the forum were great about reminding me that it was about much,much more than losing weight. It was about overall health and taking charge of it. At the end of my first Whole 30 I lost roughly around 6-8lbs but that wasn't the best thing about it. I had so many other non-scale victories, not the least of which was amazing energy, stronger performance at workouts, glowing skin (even hair!) and the irreplaceable feeling that I am in control of my own life and my own health. I also found real inspiration in the kitchen, something I didn't used to have ( having been a dedicated take-out, dine-out, drive-thru kind of busy girl for so long!). Recently, after the vacation I put on about 6 lbs. But no regrets! Since starting the Whole 30 again at the same time as everyone here, I've been doing relatively well, cooking healthy meals, not allowing myself to be pressured by social situations to indulge (in drinks and desserts!) and working out regularly. As prescribed by the program, I'm NOT stepping on the scale ---but actually feeling lighter. The main goal remains though, and it is about health. Diabetes and hypertension are unfortunately hereditary in the family and at 44 years old, I am on maintenance meds -- albeit,quite minimal. But I am working towards lessening that -- and even eliminating them --- by the end of the year, through achieving my healthiest weight and fitness. My doctor has been impressed with the results of my 2 Whole 30 cycles before and encourages me to continue down this path to achieve that goal. He thinks it's not only doable but sustainable! Hope everyone is having a good Week 2 --- here's to achieving all our goals, whatever they may be.
  4. tangerine


    Yup, didn't know I would crave it so strongly ever. I thought white rice would be my kryptonite.
  5. tangerine


    Thanks, everyone! Renewed my commitment today. Feeling good!
  6. Well, rules are rules. On day 12, I ate oatmeal. No excuses, I just did. While I wish I was continuing my second Whole 30 and doing it as well as the first time, I'm going to start over right away. At any rate, instead of finishing in another two weeks, I'll complete in 4. And this time, more conscientiously and more enthusiastically. Also taking the position that even if I interrupted the process, at the very least I've been eating very well and exercising for the last 12 days. That's better than eating very badly and being a couch potato for 12 days, in my books. So, here we go. Getting back up, brushing myself off and starting all over again.
  7. tangerine


    You're right, I do end up needing to snack! And I haven't been strict about having a serving of fruit WITH a meal rather than in between. Let me do those tweaks from this week onwards. Thanks for the tips. I'm drinking plenty of water for the time being, plus trying to set my bedtime 30 minutes earlier
  8. tangerine


    Thanks for this, really helpful. You're right, everything this different now. I was coming off a pretty much low-carb diet when I did my first Whole 30, coming off a year of losing 45 lbs. Today, I'm coming off a vacation where I did indulge in a couple of non-compliant things for about 2 weeks. (read: wine, sugar, rice) Oh, and no, I'm not 128 lbs so definitely not drinking enough water then!!! I should definitely be drinking more. Just for good measure too, here's been my food for the last 3 days: Monday B- 2 organic knacker sausages (made by my local butcher), 2 handfuls frozen broccoli, 1 apple, black coffee L- pan roasted salmon, 2 medium boiled potatoes, a couple of asparagus spears S- cashew nuts (handful), 2 handfuls of grapes D- 2 oven-roasted chicken thighs with Chinese 5-spice, cucumber and carrot salad, vinegar and olive oil dressing Tuesday B- 2 (leftover ) chicken thighs, a large Japanese pear, about a cup of frozen green beans, black coffee L- Restaurant 6 oz beef fillet grilled, sauteed mushrooms ( I asked that they not use butter ), a big bowl of steamed cauliflower,broccoli, and carrots S- 1 apple, mix of almonds and cashews D- homemade tuna patties ( used mashed potatoes as binder), lettuce and tomato salad, vinegar and olive oil dressing Wednesday B- leftover tuna patties, salad, black coffee L- 2 organic knacker sausages, 1 fried egg, baked sweet potato, handful frozen broccoli S- grapes D- 1.5 serving of 6oz beef burger patties ( from the butcher), onions and mushrooms, zucchini ribbons Thanks again for any additional input! I guess this will always be a process of refining and getting it just right.
  9. tangerine


    I'd say I'm drinking as much as 7-8 regular glasses of water a day, and I'm following the same meal plan I had for my first Whole 30. I I'd say I'm drinking about 7-8 glasses of water a day ( 8 oz/ glass) , and eating from the same meal plan I had for my first whole 30. I'm about 2 weeks from my period. I'm swimming 30 minutes a day, as I have for the past year, with weight training every 10 days. The only things I'm thinking that are different are that I've done quite a bit of cross-town walking for errands and work the last couple of days, and the weather has gotten warmer. Could that be it?
  10. tangerine


    First week of my 2nd Whole 30, and experiencing things I didn't the first time. I have been extremely sleepy these past 2 mornings, after having gotten up. This in spite of having gone to bed by 11pm and getting up at 7am. I don't recall any sleep interruptions during the night. Just not used to this since during my first Whole 30 I was jumping out of bed and heading straight to the pool/gym before breakfast the entire 4 weeks. What could this be? I don't want to OD on coffee, sticking to a cup a day. But it's uncomfortable. Please share if you've had a similar bout with sleepiness and how long I can expect this to last. Thanks!
  11. Fantastic story! Just started on my 2nd Whole 30 this week, thanks for the inspiration.
  12. tangerine

    Small Victories: One day at a time

    Thanks for this! That's why I love this forum --- I get such perspective. It's easy to lose sight of the bigger picture and bogged down by the numbers, I guess old habits of being tied to the scale die hard. Will now also focus on the next thing ( which is really main reason for going on this in the first place) and that is to end the last of the anti-diabetes meds I've been on. The dosages have been cut in half in the last 6 months but I can aim for zero. My doctor's been impressed by this entire undertaking, by the way, and is optimistic about achieving that end goal.
  13. tangerine

    Small Victories: One day at a time

    DAY 30 - Made it! Making it this far IS the win. Making a decision to eat as clean as possible hereafter is as well. On to the next phase --- careful reintegration (only of foods I really like ---but not sugar!) and making the commitment to eat well. I didn't lose more than 2kg ( or 4.4 lbs) on the program, I honestly hoped for more. But I guess I had been low-carbing it for a year before this anyway and the eating style wasn't too different except that this way is much more refined, much cleaner and more precise. I'll continue on this path anyway, with the goal of 5 kg/ about 10 lbs to go per my doctor's requirements to meet the "normal" range for mt height and structure. However, I do feel stronger, I feel more efficient during my daily workouts, I sleep so much better, my skin is at its best and I do jump out of bed in the morning. None of that dragging my feet around like a zombie for the first hour until the coffee kicks in. I like how this feels. I think I'll keep at it. Thank you all, for your help and support --- wishing everyone success in their own journeys! I'm certain I'll be back to do another round ( I'm anticipating a trip to Southeast Asia soon and will probably need to re-boot after that. Lots of healthy food in Vietnam, Thailand and the Philippines --- but I also intend to enjoy a little bit!) Here's to successful Whole 30s for everyone, again and again.
  14. tangerine

    Small Victories: One day at a time

    DAY 28 - Okay, time of month where I'm usually a SLAVE to salty-sweet cravings. You've been there: standing in the kitchen staring into the contents of the fridge or looking at all the open cabinets and letting the cravings take the lead right to the cookies and then the chips then back to the cookies. Even in the last year where I've managed a significant weight loss with workouts and a low-carb template, these monthly cravings and overindulgent fests were expected. I'll be honest, the thought of chocolate ice cream and salty pretzels is tempting. The cravings haven't gone away, I guess that's just nature? But they don't seem as powerful. Whether that's because this time there are no "cheat foods" in the house, or because the cravings are actually passing quickly, I'm feeling okay. So today's victory: not being covered in cookie crumbs and cheese doodle dust. I did cry at the drop of a hat because a friend posted some story about an abandoned puppy on Facebook but that's it for the cliches.
  15. tangerine

    Small Victories: One day at a time

    Got it --- I particularly like this bit from the reintroduction page. "Reminder: If you don’t miss a particular food or drink that you know makes you less healthy, don’t bother to reintroduce it. Not missing tofu, black beans, cottage cheese, or brown rice? With evidence pointing towards these foods making you less healthy, there’s no reason whatsoever to add them back into your diet. Only reintroduce those foods that you suspect you’ll really want to include back into your diet once in a while, and leave the rest happily behind." I already know I'll want to try dairy. But I don't see a need to do the sugar thing. I get the feeling that even if I prove through reintroduction that small amounts don't affect me negatively, I'd rather not get my taste buds accustomed to regular doses of sweetness like that again. I'd like to think of it as a preemptive strike.